Sunday, September 29, 2019

2019 Project 365 – Week Thirty-nine

As I’m writing this it seems as though my Atlanta Braves are limping into the playoffs. My expectations for how far they’ll go have diminished in the past week. But no matter what they do (& maybe they’ll surprise me!), they’ve had a great year.
Sunday, September 22nd                                              
It’s been a while since I had dinner for breakfast – bbq, baked beans, & okra. It’s not pretty, but it was YUMMY.

Dr. M is getting a new musical instrument for his birthday (stay tuned!), so to get himself ready he pulled out his dulcimers again.

Monday, September 23rd              
As I said on FB, I went to the grocery store during lunch and this is going to be the weirdest sandwich ever! Also, I feel like “swisspers” is a little twee for the name of a cotton ball brand, don’t you?

Tuesday, September 24th                                                
The Bug Parking Badly, blah blah blah. Fortunately these spaces are huge – there was already a car beside me when I parked & I didn’t impede anyone’s ability to get into or out of their car. That’s my story & I’m sticking to it!

Wednesday, September 25th                                                         
Surprise! Dr M’s (very) early birthday, anniversary, & Christmas gift. I blame this on Ken Burns. It has been fun listening to Dr. M teach himself a new instrument!

Thursday, September 26th                                                            
No picture

Friday, September 27th                                                           
Heather’s mum has finally decided to bloom. It’s had buds for about a month now – it seems to take forever for them to bust out.

Saturday, September 28th            
My father-in-law’s cat & my hair had the same idea today: just relax & go with the flow.

I went to hear The Right Reverend Katharine Jefferts Schori speak about climate change. She was the Presiding Bishop of the Episcopal Church of the United States (the first woman to hold that position) for about 9 years while I lived in Ohio. I didn’t realize that her background is in oceanography – she has a doctorate in that field, so she is able to address climate change from a spiritual perspective & a scientific one. It was a great talk. She asked if we were treating our earth like the Promised Land. And I was introduced to the concept of solastalgia (a form of mental or existential distress caused by environmental change. In many cases this is in reference to global climate change, but more localized events such as volcanic eruptions, drought or destructive mining techniques can cause solastalgia as well.). My favorite quote was this one, in answer to what you say to people who don’t believe in climate science: “Climate science is not a political issue – it’s a reality issue. I don’t associate politics with reality. We can put our heads in the sand, but we’re still going to roast our rear ends.”

I’m not sure I can top that quote. There’s a blizzard in Montana, and in the 90s here, and there’s a category 5 hurricane brewing in the eastern Atlantic. Have a great week? 

P.S. I loved the statement the church made to parents of children (God put the wiggle in children – ha!).


  1. I always wanted to learn the banjo. It sounds so happy all the time. Steve Martin even had a short bit about that; maybe that's where I got the inspiration.

  2. Parking looks fine - inside the white line - mostly. Also as fun as banjo music is, the dulcimer conjures imagination of times long, long ago.

  3. that's a great quote and I'm not going to comment on your very weird eating habits.

  4. Every evening when we watch the news this week, SWMBO says "that's a really weird weather map!"

  5. I've really enjoyed the Burns documentary -- and a clawhammer banjo! How totally cool. I'm not sure about the okra, but the barbeque and beans look terrific. I wouldn't mind some right now, except it's midnight.

  6. Saw that okra and got instantly hungry!

  7. I'm finally catching up with your blog...can't believe I've missed so many weeks!

    Your breakfast plate looks delicious to me. And your Saturday picture makes me realize that you look a little like a younger Meg Ryan.


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