Saturday, October 19, 2019

2019 Project 365 – Week Forty-two

The Bug Household had a pretty good week. Well, Dr. M had a pretty good week. The Bug Herself had an ok week. Shall we find out why?
Sunday, October 13th                                               
I wore a new outfit & felt sassy.

Dr. M continues to work on our Halloween dรฉcor. We got tiki torches to put out by the wildflower bed. Additionally, after being in a drought situation we now have humidity. Dr. M always looks a little maniacal when he takes selfies. I promise that he is a big ole teddy bear!

Monday, October 14th              
Dr. M says, a tale of two acorns: the tiny but apparently yummy white oak vs. the ginormous but decidedly unpopular chestnut oak. 

Tuesday, October 15th                                                  
Dr. M had an appointment with his primary care doctor & saw this Autumn Tree – ha!

Wednesday, October 16th                                                           
Dr. M had a follow up appointment with his back surgeon this morning. As he said on Facebook: My...Precious! After 3 months without naproxen, I am officially cleared to take it again ๐Ÿ‘ Oh, and my lumbar X-rays look great! I go back next July for my anniversary follow up ๐ŸŽ‰ Thanks for all your support...I’ve likely still got many months ahead of recovery, but the fusion looks great so far.

Meanwhile, I was getting a crown at the dentist’s office. They make them in the office, so I had time to crochet while it was being baked. As usual, I am never simple. They had to make two molds because the first one wasn’t perfect, and that meant more Novocain. Also, I have a small mouth & it felt like some sort of toothed battle had taken place in there. Ouch!

Thursday, October 17th                                                              
Me trying to see what my new crown looks like. Ha!

Dr. M got a strap for his banjo. He’s the cutest thing roaming around the house like some sort of southern troubadour.

Meanwhile, I made good progress on the vest I’ve been working on forever. It’s now being blocked – I’ll sew it together once it dries. Hopefully you’ll see me wearing it next week!

Friday, October 18th                                                           
It was almost bedtime & I was crawling around my closet floor trying to find the earring back I’d lost that morning. And it occurred to me that I hadn’t taken a picture yet that day. So here you go!

Saturday, October 19th            
I walked up the hill to get a (not very good) picture of this Halloween decoration. For some reason I think it’s hilariously fabulous (sorry Nance). My Little Undead Unicorn Pony? Ha!

I was supposed to do some housework today. Dr. M was going to go to his dad’s and I was going to stay home & dust & such. But I decided that it would be “easier on Dr. M” if I went with him instead of staying home. And then I decided to write this post, and now I’m just not sure I have time to do any cleaning. I mean, it IS after 5:30 and almost bedtime. I don’t suppose any of you would like to volunteer to come do it for me? No?


  1. I'll be glad to come and dust your house just as soon as I dig and haul the dirt out of mine! I like your sassy pic and your corduroys.

  2. That Halloween yard thing embodies all that I dismay. It’s horrible, and not in a good way.

  3. and you look sassy! but I don't know if I'd call that a vest, more like a cross between a coat and a shawl. I'm still waiting to get the call to get my two permanent crowns.

  4. I was quite surprised to find a banjo in my attic a year ago. No one here plays the instrument but after asking my wife she said it once belonged to her late dad. She brought it to this house after finding it carelessly stored in her brother's garage.

    Not sure the thing is in a better place now. Plus, I find having a dead man's musical instrument in the attic sort of creepy.

  5. Good thing they made the crown right there. Otherwise you would have had to wait another week or so. Love the crochet projects.

  6. An autumn tree?! That's a new one.

    How cool that your dentist can make crowns right there in the office. I had to wait something like a week for mine!

  7. I like your week-in-photos! I made something similar to your vest last year but used a too heavy yarn for our winter. Your's looks very nice!

  8. You pay a lot for teeth you never see :)
    Love your pants in that first pic!!!!
    I have always wanted to do a fall tree.. the hubs puts his foot down on that one

  9. I love your new outfit! Sadly, I don't love new outfits for myself...I wear the same things over and over, every day. A white polo shirt and either cropped khakis or jeans. I keep threatening that soon I'll wear EXACTLY the same thing every jeans and black T-shirt. You know, like Steve Jobs. LOL.

    As soon as I'm done with my housecleaning I'll come and do yours. Which means never.


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