Sunday, February 23, 2020

2020 Project 365 – Week Eight

I have nothing to say here….
Sunday, February 16th                                                     
There’s probably some axiom about the fact that your sneeze disappears as soon as you finally snatch a tissue from your little purse pack.

Monday, February 17th                      
My dad wore that hat with the fake hair to our Monday Mexican outing. He’s such a goober.

Tuesday, February 18th                                                         
I added loops to one of my blankets & turned it into a wall hanging for my office. I got some nice love when I posted it on my home Facebook page, but I also posted it on the Moogly page (Moogly is the website that runs the afghan crochet alongs that I follow) & I got 310 likes on that page. Dr. M has started calling me an influencer. Ha!

Wednesday, February 19th                                                    
I have no idea. I was inspecting my face for something. But I do wonder what the heck was going on with my bangs.

I have this thing about being fascinated by the whole life cycle of cut flowers – I like them in their raggedy state just as much as in their fresh glory. Dr. M says I’m just this side of Morticia Addams. Ha!

Thursday, February 20th     
Dr. M had a photo shoot with Mr. and Mrs. Bluebird.

We got a little bit of snow. The daffys weren’t too sure about it, but it was pretty.

Friday, February 21st                                                                  
Dr. M enjoys the process of chopping up our collards. And they were really good!

Saturday, February 22nd                 
At the time I took this picture I had been eating this salad for about 20 minutes. It took FOREVER to eat this thing! I felt quite virtuous as I imagined that I was burning more calories than I was eating.

We’re heading into the season of Lent this coming week. I have some things that I’m planning on doing to help prepare my heart for Easter. As far as I know, none of my online readers are followers of the church calendar, but these weeks leading into spring could also be a good time for you to contemplate what’s working for you in your life and what could stand some examination. Join me?


  1. ...what’s working for you in your life...

    With the genetic troubles I have with my heart, as long as it ticks I'm ahead of the game.

  2. a friend of mine is a photographer and hje did a series of photographs of gone by dried up tulips in black and white and they were fabulous.

  3. We have become a bit lax in our Lenten devotions for the past few years. When the children were young it was a big part of our Easter celebration.

  4. I often feel that way about eating salads and Chinese food. It seems like I eat and eat, but the food looks untouched!

    I'm very different about cut flowers. As soon as they start fading, I start to pick through the arrangement and toss the sickly ones. I cannot stand to have dead and dying things around.

  5. I love watching flowers fade and set seed in the wild, but I don't like dead and dying in a vase. In fact, I've not had fresh flowers in the house for years. I guess I've spent too much time with the growing ones on the prairie. I look at them in the store and all I can think is, "You were MURDERED!" Yeh, I'm crazy.

    I used to cook collards all the time in Liberia, and liked them a lot. We ate them with things added to them like palm oil and dried fish. It was better than you'd think.

    I post on most of the major liturgical feasts, actually: Ash Wednesday, Good Friday, Epiphany. Easter and Christmas of course. I love the liturgical calendar, and the music and art that goes with the year. We Lutherans dig such stuff!

  6. Salads. We have them when SWMBO makes them. For me, a wedge of iceberg and some blue cheese dressing does the job. Oh, I love Judy's fruit salads, too.

  7. I like your daffodil picture. I think if we had snow here in late February, I'd look about the same - limp and face down!

  8. Daffodils really do have to endure a lot, don't they?!

    Your last question is an interesting one. I'll have to think about it.


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