Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Nearly Wordless Wednesday

Because you can never have too much Roy!


shoreacres said...

What a good boy! Which led to this:

There once was a doggo named Roy
best known as a very good boy.
He'd come for a pat,
but if not getting that,
he'd be happy with just a new toy.

The Bug said...

Aww - that was a great Roy poem! :)

Steve Reed said...

Oh, that face!

Beach Bum said...

Our species doesn't deserve dogs.

Catalyst said...

I agree with Steve. Roy has a beautiful face.

ellen abbott said...

what a great dog! but then, all dogs are.

riTa Koch said...

Finally caught up after being gone from the blog for awhile.
Love all your nature photos, always superb.
Roy is such a good looking dog.
And, you, Bug, always cute and fun!

pam nash said...

Nice happy pictures. Something everyone needs - happy pictures!

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