Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Nearly Wordless Wednesday

These are things that my friends have recently posted on my wall or tagged me in. It's nice to see that they're so worried about my mental health!


  1. Hilarious! I'm passing this on to someone I think will appreciate it, though she knits more than she crochets.

  2. Ha! Excellent! I love that cracker. And the cat-in-the-fries-hat!

  3. Thanks for the humor (but you ruined that saltine cracker from ever being slathered with peanut butter).

    In your response on the Carolina Parrothead's blog, you said something about HR in Hickory? I take that to be Hickory, NC? I lived there from 84-86, before being exiled from the South for nearly 3 decades. It's a great town.

  4. Concerning the noose the wife is knitting, thank God I'm on dayshift again while my wife works from home.


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