Thursday, October 15, 2020

Flower Identification

I have to admit, I had trouble pinning these down a week after I picked them. Fortunately, I had Dr. M’s help!

1. Rudbeckia/Gloriosa Daisy

2. Anise

3. Knock Out Rose (Peaches!)

4. Chrysanthemum

5. Encore Azalea

6. Geranium (Miss Rita!)

7. Encore Azalea

8. Calibrachoa 

9. Encore Azalea

10. Verbena

11. Sedum

12. Another Calibrachoa

13. Knock Out Rose (Rosie!)

14. Sulfur cosmos

15. Sweet Alyssum

16. Morning Glory

17. Petunia

18. Geranium (Ms. Pinky!)

19. Aster

20. Silene America/Sweet William

21. Monkey Grass Flower

22. More Ms. Pinky Geranium – the second of her 2 tones.

23. More Ms. Rita

24. Daylily


  1. Cool! That's a big rudbeckia and it's much darker than ours.

  2. What a cool project. You deserve an A+.

  3. Your yard must look ablaze with color!

  4. I thought there were a few black olives in there. It affected me so much I had to run to the bar and fix myself a vodka martini!


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