Saturday, July 24, 2021

2021 Project 365 – Week Thirty

You will be glad to know that my colonoscopy/endoscopy procedures didn’t show any polyps or cancer – woo hoo! I’ll need to work with my doctor to sort out what else might be going on (I might, horror of horrors, have to adjust my diet), but I was much relieved.
Sunday, July 18th
Me doing my lector thing at church (this is a screen grab of a video).

I decided to put some hooks up for my shawls/scarves so that I might actually remember to wear them. We’ll see if this works.  

Monday, July 19th  
No picture (but don’t get excited – there are two pictures for each other day – ha!).
Tuesday, July 20th    
Ms. Pinky Two Tone and Ms. Rita Vermillion are having a fine summer.

I posted this on Instagram: Day off from work. Cut my fingers while slicing mango & I think I have cream of chicken soup in my hair. How’s your day going?

Wednesday, July 21st    
Yet another post from Instagram: Colonoscopy prep day here. Fun! (Note: no drama queens live in this house. Well, 2. There are 2 drama queens in this house.)

Morning Glories!

Thursday, July 22nd
Procedure day! Dr. M couldn’t come into the facility with me, so he went to Sonic and then chilled in the parking lot. They had some lovely Crape Myrtles.

This is my makeup free relieved face. Whew!

Friday, July 23rd   
Dr. M saw this red fox at his dad’s house. It was mostly interested in the cat food.

A friend sent me this book and a gorgeous card that she had painted (she’s so talented). She thought I would enjoy the writings of this lady. Can’t wait to dive in!

Saturday, July 24th  
Dr. M says: The miracle of the Catalpa (aka Catawba) tree: catalpa sphinx moth caterpillars can strip it bare of leaves, as they did this one, but the tree survives. Also, bonus goat! 

Temperature blanket update, plus a bonus behind the scenes picture! So glad Dr. M got this step ladder for me – it makes taking these pictures so much easier. Maybe next week I’ll have him take a picture of me ON the ladder. 

Dr. M’s dad has an infected toe, and since he’s an 89 year old diabetic that is not something that we take lightly. As a result, Dr. M has spent more time than usual at his dad’s house, in addition to worrying about & taking care of me (a week without my pain meds, plus feeling weak from no food made me extra pitiful). And right now he’s out there mowing our grass while I lounge around editing photos. So basically this is a Dr. M appreciation paragraph – he is the BEST. Do you have someone in your life who’s the best? Or is that you?


  1. I'm glad your procedure went well. How about that fox? Is it healthy? It looks a bit scraggly to me, but maybe that's just the way foxes are supposed to look. I know we have them, but I've never seen one.

    Everyone's astonished by our crepe myrtles this year. We thought the freeze might affect them, but apparently the effect was wholly positive. I've never seen such masses of blooms on them, in every color: pink, magenta, white, purple. They're great fun. If you leave the seed pods on them into the fall and winter, the goldfinches adore the seeds.

    1. People on my fb thought it looked poorly, sick, or malnourished. It definitely was hungry to be raiding the cat food in the light of day.

    2. I love crape myrtles - such fluffy blossoms!

  2. the fox looks a little ragged. and so glad no nasty stuff was hiding in your colon.

    1. Yeah me too - very relieved! And yes, apparently there are several foxes in that neighborhood & they all are scraggly.

  3. Yay for Dr. M! And yay for your colonoscopy and the happy results. Love the morning glories!

    1. Woo hoo! Morning glories definitely make me smile.

  4. Tiny little fox!
    I'm so glad your scope all turned out clear ... & you made it through the prep - the toughest 24 hours there is - LOL

    1. Yep - that prep is no fun. Frankly, drinking the stuff is the hardest part because I just don't ever drink that much liquid at one time. Also, the taste was NOT pleasant. Ugh - getting a little queasy just thinking about it!

  5. I love crape myrtles. I am envious of them here in NEO, and sad that I haven't seen any in a long while.

    Rick has his c-scopy a week from today (Monday), and we are both dreading it for him. His family history makes it a necessity.

    Aside from that Unpleasantness, all sounds Lovely/Loving in your world, and that's good.

    1. Good luck to Rick! I hope it all goes well (please report back to me, along with all the other people you are obligated to inform). I'll be praying for him.

  6. My various shawls all hang in my closet where I never think to put one on. I'll have to think about a place like yours!

    1. It's already worked - I'm wearing one of them today!

  7. Great news on the medical front! I've got to get one myself.

    You recommended 11/23/63. By chance have you read King's "The Regulators" and "Desperation"? They are great reads!


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