Sunday, November 7, 2021

2021 Project 365 – Week Forty-five

The time has changed here in the US, and I think that we can all agree – if not on which one to keep – that we need to PICK A TIME AND STICK TO IT. It’s ridiculous. What did I do with my “extra” hour this morning? Kept opening my eyes to check the clock because surely it was time to get up. VERY ANNOYING. Whew! Glad to get that off of my chest…
Sunday, October 31st   
No photo from today. But here is one from a Halloween past of an adorable Dr. M.

Monday, November 1st      
Morning and night sky (the first is on my way to work, and the second is Dr. M working some serious magic).

Tuesday, November 2nd     
The Braves did NOT win on Sunday night, so they played today. Dr. M worked off some nervous energy by mowing his dad’s lawn (hopefully for the last time this season – although there will be leaf mulching later).

They did it!!! Woohoo!!! (I stole this photo from the Braves Instagram feed – all of my pictures were blurry and ridiculous due to too much jumping up & down.)

Wednesday, November 3rd   
Tried a new recipe & it was DELICIOUS. I didn’t have all the ingredients (you can find the recipe in this post), but my substitutions were pretty good. I spread Laughing Cow cheese on some naan, added cilantro lime sauce & some mushrooms, cracked two eggs on top, added parm & baked for 10 minutes. I misread the recipe & set it for 450 instead of 425, so the edge of the bread got too done, but this dish is a keeper!

Thursday, November 4th      
One of the cats at my father-in-law’s house – it has its own rocker!

Friday, November 5th    
I’d been trying to figure out when to do a photo shoot of my temperature blanket (through October!), but there’s not enough light in the evenings when I get home from work. On Thursday I stopped & visited with Daddy & Sue & noticed this gorgeous tree in their front yard. I had the bright idea to go back on my lunch hour, and here you go!

Saturday, November 6th    
Got caught up with the rest of the week - back into the blues!

Today on my way home from church I picked up a couple of donuts (you’ll find out why next week), and I ate them after lunch, and now my brain is mushy & sugar-addled. Every time I get donuts I swear it will be the last time, but here I am in a donut-coma state once again. Therefore, please feel free to talk amongst yourselves about how your week went!


  1. Whatever the green represents appears to be rare.

    1. It's the 51-55 degree range. It is interesting that there aren't more days like that - but maybe they'll show up now (for example, yesterday's average temp was in that range - that makes 7 days already this fall as compared to 13 back in the winter/spring).

  2. You know, every doughnut takes twenty minutes off your life. I wrote about that before. I haven't eaten a doughnut since I heard that (and I ate precious few before then--they're gut bombs).

    I agree about Daylight Saving Time. What are we, primitives? What an archaic custom. Come ON already.

    1. Oh my gosh - I remember you writing about it, but for some reason I thought donuts took a YEAR off of your life and I EAT THEM ANYWAY. What the heck. You're so right about them being gut bombs.

  3. I went to Dunkin' this past week for only the 2nd or 3rd time since they've been open and wolfed down two jelly doughnuts and brought home two crullers for Herself. Once in awhile, y' just gotta have a doughnut.

    1. This is true, as long as it's just ONCE IN A WHILE.

  4. About those Braves... uh... well, this Astros fan is pretty much over it, so congrats!

    No doughnuts for me. I can't remember the last time I had one. Actually, I do -- it was apple cider doughnuts in Kansas. If someone plunked one of those in front of me, you can bet I'd eat it, as well as any friends that came along with it.

    That's one gorgeous tree. We're STILL green. I know it's early for a color change -- the good stuff usually shows up in the post-Thanksgiving timeframe. We'll see.

    1. I felt simultaneous jubilation and sadness (for Dusty Baker, who I like a LOT). I would totally eat an apple cider doughnut! Perhaps I should go in search of one. (Maybe not.)

  5. I love people that dress up for Halloween!
    Laughing cow on naan... that's genius!!!
    Time to start in the winter colors for your blanket. Nearing the end!!! I really need to get my colors now for 2022 - I just want one that looks like yours :)

    1. I brought the naan dish to work (to cook in our toaster oven). That seems extra worky even for me - hope it's good!

      I'm glad you like the blanket!

  6. Love the sky hues in pic #2! Would that i could achieve that in watercolor.
    And the carpet of leaves, oh so beautiful!
    And the weather blanket, gorgeous!


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