Sunday, December 29, 2019

2019 Project 365 – Week Fifty-two

I am reporting to you live from the Other Side of Christmas. It’s a lovely place from which I can view the events of this past week from the comfort of my recliner. (Note: Christmas is not actually over until January 6th, and we will not actually take our tree down until, hmm, TBD.) Anyway, I have a lotta pictures for this week. Let’s get to it.
Sunday, December 22nd                                                  
A woman from my church asked if I’d do an ornament exchange. Can you guess which is which? We were thrilled with our ornament!

Text conversation with Dr. M after church. He’s so funny.

I got the baubles together to give my coworkers.

I really need to quit running my fingers through my hair. Although it does make Dr. M laugh.

Monday, December 23rd                  
The only picture from today – the lovely card my cousin’s family sent to us. Up with penguins! Down with bears!

Tuesday, December 24th                                                      
We had Christmas with my family today. Went to Golden Corral for dinner (home of the BEST CHOCOLATE PIE IN THE UNIVERSE), and then went to my dad’s house to open gifts. He & Sue loved the blanket, and I was happy to get it out of my house (ha!). We were missing my two nephews, but we had a nice time.

This is a cross stitch I made my mother in 1991. It was one of the hardest ones I’d ever done – navy fabric + tiny little holes = CROSS STITCH DRAMA. There’s no way I could do anything like that today. I gave all of my cross stitch stuff away around 2008 or so.

Wednesday, December 25th – Merry Christmas!                                                 
We had a lovely lunch with Dr. M’s dad and then spent some time with his aunts & cousin. I took a picture of my potato soup, but instead of sharing that, here is a card that Dr. M’s dad got. Made me laugh.

Thursday, December 26th
From FB: “It’s not very cold tonight, but I decided to put the jersey sheets on the bed anyway. Wearing my Pebbles ‘do in case of a hot flash. In other news, I’m due for some color on my hair. I was thinking of going silver. Thoughts? Prayers?” I had 5 votes for no silver & 7 for silver (or at least to stop coloring my hair). What will probably happen is that sometime in January I’ll go to the salon & tell my stylist to just have her way with me.

Friday, December 27th                                                              
Back to work today. I love the ingenuity of our IT team.

Saturday, December 28th               
We had our 36th annual college suitemate celebration. It was a lot of fun! Kim won the ornament exchange when she gave each of us a Mars Hill Sisters ornament – so cool! I wish my hair actually looked like that (except in silver. Maybe.). Dr. M made french toast casserole & it was the bomb.

This will be another weird work week with a day off in the middle. I’m going to my cousin’s NYE party with one goal this year: do not get knocked out of the ping pong tournament in the first round! Do you have any fun plans?


  1. What a great week! I love that you remain in touch with your college buddies. Selfishly, I vote to let your hair go natural. I'm a slow greyer, but the real reason I'm "silvering" is because I'm just not the kind of person to spend the time and money keeping up with dyeing my hair.

    But you do you!

  2. Sounds like a busy and happy christmas. our little street social group is having a game night get together New Year's Eve.

  3. I did a cross sttich on dark blue material myself of a white angels & a navy blue angel side by side. It was HUGEEEE - I cant believe I'm not blind from that.
    Love that Green plaid ornament with the sheep !!!!

  4. A longtime blogger friend you may know, Tess Kincaid, who lives now in England, had a beautiful head of black hair. She decided to stop coloring it this year and it is now snow white and equally beautiful. (Just putting a thought in your head.)

  5. Terrific ornaments! I bet your colleagues loved them. And I love your "Fleece Navidad" ornament gift! Very cute.

    I vote for not coloring your hair for a while just to see what happens. You might be happy with it, in which case you'll save a heck of a lot of money!

  6. Crafter par excellence! The cross stitch, blanket, ornaments. . . b.e.a.U.tiful!
    I like the hints of gray. Go natural!

  7. I love your work IT's team creativity! And those slippers in the middle of December 24 are awesome...


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