Saturday, December 14, 2019

2019 Project 365 – Week Fifty

Today has been productive and fun – and I only had to talk to Dr. M, so my introvert batteries have been recharged. On the other hand, I finally wrote the annual Christmas poem (it was my turn – hope you’re ready for a festive dirge!), so I might not have much to say here. Hahahaha!
Sunday, December 8th                                                 
Close up of ornaments on my church’s tree. Peace is my main goal in life, so I made this my FB cover page.

Monday, December 9th                 
I’ve been reading Sarah Bessey’s Advent devotionals this season. Seems fitting that my candles are unconventional to go with these fierce and unconventional readings.    

Tuesday, December 10th                                                      
Running late this morning I spent precious time I didn’t have trying to get a piece of debris off of my nose. It was a freckle.

Wednesday, December 11th                                                        
The moon!

Thursday, December 12th
I finally started using the gift from my prayer sister. I still believe I got the best deal of everyone. Sweet!

The moon!

Friday, December 13th                                                              
My lunch was super healthy - until I added a hunk of cornbread as big as my head. Worth it!

Dr. M’s brother gave us the crocodile ornament, so it’s getting pride of place on the tree this year in his memory.

Saturday, December 14th              
While I did some cleaning, crocheting, and poem writing, Dr. M decorated the tree! It’s as eclectic as we are.

Tomorrow is our 29th anniversary & we are going to see the Nutcracker in Charlotte. I’m very excited – almost as much for the car ride with Dr. M as for the ballet. It will be fun spending time with my favorite person. Are you doing anything fun?


  1. That is a great tote! And, eclectic trees are the best. They are full of memories and smiles. Your's is lovely!

  2. Happy anniversary! I love your tree and all the various ornaments -- especially Linus.

  3. Happy, happy anniversary to you and The Professor. Love your tree.

  4. happy anniversary. love eclectic trees.

  5. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!! Great way to celebrate. I'm a strong believer that each Christmas tree should reflect the people who dwell in the house. How boring if they were all the same.

  6. Very good photo of you! I like it.

  7. that moon pic doesnt even look real!!!!
    Yep... I'm loving that yarn bag!

  8. I'm doing the most fun thing I can think of: eating!

  9. We didn't put a tree up this year since we were going on a cruise. Your tree is beautiful.

  10. I love all your pictures of your ornaments. But...crocodile ornament? Seriously?



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