Sunday, December 8, 2019

2019 Project 365 – Week Forty-nine

I’m just going to admit it up front: I have had a weekend full of people (all lovely, but still…) and I’m not sure that I have any more words to expend here. So this might be very brief. Or, like an overtired toddler, I might start blathering on. Who knows? We shall see.
Sunday, December 1st                                                  
My cousin and her family finally joined the church that they invited me to almost three years ago (where I am now on church council and the chair of the Green Committee – apparently I’m hastier than they are).

It was my brother’s birthday so my dad took us all out for dinner. That salmon was good!

Monday, December 2nd                
Dr. M did a bit of decorating. We have no idea who gave us this, but we are enamored. It now lives in Dr. M’s bathroom.         

Tuesday, December 3rd                                                     
I took a couple of things in to decorate my office.

Wednesday, December 4th                                                        
Dr. M put the tree up! My dad had found this angel at his house & decided that I needed it. The reflection of the tree is lovely, but also confusing. One of my friends on FB said that at first she thought we had decorated a cactus. Ha!

I said goodnight to Hilda the sheep (from our Manor Farm calendar).

Thursday, December 5th
Dr. M took a last swipe around the yard, mulching leaves, and then put the mower on the trailer so he could take it to his dad’s house for the winter (he has a shed).  

Friday, December 6th                                                              
Our local University (Lenoir-Rhyne – we’re poor relations) was in a quarterfinal championship game so city employees wore red & black in solidarity. I’m in the back in the group picture, standing on the edge of the fountain & almost falling in. Fun times! Sadly, LR lost the game – but what a great year they had!

Saturday, December 7th              
For reasons unknown to me I signed up to manage our Prayer Sister program this year & organize the annual brunch. This mostly involved putting a note in the church bulletin & begging my cousin to basically figure out the decorations. She did great! It was a pot luck, so that part was easy. We had a lovely time. We hope to grow the group, but it was nice to be able to fit around this one table this year. My Prayer Sister liked the scarf I made her. Whew! (I got what I consider to be the best gift of the day, but I will share it later. I’ll just say that it made my bag lady heart go pitter patter).

Today was a busy day: singing at the nursing home, then at church I did about four things during the service, then we had our annual meeting, and then we had an emergency church council meeting because our pastor resigned. His wife got her dream job in Pittsburgh, where they’re from. They recently had twins so I’m not surprised that they want to be closer to their parents, but we will definitely miss them!

Has your weekend been nice & relaxing, or are you wishing (like I am) that you had another day off to recuperate?


  1. Slow down, Bug. The holidays are just beginning. At least you did have some fun times as well.

  2. What a busy week!

    That sheep calendar shot is a great one. You really look like you're kissing a sheep. The photo of the pumpkin roll makes me want some--our local pie shop does it, but not very well. And it's criminally expensive. Another great tragedy of Life. ;-)

  3. Wow, you have been busy! You've already done more for the holidays than I am likely to do by January 15th! Love your "Charlie Brown" tree.

  4. Havent you read the book - everyone poops - even Santa ;) LOL

  5. Phew, I'm tired just reading about all your activity.

  6. Nice week! Busy week! Great pictures!

  7. I can't believe I fell this much behind - again! - in reading your blog. It seems a bit weird to read about the time leading up to the holidays - ha!

    I love that salmon dinner you had for your Dad's birthday!


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