Saturday, May 22, 2021

2021 Project 365 – Week Twenty-one

Although it was busy, this past week wasn’t quite as crazy as last week. I think I might have things under control at work. Pretty soon I’ll have no excuse to not start doing housework again. Dang man.
Sunday, May 16th   
Dr. M’s botany lesson: every spring we scramble to remember what flowers a given “weed” in our wildflower bed might produce. Some IDs are easy: the lance-shaped leaves that give us lovely yellow coreopsis, which blooms not too long after we spy orange Siberian wallflowers. Harder is remembering the difference between anise hyssop leaves (broader, duller arrowhead leaves, shorter plants) and bee balm leaves (narrower, sharper leaves, taller plants focused on world domination). We did try to thin the bee balm, I promise we did! Oh, and meet our shy little purple coneflower.

And just because it’s been a minute, our great-nephew looking adorable.

Monday, May 17th     
I walked into the office & glanced into the mirror on my wall and this is what I saw. What. The. Heck. Fortunately I got to work so early that no one else saw me.

Tuesday, May 18th  

Wednesday, May 19th       
The only picture today – the plate of food that I brought home to Dr. M. It was public works appreciation day & they were kind enough to put together plates for the HR folks. There was enough food in there for both of us to have for supper (BBQ AND chicken, slaw, baked beans, and potato salad)!

Thursday, May 20th     
This is my dawww face from a tender vittles moment in my audiobook.

Dr. M channeled his inner 19th century middle-class housewife by arranging flowers for his mother’s grave. I think he did a great job!

The waning days of Dr. Van Fleet…

Friday, May 21st   
Ms. Rita the geranium is really hitting her stride! Plus a bonus blurry photo of one of our catchflies. These little flowers are so hard to photograph! We’re going to try using the big camera & see if it does a better job than our phones.

Saturday, May 22nd     
Weekly temperature blanket photo. I keep trying different places to take the photo (there was Free Range Roy outside so I didn’t try out there). It’s four feet wide. I’d like another foot before I try to stop increasing. Maybe it will be a square blanket? We shall see.

I’ve signed up to do a course about how to be anti-racist on social media. So you might see more posts in this space, or at least more discussion on my weekly posts. Even though I’m pretty sure that everyone in my life knows where I stand and what I believe I’m trying to be more courageous & crystal clear. Do you have any growing edges in your life? Do tell!


  1. The little one has a very nice outfit and a serious look on his cute face!

    1. He does look serious there - he's wondering why he's having his millionth photo shoot!

  2. I put my foot in my mouth big time at SHARE chatting with the guys one of whom is black when I told my neighbor that black Kevin's house had sold. no sooner were the words out of my mouth... I explained to Gerrard that the reason I referred to Kevin that way is that we also have a white Kevin on the street. Oh, OK, he says. I asked him later if he had been offended by how I had referred to my neighbor and he said no but that was just him, gave me a side hug and told me not to worry about it. To me it was just a descriptive term to identify who I was talking about but in retrospect (I've spent a lot of time thinking about this since then) I could just have easily identified him by the location of his house and not his skin color. so, I'm not racist (but don't racists claim the same thing), skin color is just like hair color or eye color or how tall or short someone is, just a physical characteristic to me. I'm just stupid or insensitive. so I'm trying to do better.

    1. It's so hard! I almost am afraid to ever say anything because old habits and all that...

  3. I applaud your growth in all areas! It's all too easy to be complacent and claim advocacy while not being actively involved in the current state of things. Good for you.

    I haven't picked up yarn or needles in ages. Naturally, the urge to do so got profound when I absolutely couldn't during the migraine episode. I'm always feeling rebellious and contrary.

    1. I just ordered very pricey yarn for a project that I DO NOT NEED so I understand being contrary :)

  4. Your hair - I love it - that is about my speed. except I dont bother to fix it
    that BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh my gosh - adorable!!!!

    1. Well, if I hadn't had a mirror in my office I wouldn't have known to fix it & wouldn't THAT have been hilarious!

  5. No, I actually don't have any growing edges in my life. I really need to fix that situation.

    1. Yeah - I'd prefer to not have to do any work.

  6. Just finished listening to Eric Metaxas' biography of Bonhoeffer who died for standing for Truth against Hitler. Powerful message for our times. He believed and lived the Gospel must be accompanied by Action.


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