Saturday, May 29, 2021

2021 Project 365 – Week Twenty-two

Oh my goodness, what a deliciously lazy day I’ve had. I slept late, went to a frou frou yarn store, and basically spent the rest of the day crocheting. Sweet!
Sunday, May 23rd
This seems a little early. Does it seem early to you?

Monday, May 24th  
New color alert! Autumn Red, for my 76-80 degree range. I was all excited, but this might be the new orange (in reference to my last temperature blanket). I used this color for five days straight this week – the first time this year of having the same color that many days in a row.

Tuesday, May 25th  
Last week I gave you my “daw” face. This is my “what fresh hell is this?” face. I knew that there would be a disgusting moment in this book because there always is in this series (Pendergast), but still… Also, how many necks does one Bug need?

Ms. Rita, the bolting basil, and the catch-fly had their close-ups with the big camera today. We pinched the basil after the photo shoot.

Wednesday, May 26th
The moon!

Thursday, May 27th
I walked into Daddy & Sue’s house after work & saw this! I was very excited….

Friday, May 28th
I was so excited by the puzzle that I went back the next day during my lunch hour. I’m also planning on going back tomorrow. And it took great restraint to not stop by on my way back from the yarn store today. I don’t have a problem. Nope.

Saturday, May 29th
Ms. Pinky says that it’s bad enough that The Watering Man won’t leave her alone, but now God is trying to drown her? She can complain all she wants, but we really did need the rain!

I had ordered the two skeins of yarn on the top left, but needed a contrasting solid to go with them. I was thinking some sort of quiet color, but I came home with the skeins on the right. Oops.

Here is my progress so far. I’m not too sure about it, especially given the cost of the yarn. I haven’t woven in any of the ends, so I might undo it and try something different. Stay tuned!

Temperature blanket update! I put it on the bed & decided that it’s wide enough now, so I’ll stop increasing. Very exciting!

My very relaxing day has turned my brain to mush. I have nothing to say here, so just talk amongst yourselves!


  1. Your day lily doesn't seem at all early to me. I always think of them as a June flower, and we're about as close as you can get to June without being in it. I do have to ask: what is a 'daw' face? Is that like a 'duh' face? I've never heard the term before.

    I haven't done a jigsaw in forever. We used to keep one going on a card table when I was a kid. I'm not sure I have the attention span for one now.

    1. Yeah - I think I was remembering Ohio where they didn't bloom until the end of June.

      Daw - is kind of like "oh look how sweet & adorable!"

  2. It's too early for us to have day lilies, but I feel like it's pretty normal for the states, especially the South. I'm impressed that you're able to figure out the dimensions of that blanket! (Which looks great, BTW.) And I wondered what "catch fly" is -- turns out it's campion, which we have here! (I think ours might be a slightly different species but it looks similar.)

    1. Right! Our garden catchfly is silene armeria, a variety of campion. You may be more familiar with silene dioia, or red campion. Both are native to Europe.

  3. I've had a few daylily blooms but the plants that have bloomed so far did not put up nearly as many bloom scapes as in the past. and my common double orange ones aren't even putting up scapes yet.

    is this the Pendergast book with the severed feet?

    1. YES IT IS. I'm enjoying it, but I didn't really need that autopsy scene. Ha!

  4. That blue is overtaking the other yarns, I think. Your first instinct was a good one, to choose a more subtle colour.

    (I'm freezing here in OH! We had 48 degrees on Friday and Saturday!)

    1. Nance, I'm probably making another mistake, but I'm getting a skein of BLACK yarn to use as the main color. I'll alternate it with the other three colors. I'm hoping for a stained glass effect, but I'm fully prepared to rip that out too & just go with some sort of ecru color. I just wear so much black, so I'm trying to imagine what I will wear the shawl with.

  5. Your knitting should make you an excellent jigsaw puzzle solver!

    1. I think it's the other way around - I have always LOVED jigsaw puzzles!

  6. Yours may be the best temp blanket I've seen - the colors.
    I love that puzzle too!!! Probably would drive me nuts - but like it

  7. Puzzles are a great temptation!
    What is that new project going to be?

  8. Right after my wife and I got married she tried to get me into puzzles. It was an utter failure. I did my best to enjoy it but I found it unbelievably boring.

    After several attempts by wife gave up and wrapped the two or three puzzles we started in a green felt cloth and stored then in a closet. That was around 1998 and they stayed there until around 2015 when I found them and took them off to the trash.


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