Saturday, June 12, 2021

2021 Project 365 – Week Twenty-four

Dear Blog Readers, it is wildflower central over here! In fact, it’s a wonder that we have photos of anything else. Should make for a pretty post. Let’s check it out, shall we?
Sunday, June 6th
Morning Glory!

Monday, June 7th    
Rudbeckia in the rain.

Had my first anti-racism zoom workshop & it was great. Part of our homework was to update our social medial profiles. I had actually done mine earlier that day because I was going through the workbook.

Tuesday, June 8th    

Wednesday, June 9th  
Daddy & Sue were out of town (they’re back now), but that didn’t stop me from going by their house & working on the new puzzle during my lunch hour. I was late getting back to work!

Thursday, June 10th
Gloriosa DOUBLES! I didn’t even know that was a thing. So pretty!

Friday, June 11th
This is what I posted on Instagram & Facebook: I’ve never done a “Friday Introduction” before, but it’s part of my anti-racism homework, so here we are. Hi! My name is Dana and I’m a middle-aged white woman who is a left leaning liberal Christian. I think everyone is welcome to God’s table & if they can’t get in the door or walk up to the table or can’t have alcohol or gluten - well we make the table where they are with the elements they can partake of. Also, “everyone” means she, he, they, them, straight, queer, bi, ace… Sorry - I got off on a tangent.
What I meant to say is that while I still want to make sure everyone is welcome, I have a new growth edge in my life: learning about how I benefit from white supremacy & what I can do about dismantling it. It’s probably going to make me uncomfortable. And I’m probably going to drive my friends & family (& you!) crazy. Are you ready?

Saturday, June 12th
I haven’t enjoyed our wildflower bed one bit. Nosiree! Next week I’ll take a picture of the full effect because although we have some gorgeous blooms, the vast majority of it is taking its own sweet time (bee balm, I’m looking at you!).

Since Daddy & Sue were back I decided to go work the puzzle visit them. 


No temperature blanket update – it was rainy so I couldn’t do a good photo shoot. Just imagine last week’s photo with a row of red because that’s all we’ve had all week! Worked on my shawl a bit. I’ve already frogged it (again) because I didn’t like my color placement. I’m still not totally sold, but at this point I’m just going to move forward and see what happens because frankly, it looks totally different after each new row.

Dr. M and I are taking a little road trip to the mountains tomorrow. It’s been forever since we’ve had a ramble! I’m looking forward to feeling a wee bit like we’re on vacation. What trips do you have planned this summer?


  1. Pretty flowers. Pretty colors in the shawl (what is that yarn in the last row pictured?).

    1. That yarn is from Ancestral Fiber Co in their Zora colorway (named for Zora Neale Hurston). Here's the website: They're out of this one (and a lot of their others), but I'm sure she'll restock at some point. The purple is also from her - the Alice (Walker) colorway :)

  2. well, I'm curious to see how that shawl is gonna work. I like the colors, it's the shape that has me flummoxed.

    my morning glories still have not bloomed.

    1. Yeah - the shape is definitely interesting. It will eventually start decreasing, but not in the same way as it increased.

  3. We're doing a lot of anti-racism stuff at work that sounds similar to what you're working on. I think it's quite interesting and, yes, uncomfortable at times. (Which I suppose it needs to be, in order to be honest and effective.) Those rudbeckia are beautiful! I love that red center.

    1. I told Mike yesterday that they are my favorite flower (for this minute - peonies were my favorite a month ago. Ha!).

  4. I thought it is not politically correct to mention skin color: white, black or yellow. We should not judge people by their skin color1

    1. We shouldn't, but we do, so being "blind" to color actually harms minorities. Also, here in the states our very institutions favor white folks (of European descent), so that it's hard for any others to succeed in the same way.

  5. Lots of lovely flowers!

    Your homework sounds interesting and rewarding. I am thankful every day that I grew up in a diverse community and was raised by parents who were tolerant, accepting, and did not teach racism. I taught in a big urban school with a significant minority population and live in another diverse community now. I know my sons feel the same way.


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