Sunday, June 27, 2021

2021 Project 365 – Week Twenty-six

This week contained drama and whining and beauty… Actually, the drama was all Drama Queen drama, not actual drama. So, you know, the usual.
Sunday, June 20th
Driving home from church, listening to the Jesus and John Wayne audiobook, and saw this bumper sticker. In case you can't read it, it says "BUILD THE WALL, even heaven has a gate." If that doesn’t illustrate the whole situation, I don’t know what does. And, really? This is what Jesus would want? It’s pretty amazing how the gospel has become politicized.

It’s still daylily central over here – we’ve got singles and doubles!

Monday, June 21st    
Propped my feet up on my car door while I was waiting for my walking partner to finish a call. Then I had to struggle to UN-prop my feet. I would blame this on aging, but in actual fact I have always been this awkward.

Temp in the house.

Tuesday, June 22nd    
Wildflowers! They have been so much fun this year. 

Wednesday, June 23rd   
Had to stay late at work because I was hosting a webinar for employees who are close to retirement (by “hosting” I mean I turned the computer on & clicked on the link for the webinar – but I also took notes to email the attendees).

Thursday, June 24th
Dr. M decided that he needed to contain the wildflower bed – it was getting difficult to mow around it with the stalks all willynilly on the grass. Note: the bee balm is taller than I am! (But yes, I am short – 5’4”)

I have three of these shower caps (because YAY I don’t wash my hair every day). This is a picture of the third one in two weeks to fall into the toilet. I throw them in the laundry & wash them, but I hadn’t even had a chance yet to wash the other two. Maybe I need to find another place to store them?

The Strawberry Moon!

Friday, June 25th
From Dr. M’s Facebook page: There is a disconnect between things and joy. Yes, air conditioning is a thing I enjoy, and I feel bad for our landlords that ours was not really fixed during the first service call, but there is a terrific trade off: I might be inside right now, cursing the television, er, I mean watching baseball. Instead I am listening to birds sing their evensongs. My absolute favorite is that of the shy wood thrush. Comfort can be bought; joy is priceless  (The Bug’s Note: the air conditioner guy came out on Tuesday, flipped the switch, & it worked. He didn’t try to investigate why it hadn’t been working – did he just think we were idiots & didn’t know how it worked? Then on Thursday it stopped working again. So he gets to come back on Monday.)

Saturday, June 26th
Lots of pictures today (and maybe a video if I can get it uploaded). First off, our wildflower bed (again, I know). Here is where the video will go. If it’s not there you will know that I failed. Just know that it shows all the bumblebees gorging on our bee balm.

Weekly temperature blanket update.

We took a road trip up to Roan Mountain in Tennessee. I’m going to do a separate post, but in the meantime, here is us at lunch. The BBQ was so-so, but the hush puppies were first rate!

Date night on the deck because it was much cooler outside than inside. We did have a third wheel for a little while (his mom was mowing so he ran away from home).

This is the second weekend in a row that I haven’t been able to do any housework. Well, you know I’m using the heat as an excuse because if I got up early enough I could do some stuff. But why would I do that when I have this perfectly good excuse not to? Instead, I am heading to my dad’s house here in a little while to work on the wolf puzzle. I know I’ll be interfering with their Sunday afternoon naps, so I told them to just go ahead & ignore the maniac at the puzzle table. What are you going to do with your Sunday afternoon?


  1. Both videos were there and worked properly, even went to full screen when I asked it to! My sympathy to you on your a.c. problem. In the "distant past", before it was invented, we never missed it!

    1. I remember growing up without air conditioning - we had an attic fan, and we also had a GINORMOUS window fan that we could switch to blowing the hot air out of the house.

  2. The shower cap thing is funny! I'd say you definitely need a new storage system. :)

    Re. the sticker, I am forever mystified with how some people square Christian belief with their political activities. WWJD?

    1. I know - there is a total disconnect. I almost think that so many of the loudest people don't give a flip about Jesus - they just want their macho lives & guns.

  3. I'm 5' 4", too. Everything is taller than we are!

    The former guy's revenge tour kicked off about a half hour away from our lakehouse this weekend. We had already decided to stay back at home in order to catch up on some yard work and stuff. We drove down today (Sunday) to mow and check on things. I was gratified that we did NOT see a plethora of flags and signs on the way, or roadside stands selling same. I can only hope that this means, perhaps, that his influence is waning, just a bit.

    That sticker makes me sick. There's no justification for the faux Christians' support of him and, really, the entire party he represents.

    1. Ugh - so sorry you had that in your lakehouse neighborhood. I also hope that his influence is waning, although I know that the conservative movers & shakers will find a new "hero" to replace him. It would be nice if Democrats could work on their PR & become more attractive to more conservative people. We're not the devil!

  4. so much wrong with that bumper sticker.

  5. Successful video uploads! I'm impressed, I wonder if I can do that . . .
    Wildflowers, double day lily, prolific geranium. Wow!
    Looking good! Have you lost weight?

    1. I wish I had lost weight, but that is just a more flattering picture than usual - ha! Thank you!

  6. Lots of lovely flowers. Ugh - AC problems - in a very hot June. Well there may be pearly gates but it doesn't say anything about a fence or wall surrounding anything.


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