Sunday, June 26, 2022

2022 Project 365 – Week Twenty-five

People. I have done nothing this weekend but read and crochet. Didn’t leave the house for two days. Didn’t do a lick of housework. I was a total slacko and I have NO REGRETS.
Sunday, June 19th         
Father’s Day bloomers – along with some pollinators.

Monday, June 20th
Dr. M’s Other Brother Mike (note: not an actual brother) has been sick & not able to take care of mowing this ditch in front of his dad’s house. Dr. M was not about to try to use a mower, but our little weed eater wouldn’t be powerful enough – so he got a bigger model that did the trick quite well. His mom’s hydrangea was blooming AND the blueberries are ripe!

Tuesday, June 21st      
I put those blueberries to use right away – YUM!

Things are just very heavy right now (and this was before the bombshell of Friday), so Dr. M made us a comfort food dinner.

Wednesday, June 22nd            
Double Orange Daylily with Bug!

Went by my dad’s house during lunch for three days in a row just to get this monster finished. I was late getting back to work every day. Ha!

Thursday, June 23rd        
No photo.
Friday, June 24th       
I’m so so sad about the way we have let White Evangelical culture take over this country. And I still consider myself to be an Evangelical (sort of). This decision that overrides Roe v. Wade will cause death and misery. Especially because there aren’t enough services in place to help women and families who are forced to have babies. Not to mention the women who might die due to complications from a dangerous pregnancy. I could write a novel, but I won’t.

On the other hand, we made Mexican Street Corn in the air fryer, and watched Freddie Freeman get his World Series ring (it’s the first time he was back in Atlanta since he traitorously went to the Dodgers).

Saturday, June 25th       
The Roy says, “Can Dr. M come out & play?”

Work has gotten chaotic again. The good news is that even though I was sure that my boss was trying to figure out how to fire me, in actual fact he was getting ready to ask me to take on some new duties, temporarily. I don’t know why any time there is drama at work I automatically assume it means I’m in trouble, but here we are. How about you? Do you have Imposter Syndrome too, or do actually you know how valuable you are?


  1. Hmmmm... I'm white, and I belong to the Evangelical Lutheran Church. Can I still come and play? I don't think I've taken over much of anything, although I'd be willing to make a move on the ice cream section at my favorite grocer's if I saw the chance!

    That double orange daylily is beautiful, and the bug's a great addition. That sure enough is a comfort food dinner, too. I've already eaten, but now I want to eat again!

    Just for you, I'll provide the lyrics of another of my songs. You can share them with Dr. M -- he being another lyricist and all.

    "Oh, give me a home when the buffalo roam
    and I'll show you a house full of dirt;
    where never is seen a good cleaning machine,
    and the housekeeper's feelings are hurt"

    "Bones, bones on the range,
    where the deer and the antelope lay.
    The mice came along, first they burst into song,
    Then they carted the carcass away."

  2. That first picture of food is something I would eat! Go figure. I really don't care what any person believes as long as it guides their life and leaves mine alone. I do not understand their desire/attempt to make everyone conform to their beliefs.

    1. Ha! I must be slipping. But I think oatmeal & blueberries is pretty normal. I had eggs on my oatmeal the next day :)

  3. I love your Roy photos! Glad the work situation didn't turn out to be anything too scary. I don't think of you as an evangelical. You seem like a very live-and-let-live Christian, whereas I think evangelicals are focused on furthering their version of God's word at all costs. (And I think their version is often wrong!)

    1. I hesitated to label myself that way, but I guess my denomination technically is part of the evangelical movement. But maybe not - it's certainly pretty wide open as far as being open & affirming, etc.

  4. Your flower photos are beautiful. I took a few myself this afternoon, but they didn't come out as good as yours!

    Love the photo of Roy waiting outside!


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