Sunday, July 3, 2022

2022 Project 365 – Week Twenty-six

This past week has been really hard, nationally. I know that some folks think that the Supreme Court sending issues back to the states to handle is a good thing. But not every state legislature has the best interest of people at heart. With so much gerrymandering (I admit, it happens on both sides), I’m not even sure that the state legislatures are representative of their states. But I guess this means that we are all even more responsible for voting in all elections – not just Federal.

On another note, other than a couple of ridiculous pictures of me, this week is all flowers all the time. Which is how the end of June, beginning of July should be!

Sunday, June 26th         
I roamed around the yard taking macro photos with my phone.

Monday, June 27th
I possibly shouldn’t post this photo, but as you know #IHaveNoShame. I was listening to the latest Pendergast book and as usual something disgusting was happening. Later in the week I broke my rule about not eating while reading/listening to Pendergast books and I had Very Real Regrets. (But the book was excellent!)

Tuesday, June 28th      
I’ve started putting my eye makeup on first (because I saw someone else do it – in case any of the eye makeup gets on her face), and I was on my way to work when I realized that I completely forgot to put on the rest of my makeup. Ha! I guess you can’t undo 40 years of doing something the same way that quickly.

I just LOVE these giant yellow daylilies!


Stopped by my dad’s house on the way home & took a photo of his gorgeous blue hydrangea. 


Wednesday, June 29th            
It’s morning glory season. For some reason I just love the white center. I find it a bit mesmerizing.

Scenes from Dr. M’s dad’s house – with two different colors of hydrangea.

The Roy showed up & got what he came for – treats and lots of pats by Dr. M.

Thursday, June 30th         
Well, see, I was just rather enthusiastically eating Cheetos at my desk at work, and somehow flang one into my cleavage. Sexy, no?

Friday, July 1st        
No photo.  
Saturday, July 2nd        
More macro photos from around the yard. It sure is pretty around here.

I sent this video to the person for whom I’m making this blanket. She’s pretty happy with it – I just hope she doesn’t mind that it’s taking forever to make. Each row takes about 40 minutes to crochet now.

Tomorrow is the 4th of July and I am very glad to be off of work. And I’m happy to celebrate the grand experiment that is the United States – I just wish we could live up to our potential a little better. I plan to crochet and read and listen to loud bangs in the neighborhood. What are your plans?


  1. That yellow daylily's a stunner. All of your flowers are beautiful -- and you have your very own morning glories! I agree that the white center's pretty darned cool. I laughed and laughed at the Cheeto photo -- but now I want Cheetos in the worst way. The grocery store is only three blocks away. Maybe I can contain myself.

    1. Just remember that starting to eat Cheetos is a time investment because you really shouldn't do anything else with Cheeto dust on your fingers. :)

  2. Day Lillies! They grew in the water zone.

  3. I have some of those yellow daylilies. They are gorgeous. As for the 4th, we did not celebrate, cannot celebrate where this country is and is headed.

  4. That Cheeto photo! LOL! You crack me up. Our day lilies have yet to show any signs of flowering.

  5. I was not in a celebratory mood this Independence Day. As a woman, I have none, and as an Ohioan, my vote doesn't matter thanks to gerrymandering. It felt like an oppressive day.

    Your lovely flowers, however, are the best fireworks show I've seen! Gorgeous.

    1. Our flowers have definitely been "saving" us this year.


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