Sunday, July 10, 2022

2022 Project 365 – Week Twenty-seven

I used all my words at church this morning (I was lector) so you may talk amongst yourselves.
Sunday, July 3rd          
Who wore it better? We didn’t have power Sunday morning so I couldn’t blow dry my hair. That’s my excuse anyway.

Dinner! Now you can’t say that THIS one is weird.

Monday, July 4th
Dr. M brought home the last of the blueberries from his dad’s bush. It’s always such a treat! (Although I feel bad because MY dad also has blueberries – but I think that he & Sue are able to eat those).

I took a meander through the yard.

Then I worked on unclogging the vacuum (the label is a LIE). Yes, I tried using a knitting needle. No it didn’t work. Dr. M had to do some sort of voodoo with a phillips screwdriver and one of the metal pieces from our old porch swing.

Tuesday, July 5th      
No photo
Wednesday, July 6th            
Well. Firstly, as we were walking into the mall I realized that I had put my pants on backwards which I think caused me to fall rather spectacularly. Even though it seemed to happen in slow motion, my cousin didn’t get a video, but she did take this photo. We cut the walk short so I could come home & ice various body parts. Pro tip, people: pick up your feet while you walk!! (Note: this photo is kind of cute, but the first picture showed my actual 2 foot wide thighs & my cousin did what any friend would do & took a different picture. Thanks Kim!)

Thursday, July 7th         
I was a little sore the day after The Fall (Friday was worse), but I only had this one bruise. Which is a mystery because I don’t think I landed on this arm. Did I hit the wall? I was trying to reach the wall, but I didn’t think I made it. The image of me careering toward the wall, perhaps windmilling my arms, just has me cackling. Also really glad I didn’t break anything!

Friday, July 8th         
Stopped by my dad’s & we finished the puzzle my nephew & his girlfriend gave me for Christmas. Isn’t it fabulous? It’s Ruth and Malala and Rosa and Harriet and Amelia.

Saturday, July 9th         
Dr. M took a turn around the yard before he headed to his dad’s. It’s still so pretty around here.

Friday was my coworker’s last day, so this coming week will be interesting and a challenge. We really turned to her every day to help with all kinds of issues and now we’ll have to think for ourselves. Also, I’ve applied for her job (interview on the 20th!) so I might end up being the one answering questions. That seems perilous for all concerned. But maybe it’s time for me to step up and do what I know I can. We shall see!


  1. I once got something stuck in the curved part of my vacuum. What finally saved me was a claw pickup tool that I somehow happened to have in my toolbox.

    Love the flowers. Sorry about the fall, so glad you didn't break something.

    Good luck on the interview.

  2. Wow, a rare normal looking meal. And I'm glad you didn't break anything too. My daylilies are done.

  3. Love the puzzle! Sorry about the fall. Maybe you hit that window frame? In any case, I'll tell you what I just told blogger Mitchell who stabbed himself with a pair of scissors: BE CAREFUL! :)

  4. I love avocado toast, and I love avocado and tomato together. That huge slicer looks wonderful. It's still not tomato season here in NEO yet.

    Yikes on your fall! I'm awfully glad you are okay. As you know, I've had a few spills myself. Sigh.

    1. It was really good! I did think of you when I fell & was so grateful that nothing was seriously injured.

  5. God will find a way, when there seems to be no way. This is part of a song, I have found it a comfort.

  6. #7 is my friend. I have had some horrific falls. Your bruise may look like nothing, but it is not. Use heat.

    1. I probably should use heat - maybe tonight.

  7. That avocado/tomato combination looks wonderful. Our tomatoes are finished now until fall, so I'm having to make do with some nice cherry tomatoes from the store for my salads. I sure am glad you didn't break anything, but don't be surprised if more bruises show up in a few days. Deep bruises need a while to work their way to the surface. I learned that when I went flying off a pogo stick and landed on my hip.

    1. I found a new bruise last night after I read your comment!

    2. Also I think I need to hear more about the pogo stick incident.

  8. I've had that sandwich myself - not weird. It's so hot here nothing is looking good so I really enjoyed your meandering photos. Also - no falling down. Your body will not like it and will give you hell for doing so!

    1. I'm sorry it's so hot there. Are you guys affected by the power grid issues?


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