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2018 Project 365 – Week Fifty

We had our Christmas cantata this morning, and then Dr. M & I went out for a late brunch, and then I crocheted all afternoon into evening. I am so sleepy that I can hardly hold my eyes open. I’m pretty sure that at this point I couldn’t legally be held accountable for whatever I write here – right? Sunday, December 9th I shared some pictures from Sunday last week – we got a LOT of snow! It was all very exciting, but it meant that a brunch that we had scheduled with some friends got postponed & Dr. M & I had to eat the French Toast casserole all by ourselves. Darn.

Cardinals are silly. Plus a woodpecker!

THE LAST SQUARE! (In this colorway…)

Late that night I figured out how to remotely change our office voicemail to say that we were closed on Monday. I was pretty chuffed.

Monday, December 10th THE LAST SQUARE! (In this other colorway…)

Tuesday, December 11th The neighbors went sledding.

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