Saturday, April 15, 2017

2017 Project 365 – Week fifteen

I am SO SLEEPY right now that I cannot guarantee that the following post will make any sense. We spent today roaming around the mountains like we used to do back in the day, and as usually happens when I spend any time in a warm moving car on a sunshiny day, I got so sleepy. I was foiled in my attempt to nap on the way home by the fact that I was driving. Humph!
Sunday, April 9th         
Let’s start the week off with the State of the Bug. Which is… I’m not actually sure what’s going on here. Dressed up for church? Checking for stray chin hair? Who knows!

Monday, April 10th            
I thought the little tomatoes I got at the grocery store were so pretty that I had to take a picture.

I mowed after work. I decided that the front yard exercise route looked like a woman with wild red hair wearing a mask & eating a grape. Ha! That evening I used the giant tub for the first (and possibly last?) time. It ran out of hot water before it was half full. I did enjoy my soak though.

Tuesday, April 11th                              
The moon! By the way, the Moon Man has a new post over on his blog. Check it out!

Wednesday, April 12th                    
I went to get a library card today & was tickled to see Hog Hill Pottery in the display case in the lobby! My cousin Scottie & her husband John do such good work.

Thursday, April 13th                      
Date night on a Thursday – watched Iron Man. Robert Downey Jr. is hilarious in this movie.

Friday, April 14th      
OK, we had date night again on Friday. Went out to get a burger (BurgerFi veggie burger – so good!), picked up a few things at Target, then I ran into Michael’s to get some yarn for a baby shower gift. Somehow I ended up bringing this yarn home too. I don’t know how it happened, because I wasn’t supposed to be buying new yarn, right?

Saturday, April 15th         
As mentioned previously, we rambled in the mountains today, driving up to Mt. Mitchell. I was laughing at the road we were on – Holy Hairpin Batman! It was a lovely day.

We stopped for dinner on the way home. I had seaweed salad, sushi, and sugar donuts (yes, three out of these four pictures were MY food). I didn’t actually eat it all.

Now I’m watching Braves baseball & contemplating the leftover donuts in the fridge. How was your week?

Sunday, April 9, 2017

2017 Project 365 – Week fourteen

I think that we’ve finally gotten into the swing of taking pictures around here (except for a couple of days), which means that once again, this weekly post will be ridiculous.
Sunday, April 2nd        
Speaking of ridiculous, I FINALLY got pictures of the completed Temperature Monster. Sheesh.

Meanwhile, we’ve got an Eastern Phoebe nesting on the security light in our carport!

Plus, this. It was a banner day at The Bug Homestead.

Monday, April 3rd           
Rainy Monday, unsuccessful trip to get the Bugly’s NC license plate, but these guys make us laugh every time we pass them. Goats are hilarious.

After my grandmother died I said that I wanted her china (oldest granddaughter’s prerogative), but I didn’t have anywhere for it to live. I finally got it from my dad’s house, washed it, and decided that my next cousin in line should have it. She probably wishes I had made that decision years ago! Isn’t it pretty though?

Tuesday, April 4th                              
I FORGOT TO TAKE A PICTURE!! So, you get this screen shot of my word game. Can you guess what the remaining two words are? Note: You can’t actually make the two words with this configuration – I had to restart the game & pick the letters for the other words in a different way to make it work, which is why I did the screen shot in case I forgot the words I had already found.

Wednesday, April 5th                    
I almost didn’t have a picture for this day either, but fortunately someone posted on Facebook about how gnomes make her think of me, and so I had to take a picture of our current gnome.

Thursday, April 6th                      
One of my cousins brought her two girls for a visit – so sweet! The older one is SO SMART – it’s kind of scary. Ha!

I decided to reinstitute my State of the Bug feature that I had going a while back. So, the State of the Bug: Thinking that Christmas jammies in April didn’t seem as big a deal in Ohio. And apparently unable to shut up talking about it long enough to take a picture.

Friday, April 7th      
The usual scene the back yard. Also, you’ll be glad to know that at long last, the Bugly is a NC resident.

Saturday, April 8th         
We went to spend some time with Dr. M’s dad. His azalea bush is gorgeous! Taller than I am! And he has a lovely dogwood in the back yard. I do believe I really am in NC now.

Ohio has license plates in the front and back of cars, but NC only has the back ones. Daisy felt nekkid, so I got her a fashion accessory. Ha!

Yesterday was my sister-in-law’s birthday & she had to celebrate alone with a sick teenager (my brother did send her flowers, so he’s somewhat redeemed – he was out of town). I felt bad, so I brought her some make-up cupcakes. The 9 is because my phone told me she was 9 (I apparently entered her birthday in 2008). See that empty space? That’s where the cupcake was that I ate on the way to her house – a Cadbury Egg Cupcake. O. M. G.

And while I was out gallivanting, Dr. M got to see bunnies in the back yard!

How was your week?

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

The Bug Estate

The other day I walked around the house & took pictures of all the areas where I want to plant things. They're rather scruffy right now - we thought we'd see what (if anything) comes up before we plant anything & apparently what comes up are weeds. I thought it would be really cool to show you all of our weedy potential flower beds.

 Around back, we do have something coming up. We're just not sure what it is yet.

Any suggestions on what to plant? All of these areas get full sun for most of the day. Do you think, if I work very hard (not likely), I can make my yard look like this?

One of my recent jigsaw puzzles
I also thought it would be fun to compare where we used to live to where we live now - big difference! Although, to be fair, just outside of Xenia, our area of Ohio looked very similar to that picture on the right.

(Note: have you guys noticed that I've been trying to respond to your comments? I know, I've tried before, but maybe this time I'll actually keep it up.)

Sunday, April 2, 2017

2017 Project 365 – Week Thirteen

Hot off the press! Dr. M has done another post of our bird situation – you MUST go check it out here. I did finally take a few pictures of the OUTSIDE of our house, but I’m saving most of them for a future post. The inside is still very much a work in progress.
Sunday, March 26th       
This is supposed to be a picture demonstrating that my HAIR IS OUT OF CONTROL. Decisions must be made – cut it, or grow it back out. Cutting it means finding a new hairdresser and then actually making an appointment, and then going to the appointment. Grow it out it is, then!  

Monday, March 27th           
My birthday jellybeans (from March 3). If these had been chocolate they would be but a distant memory by now…

Tuesday, March 28th                              
Different back yard, same silly.

Wednesday, March 29th                    
Chickadee & nuthatch.

The big tree in our back yard. I love this tree & all the birds that come and go on its branches.  

Temperature scarf update.

Thursday, March 30th                      
The only picture I took today. And I don’t even remember why I took it. We’re slowly chipping away at this room. My personal goal is to get to my Gazelle (which you can see propped up against the back wall).  

Friday, March 31st      
We got a new hanging basket & after some heavy rain it left us this present on the porch (which at first I thought was a huge “present” from a bird). Can you guess what it is?

I was mesmerized by the shadow of the penguins on the painting above our bookcase.

The moon!

Saturday, April 1st        
We put out a wind chime that we bought way back about 23 years ago when we lived in the mountains of NC. Plus, cameo appearance by The Bug. Also, we got a couple of more hanging baskets (bougainvillea!) and moved them & the new petunia to the crook in the front of the house.

Yesterday we went to get Daisy a new license plate. We would have gotten the Bugly a new plate too but we COULD NOT find the title. We looked everywhere. Multiple times. We printed out the form to order a replacement title from Ohio. We looked some more (and by “we” I mean Dr. M). And he finally found it – clipped to the back of our 2014 tax information. Um, ok. Well soon the Bugly gets to be a NC resident too. Anyway, back to this picture – I’m amused that I moved from The Birthplace of Aviation to First in Flight. Ha!

How was your week?

Saturday, March 25, 2017

2017 Project 365 – Week Twelve

Yeah yeah yeah – I keep promising pictures of the house & then forgetting to take any. Maybe someday…
Sunday, March 19th       
Today I actually DID get up in time (barely - I woke up at 9:00!) to go sing with my dad and his sisters at the senior center & then tried a local Episcopal church. I liked it ok – and the rector (a woman, of course – ha!) was arrested at one of North Carolina’s Moral Mondays a few years ago so I was impressed with that.  

Monday, March 20th           
Dr. M posted some bird pictures from this past week, including this one from today. You should go check it out!

Tuesday, March 21st                             
Nothing could be finer than to be in Caroliner…

Wednesday, March 22nd                     
I was all ready for our virtual book club – put on a bra & everything (but not makeup – I’m not that crazy). Then we decided to just do chat instead of trying to video conference. That was fine – we had a great time. (Note: this is a different red shirt from the day before - I think - I have, like, three of them that I wear constantly. The neighbors probably think I'm wearing the same one all week.)

Thursday, March 23rd                     
Ever since I got my fabulous chair I’ve been trying to talk Dr. M into getting a new chair for himself. Today he finally did – a ridiculously overstuffed large man’s chair. As you can tell, it’s pretty comfortable.

Friday, March 24th     
Dr. M outdid himself with the bird pictures today!

We had been talking fashion at work & I felt compelled to share my “going away” outfit from our wedding – I thought I was the stuff. Please excuse the quality – these are screen grabs from our wedding video.

Saturday, March 25th       
My cousin & her husband (of Hog’s Hill Pottery) were at a pottery show today so I stopped by to chat. They are both so talented!

Later, since it was a beautiful day, Dr. M & I went stalking the ancestors – found the headstone for his great-great-grandparents. And some very rackety killdeers!

Have a great week!