Sunday, March 1, 2015

2015 Project 365 – Week Nine

Lest I sound like a broken record, I won’t mention the weather. Although, as you can clearly see from the pictures, it was widely scattered rude again. Dr. M has been on his “A” game this week & took some really good pictures. He’s posted them on his blog here, here, here, and here. It’s well worth your time to check them out!

Sunday, February 22nd
The Squirrel King!

Monday, February 23rd   
I’ve been a bad mom & forgetting to open the blinds in the morning for Pinky – so I made myself a note.

The trail to the bird feeder…

See – widely scattered rude!!

Dueling cardinals.

The moon!

Tuesday, February 24th       
I was so very tempted, but since I didn’t think they would actually cause spring to happen, I went with the Skinny Cow ice cream bars instead :)

Turkey in the snow…

Wednesday, February 25th
I love these little sweet peppers – so tasty & actually somewhat good for me.

I can’t believe I didn’t mention it at the time. You would have thought that I would make Huge Deal of the Occasion, but no… I have let several weeks pass without mentioning that we got rid of Old Blue & there’s a new monster vacuum in town! Meet Orange Betty (I just made that up right this minute – we’ll see if it sticks).

The rude might still be widely scattered, but it sure is purty…

The moon!

Thursday, February 26th   
One of my favorite pictures of the week.            

Friday, February 27th  
Campus sunrise.

Campus squirrel – sneaky little dude.

My boss was out of the office at a seminar so I decided to spring myself early from work (note: I drove home & worked from there). Such a lovely day! Here is a picture of me having a hot flash, and of my favorite tree (note 2: I have my phone set up in a cradle on the dash & open the camera program so that all I have to do is poke it to get a picture).

Saturday, February 28th          

Hope everyone has a great week!

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Throwback Thursday

1980-something - my brother & I looking sharp. I was also wearing a fabulous pair of corduroy knickers, like the berry ones here. Ha!

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Sunday, February 22, 2015

2015 Project 365 – Week Eight

Snow, cold, snow, cold, snow… Do you sense a theme here? These days, I’m just holding onto the promise of spring… But be forewarned – a monochromatic landscape did not stop Dr. M from taking a lot of photos this week :)

Sunday, February 15th
Today we had an organ re-dedication & recital by our longtime organist. She’s been at my church (off & on) for 50 years! So we decided to surprise her after the recital with a meal & gifts. She was very surprised – so much fun!

Monday, February 16th  
Guess what? It snowed…

 Tuesday, February 17th       
Dr. M, dressed for Mardi Gras…

Campus woodpecker.

Deer in a field.

I went to  our Shrove Tuesday pancake dinner – nom nom nom…

Wednesday, February 18th
Dr. M’s commute on the way to his 8:00 a.m. class. Just a bit treacherous.

It cleared up later & I took a walk OUTSIDE for a change.

Dr. M’s commute on the way home – not much better!               

Thursday, February 19th   
I thought it was kind of rude to have to go have my teeth cleaned with a wind chill of -23 f. But no cavities – woo hoo!

Scenes around the Bug Household.        

Friday, February 20th  
When Dr. M got to school this was on the copier – ha!

On his way home he took pictures of waterfowl couples. Fun!

I had altar guild duty this Sunday & decided to do my prep work on Friday because we were expecting more snow on Saturday. I turned on my walking app just to see what it would look like – made me laugh. Also, I was setting up a communion kit to take to one of our shut-ins & I was highly amused by the tiny little purificator (this is the cloth that’s used to wipe the chalice after a person sips the wine). I put it next to a regular sized one for comparison. Aww – isn’t it sweet?

Saturday, February 21st         
It snowed most of the day today. Papa cardinal doesn’t care!

A couple of local youths shoveled our driveway (not for free, but totally worth it to me as I sat inside all day). Dr. M went out to help with the patio area.

This is what I was doing while he was working so hard. It’s about halfway through here. You can see the finished one next week.

Later, he decided to put the construction crew to work on Mount Snow.

The moon!

Hope everyone has a great week!