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2018 Project 365 – Week Forty-two

In my last job I was a peon, basically. A number cruncher & a (virtual) paper pusher. An organizer of electronic files & drafter of letters for my boss (not to sell myself short here – I did research the issues before drafting the letters). In my current job I am responsible for a good deal more and I’m realizing that I’m not temperamentally suited to this. Oh, I’m doing a fine job & things are mostly going ok, but Everything is Dire and Could Be Disastrous – at least in my head. Basically, I need a chill button or I’m going to give myself an ulcer. I am nothing if not a Drama Queen. Sheesh. On that note, let’s take a look at last week. Sunday, October 14th I’m “Singing Last Year’s Christmas Cantata” in the car cool. Can you beat that?

Blanket square in my 4th colorway.

Monday, October 15th Dr. M spent some time out on the deck today. He had some company. I wonder if spiders eat stink bugs?

Tuesday, October 16th Your weekly furniture, some of it still in progress.

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