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2018 Project 365 – Week Seven

We had another hard week – things at work are a bit tumultuous. There is a possible end in sight, but the next few weeks will continue to be tough. Sunday, February 11th My only picture from the day – sometimes you just need to take a Sunday afternoon nap with a furry friend.

Monday, February 12th Mexican food Monday with Daddy & Sue & family. It may not be lovely, but this is my new favorite thing – a chicken quesadilla with zucchini, mushrooms, black beans & cilantro. And just a bit of cheese. Ha!

Tuesday, February 13th Another fascinating picture – this is a game I’ve been playing incessantly on my iPad. If I were you I would not get started on Seeker’s Notes. Just say no!

Wednesday, February 14th Happy Valentine’s Day!

Thursday, February 15th

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