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2019 Project 365 – Week Seven

It was just another week in February in North Carolina – cold, tepid, slightly warm, cold… I’m glad we haven’t had the snow that other folks have, but I’m feeling a little bit of spring fever! Sunday, February 10th This is definitely the Season of Stoup in the Bug household. Dr. M makes a big pot on Sundays & then I take it for lunch all week. This one was a spicy black eyed pea one – yum!

Monday, February 11th Tulips! So pretty – a bit of spring.

Tuesday, February 12th No picture.
Wednesday, February 13th This is my hallelujah face after my annual squishing – woot!

Thursday, February 14th Happy Valentine’s Day!

Friday, February 15th I have a friend who locked her keys in her car while getting gas. I sent her this picture of me holding my keys while getting gas. I have been SUPER PARANOID ever since that ti

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