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2019 Project 365 – Week Twenty-eight

Once again, I’m writing my post while watching the Braves play. The score is nuthin nuthin, but this week it seems less fraught. As in, at the end of the day I just want someone to score & I’m not sure I care who. Sunday, July 7th We have some little sunflowers growing at church. Makes me smile.

Monday, July 8th And then Dr. M saw sunflowers too!

I took my mandalas to the office. I have a few other things for the walls so they may move around some, but I like them here for now.

Tuesday, July 9th Around the yard.

Wednesday, July 10th Butterfly on the Anise Hyssop.

Thursday, July 11th Dr. M witnessed The Bug that Ate Mountain View! I was really worried for that white car.

That evening I made Mexican Street Corn (a WW recipe) with corn that my dad had picked for me the day before. It was SO GOOD ya’ll! Oh man.

Friday, July 12th No picture!
Saturday, July 13th

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