Sunday, February 19, 2017

2017 Project 365 – Week Seven

I am not at all sure what state I’m in (and you can read that any way you’d like). My life is currently a bit messy, which is uncomfortable for me (and this time I’m talking metaphorically, because heaven knows by all appearances I have no issues with a messy house). But in 9 days I’ll be heading south, and my life will become simpler and more complicated. Fun times!

Sunday, February 12th      
I laughed at the Gospel lesson today because I had just colored my hair the night before. Ha!

Thursday was “Large Item Trash Pickup,” so we put a few things out on the curb, including little red, the frankenmower (the one I had to duct tape together). Forty-five minutes later I went to take a picture of it out there on the curb, but it was already gone. I’m glad it’s getting used instead of taken to the dump! A couple of days later this microwave cart was gone too.

Monday, February 13th           
Today Dr. M drove down to NC to do some things, including get our cable/internet hooked up and leave the Bugly down there. Here are his travelling companions.

Tuesday, February 14th                           
As we were apart today, our Valentine’s days weren’t all that romantic. I spent the evening cleaning out my closet. This is some of the clothing I decided to give away.

Wednesday, February 15th                    
Dr. M spent some time with his father today, and some time doing his favorite thing. I’m very happy that our new house has excellent bird watching venues.

Meanwhile, that night Ms. Pinky & were preparing to get some sleep.

Thursday, February 16th    

Friday, February 17th       
Today I drove down to NC to get Dr. M. This was my traveling companion. Ha!

Saturday, February 17th         
And today we drove back to Ohio. So, I guess I’m in Ohio right now. Good to know!

Hope everyone has a great week!

Sunday, February 12, 2017

2017 Project 365 – Week Six

As promised, there aren’t as many pictures this week. We got a lot accomplished, but most of it wasn’t really picture-worthy (although some of the dust bunnies are pretty amazing – I probably SHOULD record them for posterity).
Sunday, February 5th      
I took the temperature monster to NC and ALMOST finished it (left the red yarn I needed at home - what. the. heck.) So between Superbowl commercials I worked on a project I started a year ago. I'm looking forward to finishing up some UFOs this year!

Monday, February 6th           
We took a couple of big boxes and 14 cloth grocery bags full of books down to NC last week, but as you can see, we still have a few more… and these aren’t the ones that we’re giving away.

Tuesday, February 7th                           
Miss Rita (the Vermillion geranium) is still blooming.

Wednesday, February 8th                    
It was a cheesy grits, eggs, & sheepy jammies kind of night.

Thursday, February 9th    
Went to the church office to sign some checks & saw this dude sitting on top of the trash bin. His tail was just blowing in the wind.

Friday, February 10th       
The moon!

Saturday, February 11th         
This dusting mitt has been invaluable as we’ve been cleaning stuff off of shelves. It’s a leftover from my Flylady days (go here if you’d like to read about this cleaning cult – ha!).

Back in 2013 I spent the year recording happy things that happened & dropping the slips of paper into a vase. It was fun to reread them today.

Hope everyone has a great week!

Sunday, February 5, 2017

2017 Project 365 – Week Five

We spent most of this week in North Carolina. So far, I love our new home & living so close to family. As you might expect, I’m back to my bad habit of posting way more than one picture per day. Don’t worry – that won’t happen every week!
Sunday, January 29th      
We (meaning Dr. M), packed late into the evening.

Monday, January 30th           
I just got one picture of the interior of the truck – looking pretty typical for us. We got a bigger truck than we really needed because it was the same price as the smaller one, and came with a ramp. If we'd had about four more people helping we probably could have filled it up. 

Dr. M set off down the road about 40 minutes before I did. He took these pictures. I was a good girl and did NOT try to take pictures. (Actually, I was so involved in my audio book that I barely knew I was driving. Oops!)

Tuesday, January 31st                           
We signed the lease on the new house today & I took random photos of things that I found interesting – like the radio/cassette sound system (plays in the living area & the bedroom), and this super fabulous floor lamp!

Wednesday, February 1st                   
We unloaded the truck today. Dr. M & my 76 year old father did most of the heavy lifting. (OK, they did ALL the heavy lifting). My dad’s a hoss! His new fiancé, Sue, helped a lot too!

I was feeling pretty pleased about being in NC instead of Ohio. When we were loading the truck on Sunday it was spitting snow! This was a nice change.

Thursday, February 2nd   
Dr. M spent some time bird watching – female cardinal and male yellow bellied sap sucker. We LOVE this tree in our back yard! We’re about 99% sure that it’s a white oak, but we’ll see what its leaves tell us in the spring. I didn’t take a picture of it, but we have a nice deck where I think Dr. M will probably just live all the time.

Friday, February 3rd      
We built a little fire in our fireplace. Dr. M is going to enjoy messing with it, since the fire pit went to the great pit in the sky.

Saturday, February 4th         
We drove back to Ohio today. I almost wrote “home” – and I guess it still is for a few more weeks. I still love “Our Ohio.”

Hope everyone has a great week! (P.S. I haven’t read blogs in a while. We didn't have internet at the house, and very spotty cell reception. Hopefully I’ll get around to everyone sometime.)

Saturday, January 28, 2017

2017 Project 365 – Week Four

I spent this week trying to check things off of my “before we move” checklist. I feel pretty accomplished, and yet still quite daunted by what we still have left to do. Just 5 more weeks & we’ll be in our new home!
Sunday, January 22nd      
Woodpeckers love to hang out in the trees by our back fence.

I finished crocheting one of the borders on the Monster. This week I wove in the rest of the ends (6 months’ worth!) and started on the other border.

Monday, January 23rd          
Cooper’s hawk just hanging out.

Tuesday, January 24th                          
Dr. M called these guys Larry, Moe, & Curly. Ha!

I sent a card to our new president.

Wednesday, January 25th                  
On my way home from work I took a picture of my favorite tree.

Thursday, January 26th  
Female cardinals at twilight.

Friday, January 27th     
I had breakfast with our former priest. When I got back out to my car I was just a wee bit chagrined. Here is what I said on Facebook: It's been a while since we had an edition of The Bug Parking Badly. I wish I had an excuse, but I don't...

Saturday, January 28th         
On Monday we’re taking a load of things down to NC, so today we picked up the truck. Tomorrow we get to load it up with a boatload of books and other things we don’t need here in Ohio. When we moved to this house 7 ½ years ago we culled a lot of our books. And this time we’re trying to be even more selective – especially since I rarely read an actual book these days, much preferring the convenience of having my book on my phone with me wherever I am. But although I’m giving away our Harry Potter books I’ve decided to keep my Dick Francis collection. My mom would get me his latest book every year. I just can’t get rid of them yet.  So they’re heading south again. Next week’s Project 365 will most likely open with pictures of the chaos in our house & the inside of the moving truck.

Have a great week everyone!

Sunday, January 22, 2017

2017 Project 365 – Week Three

This past week is a bit of a blur (hence the need to start doing this weekly post again). Let’s see, what fascinating things happened!
Sunday, January 15th     
Today Dr. M took a hilarious sequence of pictures. The light wasn’t great, so the quality isn’t the best, but here is the story. A squirrel hid a piece of corn in a hole on the tree. This woodpecker came along & decided it was a tasty treat & stole it. I know, not a riveting tale, but it made me laugh.

Monday, January 16th          
We decided that with all the craziness going on in the world we needed to watch Foul Play for the millionth time. Also, I was crocheting a pink “pussy hat” while wearing pink fuzzy sheep pajamas.

Tuesday, January 17th                          
I’ve decided to switch from my usual salad to having soup as an “appetizer” for lunch, so I pulled out my trusty soup thermos.

I canNOT believe I let my gas get this low! And in fact, by the time I got to the gas station it was down to 2 miles. Whew!

Wednesday, January 18th                  
I started out making the cat ear hat with this fuzzy yarn but decided that it wasn’t really working for me. So I made a different hat with it. Hmmm.

Thursday, January 19th  
Look! See that empty space on the shelf (where the one book is flopped over)? That’s what I’ve done to prepare for our move – there were some magazines there that I put into the recycle bin. Woot!

Friday, January 20th     
Today I drove to Indianapolis to watch my gorgeous niece Jena in a cheer competition. See?

When we got there we had to sit in line for an hour and a half before they opened the doors. So I made a hat. I loved the sign in the hallway – since I could barely get myself down on the floor & then back up again, I’m pretty sure they didn’t need to tell me not to tumble. Oh, they were talking about the cheerleaders? If I can get a link to the video of the performance I’ll post it later this week.

P.S. See the guy behind me in the picture? I swear he looked just like Andy from WKRP in Cincinnati!

Saturday, January 21st        
I stayed Friday night a little bit north of Indy & then drove up to have lunch at Ivanhoe’s Restaurant with my friend Rita from Meemaw Moments. Ivanhoe’s has 100 different types of ice cream sundaes! I had #44 (Heavenly Hash).  It was heavenly. We had a lovely visit and tried (unsuccessfully) to take selfies with the Garfield statue.

While I was doing that, millions of women and men were marching all over the world, in protest of the new administration, and in solidarity with the marginalized in our society. I had a couple of coworkers who marched in Cincinnati, including one who took her daughter, who was wearing the hat that I had made her.  I wasn’t too sure about the pussy hat business (I think maybe I’m a little too fusty for it), but I have to say that it did my heart good to see the hat I made on this little girl.