Sunday, August 2, 2015

2015 Project 365 – Week Thirty-one

Oh it’s AUGUST already. Sigh. Back when we lived in an apartment I didn’t care a great deal whether the days were short or long, but now I so resent the losing of the light. I know, I know, it’s still summer… but…
Sunday, July 26th   
Sunday Squirrel.

I was so VERY grateful to a couple of my book club friends (a fierce mother-daughter team) for finding this yarn for me! It’s one of the colors I’m using for one of the afghans I’m making & I was fretting about it being discontinued. They were on a mission to find it & they succeeded. Woot!

Monday, July 27th  
Pinkie found a friend… If you’d like to see more of these shots, plus some others from around the house, check out Dr. M’s blog here. He has some lovely melancholy thoughts there.

Dr M saw this killdeer in a parking lot. Silly bird.

Tuesday, July 28th                
The mail room staff at work nominated me for an award! I was so touched (and frankly amazed because I kind of have a witchy reputation at work – ha!).

The moon!         

Wednesday, July 29th         
Bambi’s mom.

Square #1 of Pattern #15. It’s damp because this pattern was very “curly” when I finished it so I had to go ahead & block it to get a good picture of it.           

Thursday, July 30th      
Our neighbor’s volunteer sunflowers, plus the King of the Hummingbirds, surveying his realm.

These doves – they make me laugh. Apparently one of them pretty much landed on the other one. I can imagine him saying, “Hey baby, come here often?” And then she just slides away… Ha!

Friday, July 31st  
Around the yard…

The moon!

Saturday, August 1st  
The last of our daylilies, Rose of Sharon, and tomatoes!

Square #2 of Pattern #15.

Went to Heart & Hands again this week & crocheted a preemie hat. It’s pretty tiny.

We ordered a banner to put outside our church. I love love love it! It’s a product of the UCC church – thank goodness they’re sharing! I’m gonna order a tshirt too. Go here to check it out.

Hope everyone has a great week!

Sunday, July 26, 2015

2015 Project 365 – Week Thirty

The days are getting shorter, but it has felt a lot like summer around here this week. Hot, humid, flora out the wazoo…
Sunday, July 19th   
A little visitor to our petunias…

 Monday, July 20th  
These guys have been so gorgeous this year!

Campus critters.

Tuesday, July 21st               
We had tried to find a home for Dr. M’s mom’s electric piano, but after some months of travel it has ended up back with us. I’m thrilled to have it back! I didn’t know I had missed it…

Dr. M enjoyed the swing…

While I took my daily walk. Um, the baby wasn’t on my walk – she’s the daughter of a coworker. I attended a Mary Kay party at her house after work.

The moon!         

Wednesday, July 22nd        
Square #3 of pattern #14.

Here’s what I had to say on Facebook about this:  I started a (very modest) strength training program recently & remembered what I've always thought about these weights (which we've had for years): one of them feels lighter than the other one. I finally decided to weigh them. Not only are they nearly one pound different - neither of them weighs 3.3 lbs. How bizarre!

Thursday, July 23rd      
I ordered new glasses today – I’m going to try progressives. Well, I use progressives now, but they are just for computer & reading. These new ones will start off with a very slight distance prescription and gradually go to my reading prescription. I got tired of taking my glasses off & putting them back on all the time.

This week I finally remembered to put my old camera back in the car – it’s much easier than my phone when I want to take pictures on the fly. So, what pictures did I take this week? This one. And then one on Saturday (not shown) where I’m driving with my sunglasses on my face & my reading glasses on my head. Made me laugh.

Our yard has really been great this year!              

My daily walk.

The moon!

Friday, July 24th  
More flowers from the yard.

Square #4 of pattern #14.

The moon!

Saturday, July 24th
Went to church for Heart & Hands (our knitting/crochet ministry). I was the only one who showed up, but I finished a preemie hat & got to meet Bill the Cat! (Is anyone else out there THRILLED BEYOND WORDS that Opus is back? Swoon!).

Our yard… I would apologize for so many pictures, but I know that this winter I’ll be happy to have pictures of our flowers!

Hope everyone has a great week!

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Squirrel Wednesday

Wait a minute - you're not a squirrel!

Sunday, July 19, 2015

2015 Project 365 – Week Twenty-nine

With apologies to my friends in states with droughts, I think we’ve had rain every day for a month! Well, maybe not a whole month, but it’s been pretty darn stormy up (over, down) here! Ironically, there are no pictures of rain in this post.
Sunday, July 12th   
Around the yard…

 Monday, July 13th  
Daylily Nation!

Before and after shot of rain-drenched yellow lilies.

My daily walk – just for some flower variety :)

Tuesday, July 14th              
There were some storms at work, and the sky still looked pretty crazy when I left to go home. It was a BIT breezy!

It had cleared up at home & Dr. M grilled out.

My daily walk in the gloaming…

I finished square #1 of pattern #14.        

Wednesday, July 15th       
Someone gave Dr. M a cannon – every historian needs a cannon!

My almost daily mow – boy was that grass THICK!! I enjoy mowing, but this was hard work!

Thursday, July 16th       
My daily walk – a new route.

Trying to keep my hair off my neck – ha! I had tried using barrettes, but my hair is too think so they weren’t adequate to the task. No, I didn’t go out in public like this – I just posted this picture all over the internet.

Friday, July 17th  
Square #2 of pattern #14.

Saturday, July 18th
Dr. M officiated another wedding today. On the way up there I posted this picture on Facebook, with this commentary: “Headed to a wedding & grabbed one of my mom's old purses. I told Mike I'd better put some tissues in there but when I checked there were some already in there. Aww - Mom Tissues! She's been gone 10 years & I'm still finding them!I got a huge outpouring of love & support, but all I can think about is the number of times I used the word “there” in that status. #gratefulbutembarrassed

Here are some shots from the wedding. It went very well, despite the fact that the air conditioner struggled to keep the hall cool. The bride had the most gorgeous dress – wish I’d gotten a better picture of it.

As we were leaving town I noticed a giant arm in the sky – Dr. M decided we’d better go check it out. How amazing is this! A giant Lincoln statue! Go here to read about it. It added a lovely bit of lagniappe to our day.
Hope everyone has a great week!