Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Nearly Wordless Wednesday - the Happy Birthday to Dr. M Edition!

Dr. M took a ramble the other day and captured some of our autumn glory. It's his birthday today - I plan to cook him a meal & make him feel extra loved today.

Sunday, November 10, 2019

2019 Project 365 – Week Forty-five

It has been quite lovely around here this week. The leaves are turning (or are mostly done now), and the skies were beautifully blue for much of the week. Let’s hope this trend continues!
Sunday, November 3rd                                                
I finally pulled these squares out & started joining them together. Remember, I was making this blanket last year! I was highly amused at how many steps I got while sitting in my recliner - I'm apparently an aerobic crocheter! 

Monday, November 4th               
Midway through the day I noticed I was in such a rush to get to work that morning I had put my wedding ring set on upside down. Ha!

Sometimes a man just needs to take a nap with his banjo.

Tuesday, November 5th                                                    
Dr. M saw this classic car today. I want one!

The moon man was at it again.

Wednesday, November 6th                                                           
I took a walk during my lunch hour today. If I’d had my car keys I might have just walked to my car & played hooky for the rest of the day!

Thursday, November 7th                                                               
As Dr. M said on Facebook, “I’m simply saying that life...uh...finds a way” 

My boss came back from a 2 week visit to family in Germany & brought presents! No, I did not try the brandy candy.

Friday, November 8th                                                            
Got my hair done. Abbey does a great job blowing it out – but I usually feel like I’m wearing a wig when I see myself in the mirror. Ha! (Note: she straightened the bangs out after I took this picture)

Saturday, November 9th            
Worked on another crochet project this afternoon. It’s supposed to be a Christmas gift, but has taken on a life of its own & might need to be repurposed (because the intended recipient might not want to drown in yarn). We shall see!

Last Saturday I was very productive, but other than laundry & grocery shopping, this weekend all I’ve done is crochet, read, and play on my iPad. Life is all about balance, right? That’s a story that I tell myself anyway. What have you been avoiding this weekend?

Saturday, November 2, 2019

2019 Project 365 – Week Forty-four

Well, we have made it through Halloween & are on the express train to Christmas. Thanksgiving will be but a blip in the road. Actually, it’s a pretty big deal around here and I am in the thick of organizing our family’s annual gathering – this year there will be around 40 folks! (Note: by “organizing” I mean sending out reminders & nagging emails.)
Sunday, October 27th                                               
Lookit! I actually can park! Photo credit to my Aunt Mimi who was quite impressed. 

I was happy that my crochet hook matched my yarn.

Monday, October 28th               
Dr. M saw a spice harvester when he was out and about. OK, maybe it wasn’t a spice harvester.

Tuesday, October 29th                                                    
The neighbor’s cat, Callie, has adopted our deck as one of her favorite hangout spots.

I made one of my concoctions for dinner. Sweet potato slice with black beans cooked with onion & BBQ sauce, topped with Greek yogurt mixed with lime & cilantro. I think I’ve shared it on here before, but it’s so good that I had to share it again. Ha!

Wednesday, October 30th                                                           
The only picture today is my work outfit. Yes, I am wearing the heck out of my new yellow pants.

Thursday, October 31st                                                               
Leaves in the parking lot at work during a lull in the rain. It POURED for a lot of the day. As expected, we didn’t get any trick or treaters.

Friday, November 1st                                                            
Might be about time for a haircut.

We had frost warnings & temps down in the 30s so Dr. M brought the girls in for the winter. I’ve been fretting all summer and fall about how we were going to accomplish this because of Dr. M’s back surgery. Then in typical Dr. M fashion, he just done & did it & told me afterward.

Saturday, November 2nd             
Our house is making its transition from Halloween to fall

I spent the day cleaning the house, working on a Creation Care Covenant for church, sending out a reminder email about our Thanksgiving dinner, drafting a church bulletin item about our Prayer Sister Brunch, and working on this post. I don’t know who let this “responsible” Bug into the house, but I’m ready for her to head right back out again! What have you accomplished this weekend?

Sunday, October 27, 2019

2019 Project 365 – Week Forty-three

When I started looking at our pictures this week I was dismayed to see that I had THIRTY! Now that right there is a sign of a great week (or perhaps it could be a sign of a terrible week; in this case it was great). Fortunately for you guys I collaged the heck out of all those photos, so you don’t have to spend an hour reading this blog post.
Sunday, October 20th                                               
After church Dr. M & I took a drive up into the mountains. It was a glorious day!

Monday, October 21st               
The carrots in my meal were grinning at me. I felt like there was malevolence in that grin. #justsaynotocarrots

Tuesday, October 22nd                                                   
Dr. M says: “Today I stopped by Honey’s IGA on 10 at the Lincoln/Catawba County line to pick up a few items, including fresh tomatoes. I dropped my card at the checkout register, and the clerk, seeing the angst on my face, asked if I needed help. But I didn’t! It took some effort, but I picked that sucker up on my own! So grateful for healing and for the gift of brilliant surgeons and their teams ðŸ˜

Wednesday, October 23rd                                                          
We had a cancer awareness event at work & were given these terribly cute little succulents. There was a wide variety, but I chose the hen & chicks (echeveria) because I miss seeing them at my neighbor’s house in Ohio.

Thursday, October 24th                                                              
I finally finished the vest that I was making for fall. I paired it with what I’m calling my Little Dutch Clown outfit.

Friday, October 25th                                                           
I was getting ready for bed & had this feeling that something was watching me…

Saturday, October 26th            
My church had its trunk or treat event today. It was a lot of fun! Very low key for me – I basically did nothing but sit there & tell the kids they could pick out three pieces of candy. My cousin & her family were more enterprising – they set up a shark-themed activity where the kids had to walk the plank before they could get any candy.

I’ve started yet another crochet project. That makes four active WIPs (works in progress). I like to have a few different things going, so I’m ok with that. However, none of them are Christmas presents and that could be a problem unless I just admit to myself that I’m not giving any crocheted items for Christmas this year. And my family breathed a silent “thank you” to the universe. Ha! How about you - ready for Christmas yet?

Saturday, October 19, 2019

2019 Project 365 – Week Forty-two

The Bug Household had a pretty good week. Well, Dr. M had a pretty good week. The Bug Herself had an ok week. Shall we find out why?
Sunday, October 13th                                               
I wore a new outfit & felt sassy.

Dr. M continues to work on our Halloween décor. We got tiki torches to put out by the wildflower bed. Additionally, after being in a drought situation we now have humidity. Dr. M always looks a little maniacal when he takes selfies. I promise that he is a big ole teddy bear!

Monday, October 14th              
Dr. M says, a tale of two acorns: the tiny but apparently yummy white oak vs. the ginormous but decidedly unpopular chestnut oak. 

Tuesday, October 15th                                                  
Dr. M had an appointment with his primary care doctor & saw this Autumn Tree – ha!

Wednesday, October 16th                                                           
Dr. M had a follow up appointment with his back surgeon this morning. As he said on Facebook: My...Precious! After 3 months without naproxen, I am officially cleared to take it again ðŸ‘ Oh, and my lumbar X-rays look great! I go back next July for my anniversary follow up ðŸŽ‰ Thanks for all your support...I’ve likely still got many months ahead of recovery, but the fusion looks great so far.

Meanwhile, I was getting a crown at the dentist’s office. They make them in the office, so I had time to crochet while it was being baked. As usual, I am never simple. They had to make two molds because the first one wasn’t perfect, and that meant more Novocain. Also, I have a small mouth & it felt like some sort of toothed battle had taken place in there. Ouch!

Thursday, October 17th                                                              
Me trying to see what my new crown looks like. Ha!

Dr. M got a strap for his banjo. He’s the cutest thing roaming around the house like some sort of southern troubadour.

Meanwhile, I made good progress on the vest I’ve been working on forever. It’s now being blocked – I’ll sew it together once it dries. Hopefully you’ll see me wearing it next week!

Friday, October 18th                                                           
It was almost bedtime & I was crawling around my closet floor trying to find the earring back I’d lost that morning. And it occurred to me that I hadn’t taken a picture yet that day. So here you go!

Saturday, October 19th            
I walked up the hill to get a (not very good) picture of this Halloween decoration. For some reason I think it’s hilariously fabulous (sorry Nance). My Little Undead Unicorn Pony? Ha!

I was supposed to do some housework today. Dr. M was going to go to his dad’s and I was going to stay home & dust & such. But I decided that it would be “easier on Dr. M” if I went with him instead of staying home. And then I decided to write this post, and now I’m just not sure I have time to do any cleaning. I mean, it IS after 5:30 and almost bedtime. I don’t suppose any of you would like to volunteer to come do it for me? No?

Saturday, October 12, 2019

2019 Project 365 – Week Forty-one

Ah well, the Braves had a great run, but they ended their season in rather ignominious fashion. So now is the time of watching baseball & not particularly caring who wins. Except for the Yankees – I never want the Yankees to win. And with that simple statement I have set them up to win the World Series. Because that’s the kind of power I have.
Sunday, October 6th                                               
We’re ready for Halloween around here.

My dinner – sweet potato, bbq black beans, & Greek yogurt mixed with some lime juice & cilantro. It was good ya’ll!

Monday, October 7th              
Heather the Witch has grown a fabulous mum! We were given this mum after my hip surgery two years ago & it has come back every year.

Tuesday, October 8th                                                  
I tried something new – chili cherry infused diet Coke. I thought it would be spicy, but it wasn’t very.

Wednesday, October 9th                                                         This is supposed to be a triangle, but something seems to have gone awry. I’m going to try blocking it to see if it will work out & if not I’ll frog it & start over. 

Finally boot weather!
Thursday, October 10th                                                         Around the yard – still a lot of color!

Friday, October 11th                                                           
Ever since they started talking about impeachment I’ve been craving peach cobbler. Thanks to our Oktoberfest I got to get some. Yum!

I’m super unobservant, but even I noticed that my office plant is blooming. Woot!

Saturday, October 12th            
I fiddlefarted all summer making “something to wear this fall.” Well, it’s fall now. Reckon I should finish it? #crochet #enneagramnineproblems #serenityvest

It’s Saturday night and I’m watching baseball & working on this post. I’m not sure my life could be more exciting. What crazy things are you doing this weekend?

Nearly Wordless Wednesday - the Happy Birthday to Dr. M Edition!

Dr. M took a ramble the other day and captured some of our autumn glory. It's his birthday today - I plan to cook him a meal & make ...