Saturday, October 25, 2014

A Poem for Saturday...

There's a packet
of wildflower seeds
on my desk.
Black-eyed Susans.
The packet is
seven years old,
unearthed in some
recent cleaning frenzy.
Perhaps, in spring,
I'll inearth them
and see if flowers
will grow from
forgotten seeds.

Friday, October 24, 2014

The Sleeping Patterns of the Slothful Bug

Well, here's a self-indulgent little table for you. A while back I got a Weight Watcher's Active Link to measure my activity during the day (my daily walk is the only thing making these measurements the least bit respectable). Anyway, recently they added the ability for the thing to track sleep patterns. I don't know how accurate it is, but I've been very interested, so of course I'm going to share my first week with you. 

Total time in bed
Woken up during sleep
Actual Time Asleep
8 h 40 m
8 h 16 m
7 h 15 m
12 m
7 h 01 m
8 h 36 m
18 m
8 h 16 m
5 h 42 m
7 m
5 h 32 m
9 h 13 m
24 m
8 h 45 m
10 h 22 m
26 m
9 h 45 m

Please note that this isn't really a typical week at all. For example, Tuesday night I stayed up & watched the first World Series game & then had to get up at 6:00 to go to work. Urgh. And then Wednesday night and Thursday night I was obscenely slothful because I took some vacation days & didn't have to get up early. I'm intrigued that my "sleep efficiency" was down on those days because my body was saying GET THE HECK OUT OF BED!! 

I always feel like I don't get enough sleep, but Sunday & Monday's measurements are pretty typical for me during the week, so maybe I just need to introduce more caffeine to my morning routine :)

This is such interesting information that I might make it a part of my weekly blog rotation! I know you are VERY excited about that. Don't worry - October is almost over & I'll be back to my old bad blogger ways. 

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Throwback Thursday

First, a bit of housekeeping. How many of you noticed that the "Here" in yesterday's post was a link to Dr. M's blog? I was being EXTRA lazy! Ha!

I believe this picture was from the same day as the ones from last week. This one makes me smile because my fabulous Aunt Lila is in the background with her camera and pistols :) I think she was probably around 12 in the picture.

Here she is in color - I was always so jealous of her hair!

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Fill This Space

Here I am again with no clear plan about what to write. Well, I'll just do the random that I would have done yesterday if Mr. Dresden hadn't been so needy.

  • Speaking of Dresden - I finished the book about an hour ago (I am NOT a slow reader, but I actually had to work today). It was pretty good, but it gets three stars instead of the usual four I give to Dresden books. It was kind of talky and not as action-y as I like. I read Charles Frazier books for introspection - Harry Dresden is for things getting set on fire & saving people in distress. Now I'm making myself wait before I start the next one in the series (#14).
  • I think I've mentioned before that, in addition to horrible free Kindle downloads, my book club mostly reads young adult fiction. This month's selection is The Giver by Lois Lowry. Looks like it will be pretty good. I'll let you know what I think!
  • I'm watching Game 1 of the World Series right now. It's the first inning & Hunter Pence - that wild & crazy Matthew McConaughey look alike - just hit a home run. I can't decide who I'm pulling for. I have a lot of friends pulling for Kansas, so maybe to do them a favor I'll pull for San Francisco. 
  • Direct TV seems to be single-handedly paying for post season baseball. And I have to say that I don't find non-creepy Rob Lowe to be any less creepy than creepy Rob Lowe. Dr. M does NOT have to worry about me fantasizing about either of them!
  • I'm back to eating real food now. Thank goodness! I was having trouble figuring out how to get my veggies in. I did have soup, but all that sodium... 
OK, I'm behind again on reading blogs, so I'm heading over to Bloglovin now. What are you guys reading or watching or eating these days?

Monday, October 20, 2014

This is Not Monday Miscellany

Shhh - Harry Dresden is in dire straits (straights?) & I have to finish this book before I can start the one for book club (which is Sunday!). See ya tomorrow!

Sunday, October 19, 2014

2014 Project 365 – Week Forty-two

Dr. M took some lovely fall pictures this week. If you’d like to check them out (& you should!), go here. Since he posted most of the best pictures on his blog, about all that’s left are my daily walk pictures. Sorry!

Sunday, October 12th     
My daily walk – more crazy Halloween decorations.

Monday, October 13th    
My daily walk. I loved this bird bath! And although my walk was NOT cool (75 degrees!), it WAS cool that there was a squirrel in the background while I was taking the picture.

Tuesday, October 14th   
If you missed Dr. M in his pajamas, go here. This is day two of spirit week – he’s dressed as a farmer.

On his way home from school he saw a rainbow!

My daily walk – yes, it was 16 degrees cooler than the day before! Check out that cat – getting into the Halloween spirit!

Wednesday, October 15th
Today’s spirit outfit – it was white-out day.

Waited until after choir practice to walk. It was just a little bit DARK!

Thursday, October 16th  
More spirit week – today they were supposed to dress like a decade. Can you guess which one these two cool cats are representing?

As I mentioned on my Thursday post, I had the post put in for my dental implant. Then I spent the rest of the morning running around town. Fortunately our town looks like this right now. Lovely!

My daily walk. We drove to Clarksville, Tennessee in the afternoon, so that Dr. M could go to a conference at Austin Peay University. It was late when we got in so I just did 20 minutes on the treadmill at the hotel.

Friday, October 17th
The final day of spirit week – Dr. M sent this picture back to his school. See, even though we’re not there, we’re participating!

After dropping Dr. M off at the school, I went thrift store shopping (for a Hawaiian shirt – more on that next week). Then spent some quality time crocheting a new project & listening to this most excellent book by the author of Cold Mountain. He’s SUCH a good writer!

I headed back to campus a little early so I could take my daily walk before Dr. M was finished.

Saturday, October 18th    
Some random pictures from Clarksville. Dr. M did more conferencing in the morning & then we went downtown to check out a pub that had been recommended. As mentioned in yesterday’s post I had French toast. Dr. M got the shrimp & grits. Then we wandered around while Dr. M took a few pictures of some of the architecture.

Before we drove home I took my daily walk along the river – boy I wish I could walk here every day!

Hope everyone has a great week!