Monday, September 1, 2014

2014 Project 365 – Week Thirty-five

Two major things happened this week. I got my hair chopped off (!!!) and we drove up to Lake Erie for the Labor Day weekend. There might be a few more pictures than usual. And even at that I didn’t include any pictures of black ducks (Dr. M you’ll just have to do your own post from our day at Kelley’s Island – ha!).

Sunday, August 24th  
Finished another prayer shawl. I think I’m ready to try something different now.

My daily walk.

Monday, August 25th  
I did it! Or, rather, Carrie at A Cut Above did it. Contrary to what one might expect, my head took about a week to get used to the lack of hair. I had headaches! Very weird. Oh, and no Locks of Love or similar program for me – my highlights were bleached & those programs won’t accept bleached hair. :(

My daily walk.

Tuesday, August 26th            
This picture is a portent of a future Wordless Wednesday. Stay tuned!

My daily walk – the accidental cul-de-sac edition. Yes, I was reading a book on my phone, and no, I wasn’t paying attention where I was going.

Wednesday, August 27th
My daily walk – a little surreal because it was dusk & my cell phone camera isn’t happy then. Ha!

Thursday, August 28th
We harvested a bunch of tomatoes today. Gave a bunch away & STILL have a table full.

My daily walk – the mowing edition.

Friday, August 29th
We drove up to Port Clinton today. Our motel is right on the water – lovely!

My daily (very brief) walk. I mostly just stretched my legs.

Saturday, August 30th    
We went to Kelley’s Island today – lots of pictures! These are from the ferry. I was fascinated with the water spray – I kept imagining that it was some sort of Chihuly instillation – The Ferry’s Passage – or some such.

Lunch! I ate one of the perch filets, but ALL of the sweet potato fries. They had brown sugar dipping sauce & it was fabulous! Dr. M had a perch basket & one of the house brews.

My daily walk – around the glacial grooves. Fascinating!


Relaxing by the lake – the water was so clear!

We stopped by the winery, but am I sharing pictures of the glass of wine I almost drank? No! I’m sharing a picture of the ducks out back. Ha!

The quarry…

On our way home we stopped for a treat – it was good ya’ll!

Seagulls going after bread in the water. It was a lovely day! And there’s more weekend to come. You’ll just have to wait until next week.

Have a great week!

Sunday, August 24, 2014

2014 Project 365 – Week Thirty-four

Well, my “procedure” is behind me (ha!) & I don’t have to do that again for another 10 years. Other than that the week was pretty quiet. If a bit toady.

Sunday, August 17th  
Bought my supplies for my colonoscopy.

My daily walk.

Dr. M did some flash phone photography.

What passes for nightlife around here.

Monday, August 18th  
Dr. M saw a parakeet in our back yard! Now that’s the strangest thing yet.

Mr. & Mrs. Goldfinch stopped by for a bite to eat.

Drama Queenitude – pictures of my chicken broth, Jell-o & Ensure – and me with tape on my mouth so I wouldn’t accidentally drink anything which is actually from the next day but I’m not fixing it now. Ha! My doctor has his patients do half of the Gatorade/laxative mix one day & the other half the next day. Fun times!

My daily walk.

Tuesday, August 19th            
Almost done!

Dr. M saw this while he was waiting for me to finish my procedure. Made us laugh.

My daily walk. See that relieved look on my face? And that’s my last word on the subject. Heh.

Wednesday, August 20th
Drove by the Tax Time Pig today! And got my usual terrible photo of it.

My daily walk.

Thursday, August 21st
My daily walk. I did not sing in the rain, although as someone pointed out since my neighbors already think I’m weird I don’t know why I didn’t! (I think that sentence might have needed a comma or two.)

Dr. M saw several of these little dudes this evening.

Friday, August 22nd
We had a baby shower at work. I was supposed to bring “a vegetable.” Heh. (Many thanks to Dr. M for stopping by the farm stand to get these fresh veggies. The tomatoes were from our garden.)

My daily walk.

Saturday, August 23rd   
Participated in the ALS Ice Bucket challenge this morning. I’ll probably share the video later this week (if I can figure out how). Dr. M’s was WAY better than mine – maybe I’ll share both of them!

My daily walk mow sweat fest. Why didn’t I wait until after this to dump ice water on my head?

Dr. M took a turn at mowing. I had to laugh at the garland the mower acquired from the trees that lean over the back of our fence. Very stylish!

Have a great week!

Sunday, August 17, 2014

2014 Project 365 – Week Thirty-three

It’s late on Sunday night & I’m just now getting this posted. Who knows what I might say!

Sunday, August 10th  
I took pictures for a 10(ish) on 10 post today. You can see those here. Dr. M took these pictures in our back yard. There’s a sweet little Carolina Wren, and a hilarious squirrel eating one of our green tomatoes.

My daily walk - got caught in the rain.

Monday, August 11th  
My daily walk.

Inside, our tomato table is well guarded.

The moon!

Tuesday, August 12th            
Dr. M saw some lovely flowers on his way home from school today. Zinnias are some of my favorite flowers…

My daily walk.

Today I read my packet for my colonoscopy scheduled for next week. I was reading the list of things that I wasn’t supposed to eat for a week prior to the procedure, which includes nuts and tomato skins. I had to put a note on the almonds because I didn’t trust myself to remember. And then I had a “last supper” of tomato/almond salad. Ha!

Wednesday, August 13th
My daily walk – I mowed.

I had to laugh at my Map My Walk app on my phone – someone asked if I’d been chased by a bee. I promise my mowing is much more orderly than this appears!

Thursday, August 14th
Our daisies are almost done – I spent some time deadheading them today. And startling a toad.

I also finished the last bit of mowing that I didn’t do the day before. Once again I’m laughing at my app – gymnastics? Really?

My daily walk. Saw this busted up television set with a pottery jug down inside it. What the what?

Friday, August 15th

My daily walk.

Saturday, August 16th   
Dr. M’s school had a family event at the Columbus zoo today. We ate lunch with everyone & then spent three hours enjoying the zoo – walked 5 miles! If you want to see pictures of the animals go here – Dr. M did a great post. We had a wonderful time and are already talking about when we’ll go back.

Have a great week!