Staying in the Moment

I’m not really a fall person, per se. I like the cooler air & beautiful trees, but despite my present-moment personality, as soon as I see the signs, I leap ahead & dread winter with its dark commutes to and from work, and its ice and snow. Ever since I developed arthritis in my left hip I’ve had a deep fear of falling on ice. And this year my broken tail-bone & my shoulder aren’t going to make that fear any better. Sigh.

Um, Bug? It’s still technically summer. And there probably won’t be any snow & ice for another 100 days or so. Chill.

So, in an effort to be more upbeat, and to keep up with the fall crowd (my blog list is filled with people who love fall), I’m going to try to view it differently this year.

Today was a definite step forward. Dr. M & I decided to go to the first home football game at his new school. We had a blast! The game was close, & we emerged victorious on a literal last second field goal by one of Dr. M’s Women’s History class students (a guy, by the way, in case you wondered - & really quite a cutie, says the woman old enough to be his mother). Wow! Now I’m all psyched to go to the other home games. I’m thinking I need a royal blue stadium seat & a more expanded wardrobe (I just have one t-shirt currently). Well, the accessories are half the fun, aren’t they? (Just re-read this paragraph – the kicker is cute, but not the reason I want to go to all the games. That would just be icky.)

I’m including a few pics to commemorate the day. As you can see, Dr. M & I are quite the nerds. We’re old enough to totally not care. Life is good, even when it’s almost Autumn.


  1. You're so nice to be understanding of us fall and winter peeps. Looks like the game was a lot of fun. I loved going to the games when my youngest played high school football.

  2. Yeah to you for going to cheer on the team! I love cheering...especially now that I don't have a stake (aka a child's body, ego and self-esteem) in the game!
    Cheer on, Dr. and Mrs., cheer on!

  3. Lovely picture that of you and your hubby.
    As for fall and winter, just put a copper bracelet (those sold in pharmacies) on your wrist and you'll probably be pain free during these sesons.

  4. I love Autumn and Winter in Australia. It is really mild....come over! xx♥

  5. I think it is so totally awesome that your hubby teaches Women's Studies (says the Women's Studies minor). Don't think of Fall as the beginning of cold, think of it as the ease into cold weather, the progressive untying of summer. Oh fall with it's color and spice! I love pumpkin pies, I adore putting on more clothes.

    I love the picture by the way, looks like you were having fun!

  6. Those are wonderful photos, and absolutely do evoke warm feelings towards autumn.

    It won't be icy and snowy for a bit yet, and it is fun to relish the activities that are the realm of autumn. Still, like you, I can't help but shiver a bit and look towards the next season. Unfortunately, it doesn't quite work that way in winter, does it? "I spend winter thinking about the spring to come!" is not how my mind tends to run.

    I can appreciate the beauty of a snowfall, and winter does have its charms, but by about February I'd pay a king's ransom for some fresh fruit, and a warm breeze. I never long for the cold during the summer.

    Well done to the young man taking Women's Studies History. I've got a friend who majored in Women's Studies, also male, and quite straight. Made him quite the hit with the women in his life, but in all honesty, he'd simply found the subject fascinating.

    My son, who turns nineteen in a few weeks, just started college, and is taking an American History course. His verdict after a few days, "Wow, the history of white people...we kind of subjugate the hell out of anyone we find." I told him, "Just wait until you take a Women's Studies course, son."

  7. I prefer the autumn and spring, with spring slightly more welcome.

    Great looking team of cheer-leaders!

  8. We haven't really had much of a summer, so I think our autumn will not be terribly different from what we have been experiencing already. Looks like you had fun at the game though and now we know what you look like.

  9. Loved this post, Bug! You and I are compadres in re our views of Fall. It wasn't EVER in the top three amongst my 'most favorite' list of seasons. Yeah, the colors are great, but they reminded me of how cold I was going to be in the not-so-far-distant future!

    Was sorry to read about the arthritis in your left hip and broken tail-bone. (Must apologize for my ignorance here. Am a newcomer to your blog.) JiminyChristmas and jumpin'Jehosophats - or some such spelling! Now I have a fear of falling, but - gee whillikers, anyway - I've got to be thirty years your senior, for crying out loud!! Are calcium supplements helping any, or what can you do - really - to alleviate that pain? (I'm sorry to admit that I'm almost a perfect stranger to arthritis. I've recently developed arthritis in my right shoulder, but then I've come to expect such things at my age.)

    GREAT pix of the football game, btw!

  10. Shimp - I'm in total agreement with your son. In fact it was my primary turn-off studying history - why would I want to find out what these bozos had done in the past? I know, I know - know thy enemy and all that...

    Duta - I should try wearing copper - I think I still have some bracelets from the Copperbelt in Zambia.

    Goldenrod - I take a daily calcium and glucosamine/chondroitin (sp?) - as well as ibuprofen, & currently vicoden at night for the shoulder surgery. My goal in life is to slash my pill taking in half - I don't think the pain in my hip will ever really go away without medication - although losing weight would certainly help!

  11. I dread the winter months also. It just seems like spring takes forever to get here. I have found a magnetic hematite bracelet, necklace to help me with pains. I am not sure why it works, but it does work.


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