I've been sitting here for about 30 minutes trying to write a poem. Here's what I came up with:

Lovely, isn't it? I've been intrigued by my truly blank mind. I'll bet I could even meditate right now!

Ah well. I'll share a picture instead.

That miracle
hanging there
guards my sleep
guards my sleep...

P.S. I had so many fabulous comments on my last whiny post - thank you. I've written responses to the comments over there.


  1. No strokes of Magpie Tales brilliance illuminated my brain this week, either.... a march brain drain. Thanks for sharing. I sure hope your cricket ideas blossom into something chirpy soon. xoxo

  2. See even when you say you can't write a poem you do!!! HA and you thought you had writers block.

  3. Creative use of negative space, which is usually a painterly term.

  4. Fun blog! ~ (I didn't want to leave that comment on your "Maukish" post, but I did enjoy that, too. So sorry about your song, though ~ darn! Schedule a "do-over" as soon as possible so the congregation will have the new one in their heads, though, not the crackery one.)
    I'm a new follower ~ ♥

  5. I never understood poetry. I was always told to "read between the lines". Now I've hit bottom....I can't even FIND the lines. Haha! :)


  6. personally i loved your picture of the white cat in the snowstorm...

    he he

    Best advice i can give if inspiration fails to visit - go for a long walk in the middle of nowhere taking no pens, paper or method of recording your thoughts - thats when i always get my best ideas, which of course get forgotten by the time i get home :)

  7. That is one lovely moon pic. Mine never look like that.

  8. You are too funny. I refreshed the post twice before I figured it out! BTW, Bug, you really aren't supposed to play April Fool's jokes until April 1.

  9. I think silence can be an eloquent poem!


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