Monday's Post on Tuesday Because Frankly I Didn't Want to Mess with Writing on Monday

I went to the eye doctor yesterday & had my eyes dilated for the first time in years. The doctor assured me that I’d be able to drive home just fine – just to be sure to wear my sunglasses. Um, no. Well, it wasn’t treacherous, but it was like driving with a foggy windshield. Forty miles of driving through fog. When you combine that with my usual Internal Fog, it adds up to an Extra Alert Bug. It was exhausting. Whew!

Dilated eyes – two hours later
[Please note: I am obviously unacquainted with the miracle of photoshop]

This was the food I packed to take to work yesterday. I was highly amused at my many containers so I had to take a picture.

The left stack of containers (from the bottom): Salad, chopped apples, leftover green beans & kidney beans with grilled chicken, rice. The right stack of containers: Cantaloupe, yogurt, almonds, Pepperidge Farm Whole Grain Goldfish (in the back), banana. Yes, my lunch bag is really a small cooler.

I weighed in yesterday morning - I was down 1.8 pounds for the week, for a total of 5.2. I was still using the technique I talk about in this post, but this week it's failing me a little bit. Frankly, I have a hankering for cookie dough & I need to figure out how to subdue that sucker. Well, I think I just did - I imagined recording that in my food diary for the day & decided that it would be pretty disappointing. I'll keep you posted as developments arise.

P.S. I’m adding a new Drama Queen label to my posts. And when I have time I believe I’ll go back & add that label to all my previous dramatic whining. Just imagine how big the words will be in my label cloud to the left there!


  1. congratulations. i, too, am impressed by your organized containers. oh... and dilated eyes are simply uncomfortable. my girlies and i are due another visit... procrastinate much? ;)

    {thanks for checking in on me... i'm still alive!} ;)

  2. I saw a show one time where the guest was talking about food cravings. He said that if you can just hold the food, smell it for five minutes without eating it, then the desire to eat it would be satisfied. I think it was 5 minutes. they illustrated it by picking someone out of the audience who's can't resist food was buttery popcorn. so they gave her some to hold while he talked and the camera would flash back and forth from her to him and you could see she was really having to resist eating it. But when he finally said time's up and told her she could eat as much as she wanted, she was surprised to find that she really didn't want to eat it after all. Apparently just holding it and smelling it was enough to satisfy her craving.

  3. You are doing really well..I won't tell you what I am eating while reading this post, you'd only crave it.
    Sympathy to you on the eye thing, I have had many eye problems in the past, not nice.

  4. What ellen said was very interesting to me. I also saw a physician who addressed sugar cravings in particular. She said that the best way was to simply cut it from your diet altogether for a week, period. Sugar itself is highly addictive, and what you are doing is to go "cold turkey." It detoxes you and then you will find that you no longer crave it.

    All of that sounds sensible but terribly difficult. I do know that when Rick and I have candy in the house we are like possessed devils with it. Then, once it's gone, we sit there in Sugar Guilt and swear we are never buying it again. Same with ice cream.


  5. 1.8 is great! You are trending in the right direction! WOOT!!!

  6. Your cloudy, befuddled expression in that photograph reminds me of the way my first girlfriend looked at me. She moved on to someone else when her vision cleared.

  7. I've had those dilating drops, they're horrid. I'm not sure the hold it for a while method would work for me, I'd still end up scoffing the food. Keep up the good work, though!

  8. I think dilating drops last longer than they used to in the old days. What a nerve wracking drive home.

    Congrats on moving forward and leaving lbs behind! I think the accountability part (having to write it down) is a great way to be responsible about your choices!

  9. Your plastic containers look like ours...we couldn't put together a matching pair if our lives depended on it. (But luckily the food doesn't care. ;)


  10. I hate having my eyes dilated. This kind of whining is righteous and doesn't make you a drama queen at all.

    Nice job with the weight loss. One blogger I follow converts her pounds loss to sticks of butter. Utilizing her equation, you're down about 21 sticks. Sounds much more impressive, don't you think? It also gives you a highly motivating visual.

  11. Way to go! 5.2 is great. Think of a five pound sack of potatoes.

    Loved your containers. Looks like my husband's lunch.

  12. I drove 3 hours in fog and rain once....yuck!!! it is exhausting!

    yay for the weight loss!! I lost 10 pounds at the beginning of the year and have just plateaued. I need to kick start my diet for sure!

  13. I'm with you on all the various containers for lunch. If I bring it, it's bound to be healthier than what I could get from a vending machine or by running out during lunch.

    I love the weight loss comparison to sticks of butter lost from the comment above! Maybe I should start using that and get my weight loss kick-started again.

  14. Great job on the weight loss! They really lie when they say you can drive after dilated eyes with sunglasses. Not true at all.

  15. The eye doctors usually have some throwaway dark plastic things that fit inside your glasses to protect your eyes from the sun if you have to drive home.

  16. i feel i can't let this post pass without asking:

    Pepperidge Farm Whole Grain Goldfish (in the back)???

    Not an actual Goldfish i assume?


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