Sweet Temptation...

I've started Weight Watchers again (funny how vacation pictures can ramp up your enthusiasm for healthy eating!). Today was my first weigh in and I'm down over 3 pounds. Woot! 

Anyway, I went to dinner with my friend Joanne tonight - our almost weekly date. She picked Frisch's and I frantically searched in my head for what would be "safe" to eat there. We got our menus...

Isn't he cute & innocent looking?

I opened mine & this is the first thing I saw:

Not cool Big Boy. Not cool at all. Oh hot fudge cake how I love you so! 

You'll be glad to know that I resisted temptation - I had the soup & salad bar. And it was good people. That salad was as good as hot fudge cake! 

OK, maybe it wasn't, but it was definitely better for me. I can live with that.


  1. I have had a difficult time trying to lay off the cheese. My cholesterol needs to come down to be perfect for my doctor who is happy with perfection. Soup and salad are admirable. I am not a salad fan because I tend to over dress the greens. I eat the veggies separately. It works for me. I think you are my hero to go to a restaurant like that and eat salad and soup. A sanding ovation for your resolve. BRAVO!!!

  2. I keep thinking i should take the croissant baking class, or the pate choux. Then I think twice. I don't think I need to learn how to make pastry dough.

    Congrats for holding tight to your wits when faced with such temptation.

  3. Rudee: in the course of our marriage, I have periodically gone on "bread" kicks. We're not big biscuit eaters, so I have rarely tried for good biscuits, but other things, yes, I've been there. First, it was striving to make the perfect pancake (buttermilk chocolate chip, for the win). Then it was oatmeal cookies, then pound cake (peanut butter chocolate chip!). The other year I learned how to bake Irish soda bread with fruits and nuts in it, and things went downhill from there. When I started baking my own yeast breads from scratch, including an excellent olive oil and rosemary leavened flatbread, I knew I had to stop, so I did. I miss baking bread, but for our metabolisms, it just is not an option to eat that kind of bread. Thankfully I never graduated to pastries! Yikes.

  4. Well, he's called "Big Boy" for a reason! :)

  5. Oh my gosh, Dana! No wonder you are tempted. Look at that delectable ice cream cake - YUM. One thing the Dutch aren't into is cake, and I do miss my favourite, which is actually a German Chocolate/coconut almond frosting cake. I'm there! But I'd have to fly to get there - LOL

    Now middle-aged and ever so swiftly approaching 'seniors' ville' - UGH - I have to confess that I have had a lifetime of studying diet, nutrition and eating habits in general. Most of this was self-inflicted necessity, as I'd been on-stage most all my life till retiring from that scene, which included stints of modelling throughout. I have also studied nutrition, as I'd majored at first in pre-med when going back to school and before a Humanities prof yanked me by the nape of the neck and asked what the &#@! I was doing in that department when I should be with him in Linguistics. I should have parboiled that prof for such advice that left me teaching bratty kids and studying all the wacky ways we sentient beings communicate and manipulate when I should have been observing how organisms multiply and divide under a microscope. :)

    Long and the short.... I have lived life on all kinds of diets. Even being the vegetarian I am, and have been, all these years, I have seen that I must watch my fat intake that comes on our bodies far too easily from the dairy products and certain fatty oils we ingest (peanut oil, for example).

    Best of luck to you on your disciplined eating regime. I know it isn't pretty. But if you remember that your body can be like a bad unruly dog that needs to be retrained. And, the longer you keep yourself away from things that now make you drool the less you will want them. If you do break down and eat them, you will find that if enough time has passed they will actually make you sick. If nothing else, make a study of looking up what is actually in your favourite foods. Red dye, for example, that is found in M&Ms comes from a certain type of lice. There are also many many flies who have landed on your favourite bakery items before you take them home and eat them. Beef breaks down and putrefies in your stomach long before it is assimilated into your body as anything good. I could go on, but I'm thinking that you're now thinking: 'Oh, PLEASE stop!' ;~P

  6. Congrats on the 3 pounds!! Fantastic! Maybe you can pick the place next week and be a good influence on your friend. They say people who are surrounded with like-minded people do the best. You will need to cultivate new habits and you are already doing just that. Way to go!

  7. Oh, but that hot fudge cake sure does look good! I've found that when I cut out sugar, I don't want it. Of course, when I go back to eating it, it's all I want! :)
    3#: Way to go!!! :D

  8. It has been YEARS since I have had Hot Fudge Cake but let me tell you I have NOT forgotten its RICH goodness!

    GOOD for you! SALAD bar it is!!!

  9. "That salad was as good as hot fudge cake! "

    Ummm....sure it is. *poor thing is already
    delusional* ;)


  10. Oh my word, you just brought back so many memories!! When my dad was working late when I was a kid, mom would take us to "Bob's Big boy" I LOVED going there....getting a comic and having a malted milk shake!!! thanks for the nostalgia this morning!

  11. We stop there so much during the spring & summer for the Strawberry Pie Babies... GOTTA be better then hot fudge - right?

  12. Oh, my goodness. Oh, my goodness. I can't believe you showed that pic of the hot fudge cake. I LOVE those. It's been YEARS since I last had one. I used to get them at Shoney's Big Boy when I was a teenager. Geezie Peezies! I didn't even know they still had them.

    I'm still trying to lose LBs. I've come to a serious slow down. Good luck to you. W/W is the best of all of them. But you already knew that.

  13. yeah, you're not convincing me.

  14. Sweets and breads are my downfall. You are doing well turning that down. Good for you!

  15. I do love a good salad bar,but I have to be careful about loading up the chickpeas and croutons. I'm not much for soup.

    Hot fudge cake, no, but strawberry pie with whipped cream any day of the week could undo my very best intentions. Good for you, being Virtuous.

    (Hey, Professor--I once made an entire meal of nothing but garlic bread, and another time it was kalamata olive bread with really good olive oil, so...yeah, I hear you. Sigh.)

  16. Congratulations on three pounds lost. That's a great start.

    I bow to your willpower of being able to go with the soup and salad after looking at the hot fudge cake.

    I need to do something about my extra weight, too...sigh.

  17. I am so proud of your pounds lost. I know how hard it is to eat out anywhere and stay safe...especially Big Boy...even that hamburger is mouth watering. I love a good salad bar but know that even that can blow a days worth of calories and points. They did a special on the today show and Matts salad from a salad bar was 3200 calories. Not to diety eh?

  18. Yes - I tried to watch what I put on the salad - lots of greenery, peppers, tomatoes, mushrooms, a little bit of egg & cheese & sunflower seeds. Fortunately they had fat free dressing - unfortunatetly I used a lot :)


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