Sundays in Zambia - Newspaper Filled Truck

This post originally appeared in January 2010.

This Sunday I'm telling the story about how much I was loved by the missionary kids (MKs) while I lived in Lusaka. Ha! It was the same kind of love where the boy pulls your pigtail. I'm pretty easy to pick on - people find it enjoyable for some reason. But I enjoy it. I get this trait from my mother.

Anyway, on this particular occasion we were having a going away party for one of the missionaries and a volunteer. We had a great time with a meal and a program. I was innocently enjoying all the fellowship. Then I was told to go outside to look at my truck (a Toyota double-cab). This is what I saw:

Yes, that is newspaper filling the double-cab truck.

I had some help with the cleanup. The whole mission had been saving up newspapers for weeks.

I got distracted. What? I love comics!

These are the culprits - two MKs home on a school break. I look like an idiot because one of them had just gooched me in the side right as the picture was taken. Really, that's the reason. I didn't always look like an idiot. I promise.


  1. You are too cute in your picture. How old were you then? Loved the post and thanks for sharing it.

  2. I enjoy these ;-)
    I think I would get distracted reading the newspaper as well.

  3. MKs are the best! I love our MKs :) Our co-workers two youngest put on a skit at conference, two years running (different material but same topic) wherein one played me and the other played Ivan. They nailed us! hahaha I've never laughed so hard in my life!

    That was a pretty good trick they played. At least it wasn't tooooo messy :) And easily cleaned up.

  4. In this picture you look like you're having a grand old time.

  5. What a great prank. Safer than many the kids pull these days!


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