My Samurai

Under Windsor Bridge, 1912, by Adolphe Valette

My Samurai

You’re keening in your sleep again.
The last time, I caressed your shoulder,
and your eyes flew open in terror.
Tonight I shift around gracelessly,
hoping that the motion
sends you to a happy place –
away from the fog and horror
that inhabit your dreams.

In the morning I ask:
“Was it a katana or
your fists this time?”
And I wonder,
not for the first time,
why I dream of strange
houses with many rooms
and you dream of fighting
to stay alive.

This is a Magpie Tale. Please go here to read other responses to the prompt.


  1. Dana. you are really quite good at this.

  2. Your poem is quite thought provoking. I enjoyed reading it.

  3. oh we could have a field day deciphering those dreams...smiles...ha...intriguing...def real...

  4. It's amazing what battles take place in our sleep. Wandering a house with many rooms can be just as frightening if you're feeling lost.

  5. Excellent! (I had to look up "katana.")

  6. A fine little story, nicely told...

  7. You do - you have a lovely gentle touch.

  8. The figure in the image does remind one of a Samurai in lacquered armor, as out of place under the Windsor bridge as I often am in my dreams. My elbow hurts this morning, so I'm suspecting it was the espada ropera last night...or perhaps the pirate cutlass :-)

  9. Hi there! Sword vs. fists ~ I'll take your decorating dilemma any night! Good to know you and your hip are doing well.

  10. Sending love. Daylight realities are difficult enough to deal with. xoxo
    You are so expressively brilliant writing poems, Bug. =D

  11. If only I knew ahead of time when I needed to have a sword for my dream! Great write!

  12. My most frequent dream scenario finds me wondering through a house. Sometimes it's a house I've lived in before, sometimes it's an old house that I've never seen before, but never a new house that's in good condition. I looked it up once. A house in your dreams refers to different parts of Self. The condition of the house has meaning also.
    My houses are always in need of repair, but I always feel that I can get them back in shape if I put some effort into it. :) Here's a link.

  13. Very evocative. And lovely, as usual.

  14. Hey Bug, sometimes when my cat is asleep she jerks around, as lost in some mortal combat with her pret, her claws like Katanas. So i really enjoyed this, mate, thanks

  15. Strange houses with many rooms....I have recurring dreams about that off and on and have always wondered what it could mean. Nice poem Dana!

  16. The world of dreams...; I usually dream of a long corridor with a train coming to me, unable to move, but I wake up in time!
    I enjoyed your poem very much.
    Thanks for sharing.


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