Sundays in Zambia - Cross Stitch

This post originally appeared in February 2010.

The Women's Ministry missionary talked me into teaching a class on cross stitch at their annual Women's Missionary Union meeting. Teaching is not my spiritual gift. (I haven't quite figured out what my gift is, although at the time I thought it was bookkeeping J). I picked a simple pattern, although that ended up not mattering at all. After picking the pattern I had to figure out what we would be using for fabric. I decided that mealy meal bags were just the ticket! I cut them into squares & put tape around the edges.

Please note two things about this picture: The roll of pink toilet paper beside me on the floor. I had a bad cold and this was my "Kleenex." Also, the picture on the table behind me is of my parents, my brother, Mom's dog, and me. This picture has traveled with me from office to office. My current office only has room for one picture so I don't have it there – but if I ever have more room it's going back to the office with me.

The rest of the pictures are of me explaining and of the women sewing. I thought I did an ok job. However, the next morning some of the women brought their work to me to review. It was some of the most beautiful embroidery I had ever seen. Embroidery is not cross-stitch. Hmm. I think my career choice as NOT A TEACHER was the correct one LOL. Sadly, I didn't take any picture of the embroidery.

Just look at those ginormous glasses! I usually wore them when I traveled if I wasn't sure about electricity (I had to boil my contacts each night in a special contraption. No, I didn't even consider going a night without boiling them. I was a good girl. Except for that business about the Intercontinental Hotel).

Next week – our trip to the croc farm!


  1. Reminds me a bit of when people thank me for the message they took away from my sermon that had nothing to do with the topic of my sermon. Sometimes we just have to trust that people get what they need from what we give them. At the very least, they showed up. I think it's a feather in your cap.

  2. I wish we could see pictures of their beautiful embroidery. Nice post.

  3. lovely tender post Dana...I think you put yourself down my dear!!

  4. In that second picture you definitely look like a committed teacher.

  5. I remember those ginormous glasses from the 80's. I have a few pictures of me with them!

    I'm too ashamed to admit that I don't know the difference between cross stitch and embroidery, so I'm not going to ask.

  6. I just love comparing my situation with yours. You were way up the toilet tissue scale. The only thing available in local markets was Russian toilet paper, which was sort of like waxed paper, ony not so flexible. ;)

    I see "millet" on the blackboard, too. No millet in Liberia - just rice.

    But the women's head coverings are the same, although their clothes are different. I can't remember seeing anyone in Liberia do needlework of any sort. There were tailors from Guinea who decorated dresses and shirts, but they used sewing machines with cams.


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