Sundays in Zambia - Goodbye

This post originally appeared in February 2010.


This is the last Sunday in Zambia, unless I come up with some other topic later. The pictures here are mostly people from the Baptist Building where I worked. They worked in the music ministry, and the communications ministry, and the Sunday School ministry. The lady in the red, black & white striped dress is Mary, who made the afternoon meal. If I wanted to eat with the rest of the workers I paid her some amount of kwacha and I got nshima, & stewed tomatoes, rape (a type of green) & chicken. Good stuff. The picture of the two gentlemen standing outside is at the Baptist Complex where I lived some of the time. The guy on the left is Amos, our guard. He would salute as you drove through – just like Benny Hill. Tickled me every time I drove through those gates.

If I can survive
the mosquitoes
and the water
and the children's eyes,

 If I can weather
the banks
and the shortages
and the fear of AIDs,

 If I can handle
the window-bars
and the pedestrians
and the traffic jams,

 Then I can say that
I've experienced Africa.


If I can remember
the sky
and the rains
and Mr. Pete's steaks,

 If my heart hears
the music,
and the birds,
and the moaning wind,

If my being yearns
for the smile
and the handshake
and the elegant tread,

 Then I can say thatI've loved Africa.

The Bug


  1. I can only imagine the richness of that experience and how it has impacted your life. :c)

  2. I do think Africa changes our souls in a good way but such a troubled, beautiful, astounding frightening place too!

  3. Am I the only one who thinks Amos looks shockingly like Richard Pryor?

  4. Beautiful faces - all of them! Envy the experience.

  5. Totally lovin' that dress you're wearing! And the carved chest you're sitting on... please tell me you were able to bring the chest back to the states with you!

    It's been fun reminiscing with you. Your posts always bring back my own memories of our year in Uganda. Today's post makes me want to write a poem about it :)

    Have you ever thought about going back, and taking Dr. M?

  6. Kim - that chest is in our living room even now. I also had them make a smaller one that fit down inside to bring back for my brother's girlfriend (now his wife of 23 years). Both of the trunks were pretty beautiful.

    I would LOVE to go back - but I'd also like to take Dr. M to Germany to see where his ancestors came from - or even to the Grand Canyon!

  7. Love that pic of you at the end!


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