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• I decided that my hair was thinning because my part looks wider & my head itches all the time (and great gobs of hair kept coming out in my brush). So I made a doctor’s appointment for next Monday. Then I went back & looked at pictures of myself from over a year ago. Um, yeah, my part looks exactly the same. My head still itches, but I think I’ll try the warm olive oil on my scalp thing & cancel the doctor’s appointment. And I apologize to all my friends & family at whom I’ve been panicking. But don’t think it won’t happen again. Bug, thy name is Hypochondria!

• I just realized I didn’t get a first day of school picture of Dr. M on Monday! I’m sure he was very cute in his First Day Outfit clothes he’s been wearing all summer to teach in…

• The chickens from next door are gone. They were there on Monday when Dr. M & I were discussing how he should make some wooden boxes to put in their little shed & then they were gone on Tuesday. I choose to believe that the neighbors gave them to some local farm where they can still run free & eat whatever they want. And I’m not asking so that I can maintain plausible deniability in my head.

• Apparently my coworker Mary finds me very random. I know you’re all surprised by that. This is from a chat we had yesterday:

- Dana: Sometimes I get confused & try to use the bathroom badge to open my office door. And then I can't figure out why it doesn't work. I think it's time to color my hair again - maybe with some blonde highlights...

- Mary: lol. you are so random sometimes. you should write a poem abt your random hilarity - or maybe I should!

- Dana: You should! BTW - I'm single today because I forgot to wear my wedding rings

- Mary: poor mike

- Dana: I know! Sadly, I don't think he's very worried about it

Mary did write a poem about my conversational style, which I’m sharing with you guys.

Random thoughts run through her head
Sometimes they just seep out.

Witty, silly random things
That always make me smile

Current conversation doesn’t matter
Could be work, or hair styles or rings

Random thoughts run through her head
Sometimes they just seep out.

Ah yes, another fine blog post by The Bug – seeping onto the internet since 2009!


  1. Heh! Squirrel!

    I love you, no matter where you fall on the random spectrum.

  2. Ha! That's funny.

    "You know how many kids with ADD it takes to change a light bulb?"

    "You wanna go fishing?" ;)


  3. Random is good .. Olive oil is fine (have your thyroid level checked if it's been a while.) I have nothing funny to add this morning ~

  4. I completely understand your randomness conversations. All in one sentence I can say at least 3 different things that are not related at all. My husband kind of gets me...but everyone else just stares at me for a long time. Nice poem.

  5. How long ago was it that you had the dog with mange? Just wondering...! LOL.

    Maybe you should try some medicated shampoo. There are several available OTC. Warm olive oil on your head might just make you hungry.

    I haven't worn my wedding rings for over 5 years now. I can only wear white gold, and my skin is so acidic that it keeps eating off the rhodium plating in a few months. It's so expensive to replate them, that it's easier just to keep them put away. It's a bit sad, but one nice thing is that I don't very often get mosquito bites.

  6. I love the poem.

    Try tea tree oil shampoo (Paul Mitchell makes a good one), or consider going No Poo. Perhaps it's the chemicals in the shampoo that are irritating your scalp.

  7. Random only means that the pattern hasn't yet been found. You're traveling in the company of intellectual giants who at one time or another have had their thoughts described as "random."

  8. yah, I go through periods where I think my hair is falling out, thinning, as if it wasn't thin enough to begin with. I go to the garden club meetings and many of the older women, you can see their scalps. Yikes. I hope mine never gets that bad. but then I thought bald guys were not for me when I was young. then I got married and his hair fell out. boy, karma can really suck.

  9. What Stephen said.

    And I love your random seepage.

  10. Ah Bug - the usual madness here, sorry I haven't been around as often lately to see the fun

  11. Yay for randomness!

    I'm worried about the chickens. :(

  12. Very cute poem!

    My hair is thinning. There's no doubt. I hate it.

    I'm not thinking about the chickens. I'm not thinking about the chickens. I'm not thinking about the chickens.

  13. You want to talk hypochondria? I went to the emergency at our local hospital (15 years ago) because I noticed my gums were protruding and all bumpy. The poor intern who saw me, said he had never seen anything like it before! I was freaked out!
    Went to my dentist and he looked in my mouth and said, (and I quote) "That's what they are supposed to look like.

    Can you say, MORTIFIED?

  14. Your randomness is what makes you so darn enjoyable! :c)


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