Father's Day

I posted this for Father's day four years ago. I decided to pull it out again because it exactly matches this picture I took of my dad when we were down there visiting a few weeks ago. Ha!

Hail to the Ham!

My brother & I
huddled together in his bed
(“the dark” was our common enemy –
we could be civil to each other against it).
Daddy telling us a story:
This is the story of the Pee Little Thrigs:
Flopsy, Mopsy, Peter & Cottontail.

Daaadddeee – that’s not how it goes!

Walking in the mall several yards away 
from “that man.”
It’s no use – he comes up behind my teenage self

Daaadddeee – you’re humiliating me!

I always thought of my father as a
quiet man.
Slow to talk (although in retrospect that
was probably just in contrast to my Mom).
Now reviewing my memories I see just
how deluded I was.

Here’s to the man in the Barbershop chorus!
Here’s to the man doing karaoke on the cruise!
Here’s to the man taking the gold in Performance at the Senior Games!

Here’s to my Dad:
The ham!

Love you Daddy!


  1. So then he was a North Carolina ham? :)

    Very nice.


  2. What fun! What excruciatingly embarrassing (when you were a teen) fun. I know you're so grateful to still have him to enjoy!

  3. Your dad seems like he's discovered the secret to a fulfilling life: just be happy and enjoy life. Take care.

  4. Such a sweet picture of your daddy. He sounds like a lot of fun. Nothing like a dad who knows how to have fun.


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