So, it snowed, again, today. I was totally surprised by it & it was really random that I was actually dressed for the weather.

Photo Dr. M took on his way home from school
I am so busy that I’m actually out of breath while I’m at work and a total lump once I get home. I’m pretty sure that Dr. M feels the same way (this was his first week back at school). We’re glad of a long weekend to scale Mount Washmore. Oh but I’m loving my job these days! Especially since I got all of the boxes unpacked yesterday.

I love the internet. I had saved one of my book-a-day calendar pages so I could look up the book, but then I wrote a note on it & threw it away when I didn’t need the note anymore. So went to the google & typed in, “WWII assassination plot french novel award” and it was the 6th one down - ha! (It’s this if you’re interested.)

Our church has had a couple of really hard deaths recently. Not that death is ever very easy. When I heard about this last one I could feel the foundations shift just a pit. Losing pillars is the pits.

My boss said that I could work from home one day a week. And I was so excited! But then I started thinking about the logistics of what I do in the office and now I’m, “Hmmm…” We shall see. I think it could work, but I might have to get a speaker phone so we can talk while I still work.

Remember these?

Yeah, I keep forgetting to flip to the next card. I’ve been “choosing to see each obstacle as an opportunity to grow” for days now. I guess that’s not a bad thing. 


  1. Hey if it continues to encourage you than use it as long as you need to!

    Sorry about your recent losses. :(

  2. Those pillars going is hard ... but it's part of God's plan to prune so new growth can occur -- and to take home to Him those who have earned their rest.

    Working from home sounds like a fun challenge! Think of the time and gas savings! Once the weather is good you'll have more time for Daisy!

  3. I love Dr. M's picture. If it weren't for the two bunches of tall grass, it would look like a black-and-white photograph.

    On my last job it often got so crazy and busy that I would look at the clock and realize it was 2:00 p.m., and I'd wail, "Nooooo....I need it to be 11:00 a.m.!" But the fact that you like your job is a huge plus!

    My condolences for your losses. Some people leave great big voids... :-(

  4. Take care of yourself Bug, and don't take on more than you can tolerate. Be nice to Dana.... it's been a tough go with the lump and now the church tragedy. My dad use to say, "Easy does it!" and he was right.

  5. Enjoying the beautiful snow from sunny California. Great pictures!!

  6. Working from home definitely presents its own challenges. But try it if you can! It would be great if you could save the driving.

    Sorry about the deaths at church. Hurdles like that often lead to new energy and new ideas. Hopefully they will in this case, too.

  7. I remember, back in the day, when my husband started working from home. He loved it. I remember him in the back yard, chipping golf balls while he was on a conference call. Hope it works for you.

  8. I have a friend who works from home and only goes into the office every 7th weekend that she's on call. Otherwise. She get's up and dresses (and accessorizes) just as if she were leaving the house. Then she goes into her home office (equipped with a bathroom) and shuts the door, only comes out for lunch. That's what I call discipline.

    I'm sorry to hear that you're grieving losses. Take it easy!

  9. I love the snow pictures and the picture at the top of your blog.

  10. The snow looks so untrodden and serene. Unfortunately it doesn't stay that way.

  11. Remember to breathe at work! It sounds silly, but I recall many, many times coming to the realization that, when at work, I was actually holding my breath. And for a LONG TIME. Stress can make you do odd things, and its effect on the body (and emotional wellbeing) is well documented. Drink water, take good cleansing breaths, and walk around often. Wellness, wellness, wellness. I'm glad you love your job!


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