Sunday, June 8, 2014

2014 Project 365 – Week Twenty-three

My goodness what a crazy busy week! Tonight’s the first night that I haven’t had something to do. I know that some people live their whole lives that way, but I’m a one thing per week kind of a gal. Ha!

Sunday, June 1st        
This day I flew to Buffalo (by way of Detroit) for work. I didn’t take a formal “Daily Walk” picture today, but boy howdy did I ever walk! I was pleased with myself that I didn’t use the moving walkways in the airports. My flight from Detroit to Buffalo was delayed about an hour or so, so it was pretty late before I got to NY. My kindle kept me sane!

Monday, June 2nd
Good morning selfie that I texted to Dr. M.

As I noted on Facebook, I’m not sure what’s crazier: that I brought something I had to iron or that the ironing board fit inside the bathroom (our bathroom at home is smaller!).

My boss & I went to a little local deli for lunch & I saw these peeps. Made me laugh – but you know, the Easter season doesn’t officially end until Pentecost, so they weren’t that out of line. Now if they’d only had Cadbury Eggs…

After work I took a walk to downtown East Aurora. Nice little town!

Tuesday, June 3rd            
I think this might be my favorite picture of the week – bass playing squirrel in our back yard.

I traveled back to Ohio today. I took a really long walk in the Detroit airport – I wanted to check out the groovy tunnel they have between concourses.

Sunset in Detroit right after we took off.

Wednesday, June 4th
My daily walk. Nice to be back in my own little neighborhood.

Dr. M took a lot of pictures in our yard today. It’s definitely looking like spring out there!

Thursday, June 5th
I finished another puzzle.

We unexpectedly went to meet one of Dr. M’s friends from grad school for dinner – we had a great visit!

My Daily Walk – a little later than usual :)

Dr. M took a real picture of the moon.

Friday, June 6th
Work from home selfie – I swear I really did brush my hair at some point during the day.

My Daily Walk. Lovely day!

That evening I helped out at our church’s booth for our town’s First Friday event. They have lots of different activities, food, crafts the first Friday of each month in warmer months. We had a number-matching game for kids to play (kind of like concentration, except with ducks instead of cards). It was a lot of fun!

After I got home Dr. M & I enjoyed our fire pit for a bit.

Saturday, June 7th  
I had a really busy (& unexpectedly hard) day, and I didn’t think I wanted to go through with our Saturday plans. But I’m really glad I did. We went to a performance at the Dayton Performing Arts center – symphony plus Journey cover band. It was really good. We had a great time.

My Daily Walk – all those steps at the center. We were in the very top tier of seats :)

Have a great week!


stephen Hayes said...

Love that bass playing squirrel. I thought of a bass even before reading your caption.

RaD said...

Look! There's the Kindle that looks just like mine! :0)

Those Peeps don't look frozen to me.

Spring?! Really, is it really only spring-like weather where you live? We're definitely moving into summer weather here and with drought season upon is, it's not gonna be fun.

Steve Reed said...

I love how you incorporate your walking into your day no matter where you are. Airports are great places for walking. (And after all, that's the beauty of walking -- no special equipment needed and you can do it almost anywhere.)

ellen abbott said...

I go days without brushing my hair sometimes but no one ever sees but Marc. feeling like spring there? it's downright summer here. and did you pick up the little fairy doll?

Rebecca Jo said...

The Wooly Lamb! I want to go to there :)
I still try to find Cadbury eggs :)
I'm glad to know I'm not alone on making the writing larger on my Kindle. I see some people who have theirs itty bitty &I want to punch them for having young eyes :)

NCmountainwoman said...

Can't help wondering what all that stuff on the sidewalk is.

Pixel Peeper said...

I just love that bass playing squirrel!

And I can't get over the fact that you stayed in East Aurora, just down the street from where I used to live and work. I think that was to even out the universal Karma of my staying just down the road from where you used to live last November! And you are right, East Aurora is a quaint little town. About 15 years ago or so, Walmart wanted to build a store there, and East Aurora fought back - and won! To this day, there is no Walmart in East Aurora.

Love your impish smile in Friday's selfie!

Lisa said...

Oh my kill me with the squirrel activity narration!! I'm much too serious of a person to think like that, so I'm thankful for your influence. :)

Also highly amused at your one-activity-per-week comment...we are all wired differently, for sure.

Awesome job doing all that walking!!

Nance said...

Your purple flower basket is truly gorgeous. I have my standard two red geranium porch baskets and that's it. I am not a dedicated waterer, so it's better that way.

That squirrel pic is fantastic. Great catch.

riTa Koch said...

A different week for you and me!
It's good to have a restful day, time alone, a little break this afternoon and catch up with some online communication.
The wooly lamb reminded me of the one that is symbolic of Basque country. I'll have to post a picture sometime.
You are indeed a puzzle maniac.
I get my puzzle-fix with every sudoku I find.
Have a great week. Keep walking! (I've walked soooooooooooooooooo much here and often climbing. All my leg muscles are sore, from the waist down!)

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