Sunday, November 23, 2014

2014 Project 365 – Week Forty-seven

We got our first significant snow of the season, so of course there are a number of snow pictures. It’s as if no one had ever seen snow before!

Sunday, November 16th
Our friendly neighborhood sharp-shinned hawk.

My daily walk – it started sneeting while I was out! Also, this is the “I should have listened to my mother” edition – I should have made a potty break before I left the house. Heh.

The snow begins…

Monday, November 17th    
This was my view when I opened the back door this morning. I decided to work from home (I love my job!).

Morning snack. That’s whipped peanut butter in case you’re wondering. And yes, the clementines wandered into the peanut butter and that was just WEIRD!

Dr. M took some snow pics. Poor Heather the sheep!

My daily walk. The abominable Snow Bug!

Dr. M filled the feeder & it was emptied again in short order.

Dr. M cooked dinner – Southwest chicken & beans. VERY yummy!

Tuesday, November 18th     
I knew my thermometer would come in handy! This was the temp in my office when I got to work Tuesday morning. Brr!

I tucked my scarf up into my hat & decided that I had created Cthuluguin!

As proof that I’m not entirely stupid I decided to not walk in the cold icy dark.

Wednesday, November 19th  
My daily walk – fall would like winter to know that it’s not QUITE done yet, thank you very much.

Dr. M said that he felt like this turkey :)

Thursday, November 20th
Pinky Two Tone (our 7 year old pet geranium) is certainly thriving these days. Eventually she’ll decide to take her winter break from blooming, but until then we’ll enjoy pinkitude.

Once again, not walking outside in the cold icy dark… But look – I have a tiny little (not very attractive) ponytail!

Friday, November 21st  
My daily walk. I forgot what I was doing & left the house with the wrong shoes on. It was a bit slippery out there!

We’ve been binge-watching Band of Brothers again. Three hours of crochet gave me claw hand!

Saturday, November 22nd     
My daily walk. What a difference a day makes! Wow! And, also, please note tiny little goofy ponytail in my shadow picture. Ha!

We got our first Christmas card of the season – from Rite Aid Pharmacy.

I was on Altar Guild duty this weekend. At long last we’re at the Last Sunday after Pentecost! Woo hoo! It’s a long time to be in the same liturgical season (if you recall, Pentecost was June 8th). Next week: Advent!

Dr. M spent the evening with his own project – a survival bracelet made with leftover parachute cord. His comment on Facebook: Picked a fast deploy pattern and went at it. Finished it, and the wife approved. Then she said, "you know that's just single crochet, right?" Come to think of it, a hook would have helped. I wonder if Dick Winters crocheted... ‪#‎downinflamesigoagain. Heh. (Note – Dick Winters is one of the men from Band of Brothers – a mini-series about paratroopers in WWII.)

Hope everyone has a great week!


  1. Your snow is something. It was 10 degrees here a few days ago and they're saying we will get into the seventies tomorrow. Unbelievable. I was a very loyal walker when we lived in MD. The only time I didn't walk was in the snow. It's too dangerous. You are wise to pass it up on dark and icy nights.

  2. Dick Winters of Easy Company, 2nd Battalion, 506th Airborne Infantry Regiment, 101st Airborne Division...he probably earned a Congressional Medal of Honor a couple of times over, but, alack, they were very stingy with those in WWII. He was a beautiful man...may he rest in peace.

  3. Loved the pictures for this week. I especially loved the snow ones and the hawk. Happy Thanksgiving week to you.

  4. that's a colorful scarf you are wearing the first part of the week and many great pics. we keep our house temp at 65˚ in the winter (on propane which is expensive!) but we got a little space heater for the living room.

  5. I always love your week. Remember to stop and exercise your fingers while you are crocheting.

  6. Great pictures. Do you feel colder this winter without your long hair?

  7. Those hawk pictures are fantastic!

    I remember that I always used to love the first few snow falls of the pretty and white! And then, by the end of January, you're just so very sick of it.

  8. Great snow pics!
    Liked the first card and sheep photo.
    I could not believe myself this year--most cards ready, addressed and sent out before Thanksgiving!
    Am I mixing and rushing holidays? What's happening to me?


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