Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Squirrel Wednesday


  1. Holy cow, it's a scurry of squirrels. I guess they're called that because they scurry.

  2. They do provide a lot of entertainment.

  3. What is it about squirrels that makes them so darn cute? After all, as Carrie said in Sex and the City, they are just rats with a nicer outfit!

    1. They don't look like rats...rats look sinister, squirrels look cute! They may be rodents, but they don't look like the rats that haunt my dreams.

  4. these photos are great - everyone should have a Squirrel Wednesday

  5. I need to do a Bunny Wednesday, they are taking over the neighborhood.

    Love the close ups


    Ps: I figured out how to put a direct link to your blog on my homepage on my I can tap and get right to your blog...

  6. Well, at least the birds and the squirrels get along!

  7. You look so cute in pigtails. Those flowers are stunning. I'm so jealous. We planted nothing this year, for obvious reasons, but I do miss the color. I wish I'd, at least, planted a couple of pots. Ah. There's always next year. Squirrels are so cute but they try to eat all of my bird food. Cwazy animals.

  8. Oops! I obviously wrote this on the wrong post... except for the part about the cwazy squirrels.


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