Friday, July 17, 2015

Blanket Update

I'm now over halfway done - with the squares anyway. There are 11 more to go (remember, I get a new pattern every two weeks - the last one will arrive right around Thanksgiving). I finally took some somewhat decent photos of all the squares & decided to start thinking about what color yarn I'll use to join the squares. Dr. M & I were joking that it will take me all next year to get all four blankets assembled!

Any thoughts? I'm pretty sure I'll change my mind 12 times before I'm done :)


  1. wow. some elaborate squares there. you're doing such a great job and no, I have no suggestions.

  2. Just my personal opinion here, I usually opt for a color that will blend well with the overall color scheme. I want the focus to be on the design of the squarestudy not on the color I sew them together with. Also I use a darning needle and actually sew my squares together, I think it let's the blanket drape more naturally, takes a bit more time but in my opinion well worthy the effort. I have even been known to crochet around each square in the color I am joining it with to ensure that my stitching will completely blend in...

    Can't wait to see the completed project.

  3. Those are lovely, Bug. I would not be inclined to use white to join the squares. I think darker colors to join them would be more appealing.

  4. These all look fabulous to me, and I'd never venture to tell a master like you what to do. But I do look forward to seeing the finished product.

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  6. I have no opinion. I just have a lot of awe.

  7. Wow, those came out great! They're going to be amazing no matter what colors you use. (The hardest one to figure out will be the second batch, I think...though I love that color combo. It seems very '70s.)

  8. im impressed. very very nice. applause.


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