Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Try It Tuesday

I'm just doing this post because I had too many pictures for Saturday on my P365. I've got another post scheduled for Friday with even more pictures!

A friend from church told me about "vegan ice cream," which is basically mashed banana mixed with baking cocoa. I tried it and YUM (I've also added PB2 to get that Reese's Cup flavor). But it was freezing too hard in my freezer - I had to soften it in the microwave to eat it & then the texture was weird... So I had this great idea!

Perfect! I do have to soak the popsicle in warm water to loosen it, but this works very well for me.


  1. Vegan ice pops! Well I never. One never stops discovering things on this amazing WWW. Wow.
    What, I wonder, is PB2. ?

    1. Powdered peanut butter...all the flavor, 85% less fat.

  2. good thing I don't mind eating animal products.

  3. How much of each do you mix up? I'm all intrigued now!!! I just bought some molds too!

  4. It looks disgusting. But then I just made a loaf of Double Chocolate Banana Bread and it looks pretty bad, too. But it tastes wonderful, especially with a scoop of Death by Chocolate ice cream over it!

  5. Sounds like an inventive snack that isn't terrible health wise.

  6. I'm intrigued... I want the instructions (how much banana and cocoa powder, and do you mix it by hand or with an electric mixer?).

  7. Ha - that does look sort of disgusting, doesn't it? But chocolate banana peanut butter is a WIN for me - much better for me than Ben & Jerry's :)

    I did use a mixer this time because I was mashing four bananas (I usually just do it by hand). I mixed in about a tablespoon of the chocolate (a little goes a LONG way), and probably 3 tablespoons of the powdered peanut butter. I just eyeball it & do taste tests (although I admit it's tastier frozen than unfrozen). Also, I could have used another banana - I didn't get all the popsicles filled up all the way.


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