Saturday, November 25, 2017

A Post From The Edge (of South Carolina)

Yesterday we drove down to North Myrtle Beach (technically, Cherry Grove). It’s the first trip we’ve made since we moved last March. We were more than ready to get out of Dodge! We head back home on Monday, so some time this next week I’ll put together my Project 365 post & you can see how absolutely lovely it is here.

For now, I’m going to show off a new skill! I have never been able to figure out how to load pictures onto my blog from my iPad, but today I finally found the right website with the right information. Lo and behold - the Wallace Family Thanksgiving photo!

If you look closely, you’ll see a photoshopped head in there. Because although most of the meal went off really well (shocking, since I was in charge of organizing it), I forgot to assign someone to bring any drinks other than tea. My cousin’s husband Ryan went out to grab some soft drinks and wasn’t there for the family photo. I felt really bad about it, so I grabbed his head from another family gathering (hey, he still looks the same!), and plopped it into this picture. I’m pretty pleased with myself. Except for the part where I forgot about drinks...

Here is the poem I read, written in May, 2011, so many of you have already read it before. I just wanted to record it here so that next year I can remember & not read it again. I decided that it had a Thanksgiving theme to it, so it was suitable.


Beggar blind man rich man fool
Teacher’s pet & satan’s tool
The watchful waiting wary too
All are welcome at the table

The first the last the meek & mild
Weakened hearts and Thursday’s child
Wicked warped and undefiled
All are welcome at the table

Ancient crones and newborn souls
Ishmael Isaac Vishnu Joe
The undecided and in the know
All are welcome at the table

Come in come in it’s almost time
I’ll wash your feet and you wash mine
Eat the bread and drink the wine
Just join me at the table!


  1. LOL at the family photo with the photoshopped head. My photoshop skills don't go that far.

    I love Cherry Grove - we stayed there a few times. One time, when my job got really, really stressful, we spent a weekend there and we went out on that pier and I stuck my nose in the wind and smelled the salty air and listened to the waves and then I made the decision to just quit my job. Which turned out to be a great decision, because soon after I found another, much better job. I always think of that time whenever I think of the SC coast.

    I agree, your poem is perfect for Thanksgiving. It's beautiful!

  2. Nice photoshopping! Isn't it great when you can finally make your technology work for you?

  3. Love the we don't have would be ideal for any family gathering....great Photoshopping . X

  4. What a great family photo. We took one this year, too. We don't usually, but I think we should do it every year. I don't know why we never have done it. I wish I was with you at Myrtle Beach. You know how much I love it there. Enjoy!

  5. It took me awhile but I believe I found the head, too!

  6. That's some pretty impressive Photoshopping! Ryan blends in really well. Glad you got away for the weekend.

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  8. Excellent photoshopping! It took me several minutes to find it.
    Believe it or not even with living the majority of my life in South Carolina I've never spent any real time around Cherry Grove.

  9. I think I found the photoshopped image, but I don't have a very good eye for such things. In this case, it was the light that (I think) gave it away. Great job!


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