Wednesday, January 3, 2018

2017 Project 365 – Week Fifty-two

There seem to be an embarrassing number of pictures of me this week. Because taking a selfie is the perfect way to celebrate the birth of our Lord?
Sunday, December 24th           
We sang Christmas carols at the nursing home.

Later that day we had my family Christmas celebration. Lots of great food & laughter, and excellent presents. Do I have pictures of any of that? No, I do not. I do have a couple of random photos. We played a fun version of the Dirty Santa game. That crazy hat I made was the gift I brought. Even though my nephew is wearing it in the picture, his fiancé is the one who “won” it.

Monday, December 25th – Merry Christmas!                      
Cold Christmas morning!

Dr. M’s dad got a new TV stand & the directions were hilarious.

Tuesday, December 26th                                        
Oh what a sad picture! Although I was allowed to keep my work cell phone, I had to send it in to get wiped of work data, so I was phone free for a couple of days.

I borrowed Dr. M’s phone so that I could have the map program tell me how to get to the UPS store. I decided to leave him a present in his photo album.

Wednesday, December 27th                                
We had a duck visitor for a few days. Does anyone know what kind it is?

Thursday, December 28th                               
Look at my work email inbox! Amazing!

Friday, December 29th                       
My nephew’s wedding rehearsal (you may remember his fabulous proposal). Dr. M was the officiant. His 5th wedding! (Dr. M as officiant, not my nephew – ha!)

Saturday, December 30th                           
Wedding Day! I went over early to help set up. This is the note I left for Dr. M.

Wedding pictures - many of which were stolen from my cousin (thanks Sandra!). It was a beautiful wedding! I helped the wedding director, so I didn’t take very many photos myself. I was pretty pleased with how well I was able to run around all day in heels. 

This is the last Project 365 post for 2017. I can’t wait to see what 2018 holds – although I’m only cautiously optimistic. After all, the government is still insane. What are you looking forward to this year?


  1. What a beautiful couple! I think your duck might be a merganser, but I'm not sure.

    1. Actually, on second thought, the bill doesn't look right for a merganser. I'm stumped!

  2. Those assembly directions are terrific! Very encouraging and friendly.

  3. The duck looks like it might be a gadwall/Muscovy cross. The gray is the gadwall part, and the ring around the neck. The blobby red stuff on the bill is often seen on Muscovys. We have a lot of mallard/muscovy crosses around here. Some look just like mallards, except for their white and black patches -- usually their breasts.

  4. I'm looking forward to a Trump impeachment or at least power-curtailing elections in the midterms.

  5. Yes! The mid-terms! Can't wait.

  6. It's me, Bella. I'm still not blogging, but fooling around with blogger to see if I want to change from WordPress. I'm not familiar at all with blogger. Happy New Year, Dana. Those directions are a hoot. You look so nice at the wedding. What a happy occasion.

  7. You ran around all day in heels? You are a better woman than I am!

    LOL at those assembly directions. With the right kind of drinks (something with a %-sign on the bottle) and enough snacks, I probably could assemble something, too.

    Here's to a better 2018!

  8. Wow! Impressive wedding organizer!
    If Mike were here I'd ask him to identify the kind of duck. But, alas, robot build season began today.
    So, I have much time to focus on my projects! (I hope I have the discipline.)

  9. Interesting times for us all. Congrats to the newlyweds, and best wishes to you on your new job. :)


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