Monday, July 16, 2018

2018 Project 365 – Week Twenty-eight

Man, I was wiped out this past week! It’s like I forgot how to manage my energy for a week of work after being off for a week. I didn’t read any blogs, or really do anything at all except a bit of crochet & playing mindless games on my iPad. So far this week is better (yes, I know it’s just Monday- ha!)
Sunday, July 8th                       
My question is this: how many different types of bread do two people need? We’ve got yer hotdog buns, and yer hamburger buns, and rye bread, bagel thins, and regular sandwich bread. Sheesh!

Monday, July 9th                                 
Flowers! Mostly from the wildflower bed, but there’s one morning glory in there. The morning glories have lost their dang minds – I’ll have to get a picture of the two vines we’ve got.

Tuesday, July 10th                                                   
Chair from work.

I was so sleepy, but had to take a picture & post about how sleepy I was, but couldn't go to bed until I finished the row - and then I finished the row.

Wednesday, July 11th    
No picture!

Thursday, July 12th         

Friday, July 13th                                
I came home from work to find that Dr. M had mowed. Almost made me cry for the second week in a row – I wasn’t looking forward to mowing in this heat!

More daylilies – I love the variety that the neighbor has.

Look at this cosmos stalk. I think they’re plotting the takeover of the world!

Saturday, July 14th                                      
Today I went with my sister-in-law to the Raleigh airport to pick up my niece. She’s been living in Miami because she was recruited by her dream cheer team. She’s home for two weeks & that Mama is very happy!

Our impatiens are still doing very well – a calm oasis in the back yard.

I may or may not ever make it around to everyone’s blogs. I hope to eventually anyway – I miss you guys!


  1. Coming back from vacation is tough!

    OMG that chair - I swear, as I scrolled down the page and by this chair, I heard it say, "Eat mor chikin!"

  2. I love impatiens. I didn't know it until the BRD planted some in her front yard many years ago.

  3. I wasn’t looking forward to mowing in this heat!

    Turned off the lawn sprinkler at my house before we went on vacation. The heat and lack of rain pretty much killed off the grass and weeds. On the plus side, that meant I didn't have to cut the lawn Sunday.

    1. Unfortunately, (or fortunately?) we've had too much rain for that to work for us. If we had sprinklers :)

    2. We live in a meteorological anomaly, apparently. My dad lives 15 miles south of us and hasn’t needed to mow for several weeks. We have to mow every week!


    And your bread collection rivals my mustard collection: ya got yer dijon, ya got yer ballpark, ya got yer yellow, ya got yer coarse grain, ya got yer Gulden's...!

    (PS--the Dept. is back up.)

    1. We have several types of mustard to go with the different breads!

    2. Woo hoo! Go Dept.! Maybe someday I'll have time to read...

  5. I don't know about cosmos taking over the world but they will take over the yard.

  6. Our cosmos are amazingly big, too. Those plants are tough!

    I don't think morning glories HAVE minds. Just sayin'.

  7. Our jungle is taking over. Too overwhelming to deal with. Help!
    Love yours. Always wanted to have cosmos, and morning glories!
    That first one is stunning!!!
    Abour bread. I've had success with the bread machine. :)
    But ran out of bread flour and mixed in some GF. Came out ok but with a slight rancid taste.
    Looked at the package. Oops! expired in 2016! In the garbage!

    1. I would have used that mix - 2016 wasn't THAT long ago. Ha!


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