Saturday, November 2, 2019

2019 Project 365 – Week Forty-four

Well, we have made it through Halloween & are on the express train to Christmas. Thanksgiving will be but a blip in the road. Actually, it’s a pretty big deal around here and I am in the thick of organizing our family’s annual gathering – this year there will be around 40 folks! (Note: by “organizing” I mean sending out reminders & nagging emails.)
Sunday, October 27th                                               
Lookit! I actually can park! Photo credit to my Aunt Mimi who was quite impressed. 

I was happy that my crochet hook matched my yarn.

Monday, October 28th               
Dr. M saw a spice harvester when he was out and about. OK, maybe it wasn’t a spice harvester.

Tuesday, October 29th                                                    
The neighbor’s cat, Callie, has adopted our deck as one of her favorite hangout spots.

I made one of my concoctions for dinner. Sweet potato slice with black beans cooked with onion & BBQ sauce, topped with Greek yogurt mixed with lime & cilantro. I think I’ve shared it on here before, but it’s so good that I had to share it again. Ha!

Wednesday, October 30th                                                           
The only picture today is my work outfit. Yes, I am wearing the heck out of my new yellow pants.

Thursday, October 31st                                                               
Leaves in the parking lot at work during a lull in the rain. It POURED for a lot of the day. As expected, we didn’t get any trick or treaters.

Friday, November 1st                                                            
Might be about time for a haircut.

We had frost warnings & temps down in the 30s so Dr. M brought the girls in for the winter. I’ve been fretting all summer and fall about how we were going to accomplish this because of Dr. M’s back surgery. Then in typical Dr. M fashion, he just done & did it & told me afterward.

Saturday, November 2nd             
Our house is making its transition from Halloween to fall

I spent the day cleaning the house, working on a Creation Care Covenant for church, sending out a reminder email about our Thanksgiving dinner, drafting a church bulletin item about our Prayer Sister Brunch, and working on this post. I don’t know who let this “responsible” Bug into the house, but I’m ready for her to head right back out again! What have you accomplished this weekend?


  1. I was going to send you a photo of my parking today. When I came out of a store I noticed that my left front wheel was curled over into the next parking lane. Oops.

    Callie is GORGEOUS! I love cats colored like that.

    That dinner of yours looks great, too.

    And bravo to the good Dr. M for bringing in the plants. It was back up in the 70's here today and Judy said a wide variety of birds were celebrating with baths in the birdbath. Well, it IS Saturday, you know.

  2. I'm going to try and bring in the Boston ferns this year. They really had a good summer and got full and gorgeous.

    We're having a terribly cold weekend and I'm JUST NOT READY!

    Glad that The Professor is feeling so chipper.

  3. I had an Aunt Mimi! and Callie was my great aunt's name and is also my daughter's middle name. nice yarn.

  4. May have been a spice harvester - He that controls the spice, controls the world - you know. Busy weekend you had; busy week. I like that yarn color. You live in a pretty leaf place - I don't. Here they just turn dull brown and crinkly.

  5. You know it's bad when a normal parking job merits a picture! LOL

    Your sweet potato concoction looks great. I eat something similar for lunch at school sometimes -- a baked sweet potato with black beans on top. It's a good combo.

    Bravo to Dr. M for getting the plants in, but I hope his back doesn't pay the price! We're going to have to move our geraniums in soon as well.

  6. I can park like a BEAST now in my new car :) Makes me walk out of my car like I'm a movie star or something.
    I'd wear the heck out of those yellow pants too!

  7. I have a co-worker named Callie!

    A friend of mine is an orchid fanatic...and every time the temperature threatens to drop below 40º, he brings in all the orchids and sets them into his bathtub. He calls it "the march of the orchids."

    I didn't accomplish much this weekend, but I did ride my bike both Saturday and Sunday.

  8. Busy Bug!
    Your "girls" look great. Hope my plants do well this winter.
    Long hair again, pretty.

  9. You are far from the worse person parking their car. A guy driving a F-250 truck took up two parking spots at the hospital and left his vehicle sticking out so far out it blocked traffic. Security had the truck towed away when the owner never answered any calls over the loudspeaker.

  10. Thanksgiving will be but a blip in the road.

    Holy cow, ain't that the truth! I remember a time when Christmas wasn't mentioned until we actually entered December. Now, I see Christmas decorations sharing store shelf space across from Halloween stuff in late August.


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