Sunday, November 27, 2022

2022 Project 365 – Week Forty-seven

Boy, this week was full of food! I guess you might expect it, but still…
Sunday, November 20th             
As I mentioned last week, Dr. M replaced his dad’s hot water heater. He’s still got a little carpentry work to do (the new heater is taller than the old one, so the shelving that was in the same space has to be adjusted), but at least his dad has hot water. Dr. M is a little wild-eyed in the picture below – ha!

I made myself an open faced livermush sandwich for dinner – toast with Laughing Cow cheese, livermush, and peas on top. It was SO GOOD!

Monday, November 21st    
I went by Daddy & Sue’s during my lunch hour to work on the puzzle. I thought they’d be gone, but I caught them right before they left to sing with their group. Aren’t they snazzy?

Tuesday, November 22nd          
We had a meal at work. It was really good (chili, with some random side items), but for me the star was this homemade carrot cake. I kept telling the coworker who made it “it’s SO GOOD!” It got kind of embarrassing. Ha!

Wednesday, November 23rd                    
Dr. M was in a store buying flowers for his mother’s grave & they were in full Christmas inflatable mode. This is my favorite.

Thursday, November 24th            
Thanksgiving! Here are some random photos of the day (plus the “official” photo of all of us). I had to laugh – I went back into my cousin’s office to eat and NO-ONE JOINED ME. I ate my whole meal by myself, reading my book. It was bliss. I wasn’t an entire hermit. I did go out & mingle with folks after I finished eating.

The best part of the day – the blanket in its new home!

Friday, November 25th           
Dr. M says, “It’s not easy being green…”

Saturday, November 26th       
I finally pulled out a new crochet project (I had joked & told Dr. M that I might start crocheting again in February). I started this one in 2016, and then we moved and I kept pulling it out & doing a smidge & putting it back away again. Well. I actually finished it last night! I’ll do a photo shoot with it before I send it to the recipient. It’s sort of a shawl/wrap situation – and is fifteen feet long. I don’t know why – I think the original pattern called for it to be oversized.

I told Dr. M that we needed some vegetables in our lives and he delivered! He called it a sort of a spinach tomato corn vegetarian chili vibe. It’s really tasty – and I plan to have it for dinner again tonight.

It was so nice to be off of work for a couple of days. I had a handful of projects in mind to do, but of course did none of them. I might do one of them this evening – for some reason I can’t find any black socks so I need to dump out my sock drawer to see what the heck. Wish me luck. Did you do anything productive over the holiday, or were you a lump like I was? (Note: I did do laundry & some housework, so not a total lump.)


  1. I don't know what 'livermush' is, but it sounds ghastly. On the other hand, I do remember enjoying something called liverwurst when I was a kid. My dad adored it. I see that it still can be purchased; maybe that's akin to what you had.

    We had heavy rain all day Thursday and Friday, and rain most of Saturday. My big project was deciding to finally drag in the stepstool, pull all the china off the top of my bookcase, wash it, and dust the darned thing. Being out of sight and hard to get to, that top hadn't been dusted since I moved in two years ago. Remember the old saying about the dust being so thick you could plant cotton in it? Almost true.

    1. Oof - I have some dusty spaces like that! I keep putting off getting to them because I don't want to deal with the "snow" on everything below after I'm done. Ha!

      Livermush doesn't really taste like liver to me (I don't like liver) - for me it's really more of a sausage substitute. But I've been informed that I live in la-la-land, so take that with a grain of salt.

  2. Happy Thanksgiving and that livermush and peas looks nasty. I really don't like those inflatables. What's the point of decorations if they only show at night.

    1. They're cute if they leave them up during the day, but you're right - otherwise it's just a yard full of deflated junk.

  3. I simply cannot abide canned peas in or on anything. Is livermush like scrapple? Like goose liver/braunschweiger? I like both of those, but my cholesterol forbids me from eating them.
    The only Xmas inflatable I'll ever sanction is a little Eeyore with a Santa hat I saw once, years and years ago. The rest are atrocious and look like huge used condoms during the day.

    1. I think livermush is similar, but has more liver in it (which is interesting to me because I don't like liver). And ewwww to the used condoms! You are NOT WRONG. But ewww. Ha!

  4. Replies
    1. Thank you! But I think you guys win on that front - you post the most delicious looking things!

  5. That veg soup/chili looks amazing! As do the blanket and the "15-foot" wrap. :)


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