Sunday, December 4, 2022

2022 Project 365 – Week Forty-eight

Thanksgiving is over and Christmas exploded out all over around here (except in our house because why hurry when you’re going to leave everything up until Easter? I EXAGGERATE!).
Sunday, November 27th             
I’ve been listening to the latest book by one of my favorite Instagram follows – Shannan is fierce, funny, and a really good neighbor. (Also, I was laughing because this chapter is about listening & I am the worst. Case in point: I was driving while “listening” to it & kept getting distracted.)

Monday, November 28th     
Photo shoot for my latest finished project. As I mentioned last week, I started it in 2016. It feels good to get it off of my UFO list & into someone else’s house! Also, I don’t know what I was thinking, but I don’t think it’s 15 feet long. Maybe more like 10?

Tuesday, November 29th           
Gorgeous sunset in the neighborhood.

Wednesday, November 30th                     
I put up my antique Hallmark tree in my office.

That evening I started working on a project for the main office Christmas tree.

Thursday, December 1st            
I pulled out this bento style lunch box that I made Dr. M get me a while back . I really enjoyed using it – I’m going to try to eat smaller meals with more snacks (that’s what my body is telling me it wants).

Friday, December 2nd            
Behold! It’s not homely, it’s gnomely! (That little witticism came from Dr. M.) I ran out of red yarn, and the beard looks more like a mop head, but I kind of like him anyway.

In other news, I tried to dye my hair blue, with muted-to-nonexistent results.

Saturday, December 3rd        
My friend Jenny always organizes the ornament swap at the church she grew up in (she lives in Charlotte now). You might remember that she planned the gorgeous wedding I went to at the end of May. Anyway, my stepmother goes to that church, so I had two invitations to the luncheon – and my cousin Kim came as well. It’s always a lovely time with excellent food. I stopped by my dad’s house to ride with Sue, and took a picture of our latest completed puzzle.

I made a pound cake, but I wasn’t very happy with it (had to substitute dark brown sugar for regular & it wasn’t sweet enough for me). But I used my mom’s old cake plate so that gave me the warm fuzzies.

Some other random photos of the day. Fun!

I didn’t feel well in the night and slept until 11:00 today! Sheesh. I might also have been exhausted from people-ing. Today Dr. M & I have stayed our respective corners, so I might be ready to go back out into the world tomorrow. And while I was typing this he started getting out Christmas decorations. Maybe we’ll get our tree up & decorated by next weekend. How about you – have you decorated yet? Do you mess with it? If it weren’t for Dr. M I might give it a pass some years.


  1. Your artistry is awesome. Your yarn work is gorgeous. Merry Christmas!

  2. What is a Bento style lunchbox? Never heard of such a thing. Love the gnome, with its mop of hair, and that scarf you finished is really nice. I've sort of started decorating -- I have the tree out, with the lights on it. But, I decided that I really wanted to clean the whole house before putting up the decorations. Today was the kitchen: oven, fridge, floor, etc. etc. It looks wonderful. Next up, the living/dining area. Then, I'll turn on the tree lights!

    1. It's one with lots of little compartments. Some people get very artistic with theirs - and it's a way to make kids more interested in their packed lunches.

      Man - yes, it would be a very good idea to dust before we decorate. Will I? Remains to be seen. Ha!

  3. Sigh. The fake tree is still in the basement. I suppose we'll get it out next weekend. As you can tell, I'm not feelin' it. I used to do a lot of Xmas decorating, but it's so much work for such a little bit of time.

    The gnome tree is quite creative and charming. I'm sorry your blue hair...isn't. But you can still embrace the bold mood.

    1. I think I'm going to try red or pink next time - maybe it will show up better.

  4. I would be exhausted by all that. But since I don't do all that, I'm fine. there's a Japanese restaurant and sushi bar in the parking lot of the shopping mecca and i like to have a bento box for lunch when I'm there.

    1. I was exhausted for sure. But I also get exhausted watching all the work you do :)

  5. OMG your first Paragraph had me LMAOROTF. I wouldn't be exaggerating about Easter being about when Christmas might get squared away, so I can relate... I still have half of Halloween up... no sense of Urgency here.

    1. I did exaggerate, but one year we left our Christmas tree up until the time changed because I wanted the extra light in the house. Ha!

  6. As you know, the only decorating we do is stringing lights on the avocado tree. That's about all I can manage.

    I love the unicorn bento box!


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