Sunday, February 25, 2024

2024 Project 365 – Week Eight

There are five photos of me this week (I’m counting Sunday as one photo) and in each one I’m wearing a different glasses topper. But I’m not obsessed.
Sunday, February 18th           
I got to spend time with my great-nephews (and some other people) Sunday evening! Gray is SO ACTIVE and adorable, and Eli is not quite as active (being an infant) but also adorable. Not pictured: Eli chewing my fingers vigorously.


Monday, February 19th
Sent Dr. M this photo of me eating a protein bar on my way to mall walk with my bestie.

Tuesday, February 20th                          
A coworker saw this sweater at Goodwill and thought it looked like something I needed. She was RIGHT!

Wednesday, February 21st
No photo.
Thursday, February 22nd                              
Dr. M got to watch the first spring training game of the season. Woo hoo!

Friday, February 23rd                              
I voted in the primary. I was very excited to vote for Jeff Jackson for Attorney General – hopefully he makes it through the primary and then wins in the general election.

After work I “had” to stay at Dad & Sue’s house until I finished the puzzle. Hard times. Ha!

Saturday, February 24th                          
I thought my samurai housewife look was hilarious.

My Valentine tulips have been looking amazing. I’m sure you agree! (Full disclosure – in the process of dusting the table I knocked the remaining petals off. Oops.)

February is almost over and my birthday month is beginning. I have to say that if my birthday wasn’t in March I would not be a fan. It’s so deceptive. I mean, it’s when spring “officially” starts, but does it seem springish? No it does not. Although maybe the problem is what I think spring is supposed to be like. What are your thoughts about March?  


  1. I like that sweater! I noticed that it's color-coordinated with your phone. Now, you just need a glasses topper to go with it. The scene on the jigsaw puzzle reminds me of a place called Wildseed Farm up in the hill country. They grow flowers for seed, but they have a demonstration garden that's splendid -- a real mix of flowers, which is what I like.

    I completely missed the first game of the baseball season. It seems way too early for baseball. What's really odd is that I didn't hear anyone talking about it. I suppose I've been distracted, although I can't say by what.

    I don't pay any attention to hockey, but I did hear that there are quiet talks taking place about bringing a hockey team to Houston. I don't know one thing about that sport, but you and Dr. M seem to enjoy it, so I'll root for us getting it!

    1. It's spring training - not "real" baseball. Only crazy people like us watch those games. Ha!

  2. You know what they say about March -- in like a lion, out like a lamb!

    Looks to me like YOU'RE the one doing the finger-nibbling. :)

    1. We were equally fascinated with each other's fingers. ;)

  3. March is too long. By the time it gets to the 22nd or so, I've had enough and it seems to just drag on forever.

    In all honesty, however, I say that about all the months with 31 days.

  4. Samurai Housewife - LOL!!!!!!!! That made me laugh!!!
    So a coworker gave you that sweater - that's so nice!!!

  5. I had a friend before he and his wife moved to New Mexico, Arizona? don't remember. anyway he is a photographer and he took the most gorgeous black and white photos of gone by and wilted tulips.

    1. Ooo - maybe I'll start trying to do that (although art photography is not my area of expertise for sure).


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