Saturday, May 25, 2024

2024 Project 365 – Week Twenty-one

I’ve had a weird week. I got drugs for my tooth (it’s so much better!), worked long hours at the office, and I can tell I’ve been stressed because I started rereading one of my favorite Nora Roberts trilogies. Another couple of weeks of intense work, followed by some more weeks of intense work, and then maybe some time off. Woot?
Sunday, May 19th                  
Pentecost! This first picture makes me laugh – Jeanette & Carole had a little war with the microphone. It’s been fun to (occasionally) sing with the choir this spring.

Monday, May 20th     
Two of our favorite pastoral scenes. I love how Dr. M always gets these photos for me every season.

Speaking of seasons – it’s daylily season!

Tuesday, May 21st                             
My conditioner smells like grapefruit. My body wash smells like strawberries. And my lotion smells like oranges. Hope the office is ready for this fruit salad today!

 Wednesday, May 22nd        
Ooookkkaaayyyy – I guess my crochet book is some sort of threat? (Note: it’s been released & should arrive Wednesday.)

Thursday, May 23rd                                   
It’s Dr. M’s Pop’s birthday! It’s number 92. He had a great day.

Friday, May 24th             
Spent some time in the shower this morning trying to remember why Santa Claus was on trial in The Miracle on 34th Street. And in related news, I wonder if Justice Alito has a granddaughter.

Saturday, May 25th                                
Hydrangeas at Dr. M’s dad’s house. They’re always so pretty (and their coloring reminds me of the blueberries to come!

I took today “off” – stayed home to do some housework & decompress a little. I plan to work tomorrow and Monday so that I’m as ready as possible for next week. How’s your spring looking?


  1. Spring is looking like summer here -- or at least feeling like it. I was hot hot hot at work last week; the traditional first sweat of the year has taken place. I don't look as fresh as your hydrangeas at the end of the day, that's for sure. I did see my first day lilies last week, so it seems we're on sort of the same schedule, flower-wise.

    Congrats to the birthday boy! My only surviving aunt was moved into memory care last week, so that's both sad and a relief. Of course, she's.... let's see. Either 97 or 98, so it certainly wasn't unexpected. Her general health is great, but her mind has gone off to somewhere we can't decipher.

    I laughed at your crochet book being detained. Did they think you were going to knit a weapon of destruction?

    1. It's great that (so far), Dr. M's dad can live in his own home. We hope to let him stay there as long as we can!

      That customs situation is definitely a headscratcher!

  2. Spring? This weekend starts our official Summertime. We got the boat in the water and all the lakehouse porch furniture out. Theo took his first ever boat ride and loved it!

    LOL about your fruit salad aura. I bet you made everyone so hungry!

    1. Woo hoo at the boat in the water! I'm sure Theo is Adorable.

  3. spring is a distant memory. once again we have jumped from spring to high summer. ugh. hot and humid and no rain. my various daylilies have been blooming for weeks but now the double orange are in full bloom.

    1. I'm sure our doubles won't be far behind.

  4. Glad you took some time off. The day lily is looking good! I guess you bought the book from Australia? They're probably trying to figure out whether you should pay tax on it.

    1. Probably. I ordered it from Amazon, so hopefully they figured out what I needed to pay when I paid for it.


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