Sunday, June 16, 2024

2024 Project 365 – Week Twenty-four

This is basically just a flower account now, with some breaks for my inanity. Enjoy!
Sunday, June 9nd                   
Dr. M & I went on a ramble in the mountains! We drove through some clouds which made for lovely atmospheric photos. Enjoy!

Monday, June 10th     
The NC State Wolfpack made it to the next round of the college world series!

Tuesday, June 11th

Wednesday, June 12th        
Pretty Part II!

Thursday, June 13th
Your weekly hydrangea (the anniversary of Dr. M’s mom’s death – miss you Frances!).

Friday, June 14th               
It’s kind of hard to put your makeup on for work when you’re listening to a tearjerker audiobook.

Saturday, June 15th                                  
More college baseball – lots of ACC teams this year. 

Today I took dad & Sue out to lunch for Father’s Day, but yesterday I brought my laptop home & did some more work. I imagine that’s just going to be how it is for the next few weeks, but at least now we’re only weeks away from the launch of the new system. It’s happening come hell or high water! And then I can enjoy the summer.


  1. Is that mountain laurel I see in one photo? So pretty.

  2. That first photo is truly awesome!

    1. The opening shot of Last of the Mohicans was filmed from the knob above this Blueridge Parkway overlook.

  3. pretty flowers. I like the picture of the misty steps but that's a weird reflection in it.

    1. That's the sign for the Craggy Pinnacle trail. On clear days the views from the pinnacle are spectacular.

  4. Great photos up in the mountains! Gorgeous scenery.

  5. Oh, my. That fog suggests coolth! I'd like some of that. All of the flowers are lovely, but I'm always happy to see your mountain laurel. It's so different from ours, which looks more like wisteria, with hanging bunches of purple flowers. I'm so glad I don't have to put on makeup for work. I gave up that business years ago, except for lipstick. Working outdoors, it just wouldn't hold up -- especially in our heat!

    1. Coolth was felt! Mid-80s down in Asheville, upper 50s in the Craggy Pinnacle parking area.


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