Monday, February 8, 2010


It was minus 11F degrees at my house this morning. Or minus 4 – whatever. Once you get below 10 degrees it’s all the same to me.

I could tell it was extra cold when:

  • I got brain freeze without benefit of ice cream. I’m a bit annoyed about that, actually.
  • My slide toward menopause is manifesting itself in “dew” on my upper lip as I run around getting ready in the morning. I have a bit of a mustache (don’t worry – I bleach so as not to offend). Moisture + hair = icicles on my upper lip. Very strange feeling.
  • My ordinarily reliable heater in my car mostly went “meh” for about 30 miles. It woke up in the last 5 miles, but it was too little too late in my opinion! Where’s my 85 degree sauna?
  • My Milk Duds are extra chewy (shhh! – don’t tell anyone I’m eating Milk Duds for breakfast.).
But aren’t the buckles at the bottom of the glaciated plains lovely with their blanket of snow? (See, Ellen, I know where I live isn’t really that flat). Oh, you don’t see anything? That’s because I’m writing this at work, so no pictures. I’ll post some tomorrow – promise!


  1. I guess I shouldn't complain about our 40º and 50º weather.

  2. Icicles on the upper lip? OMG. It's not that cold here, thank god, but it's glacial. And we're supposed to get more snow tomorrow!

    Bundle up, Bug!

  3. Dear The Bug,
    The car heater thing is bad. Not only is the air cold in your car, but some of it is entering at 60 mph or whatever.

    Hang in, we're counting on it,
    Ann T.

  4. Eeeeek! Holy cow, DearGirl! That's COLD!

  5. That is colder than I can even imagine. Sorry to report that today in south TX it is supposed to get up to 70 degrees F.

  6. Cold, cold, cold-cold-cold! I had no idea it was that cold in Ohio right now. We had some truly frigid weather out here in late November that was just a hair colder than that.

    First time I've ever had a pipe freeze in Colorado, which reminds me, if you haven't already? keep the cold tap dripping just a little bit overnight.

    Stay warm, and may your face thaw!

  7. yes, cold can be downright nasty. Got long johns? That should be the bumper sticker for this winter.

  8. That is very cold, my friend. I don't miss that part at all. I am surprised those milk duds didn't crack a careful.


  9. cold here in the middle of England and we had a flurry of snow but certainly not THAT cold! Brrr!

  10. milk duds aren't horrible for breakfast. You could have the traditional Breakfast of Champions: a cup of coffee and a bowl of cigarettes.


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