Sunday, February 14, 2010

Sundays in Zambia

One of the duties as a Journeyman was to help run herd on oversee the missionary children at our annual Mission Meeting held at Lake Kariba. This particular year we decided to take a field trip to the local crocodile farm. We saw lots of different sizes of crocodiles (including huge Satan) and the kids made me hold one. This is another example of being picked on because I was loved. It was love, right? Right? And that's the end of the story.

Here we come – watch out!

Wait, I'm too short – what are you guys looking at?


Don't I just look thrilled? At least they didn't ask me to hold Satan.


  1. We took our kids to an alligator farm when we went on our vacation to florida. also, we have three (I think three) fairly big (8'+) alligators in the only still natural bayou that runs through the city. those knuckleheads that live in the apartments and condos along one section feed them.

  2. Don't they just look positively prehistoric? It always unnerves me. From the looks of that last picture, it seems we may have that in common!

  3. That is a CUTE picture. And it's even a cute little crocodile. I would imagine he grew to be a fairly good size.

    My mother was from South Africa, and when she was a little girl, she stepped into the crocodile pen at their local zoo, and was found stroking a crocodile's head saying, "Nice kitty, nice kitty..."

  4. I'm of the same opinion with Jo. I like the picture of you holding the little crocodile. You're as cute and sweet as in all the pictures I've seen so far.

  5. You are soooooo much braver than me. And with a smile

  6. I do not like things that can potentially eat me but you handled that with sophistcation, guts, and a smile on your face...I'm not surprised NC bred women are incredibly tough aren't they? My momma killed a copperhead once in the front yard and carried it to the back and flung it in the woods all without batting an eyelash.

  7. Well done for holding the little fellow though, even if it was out of your comfort zone. I've never handled one of those but I used to handle my friend's python which was about 5 feet long at that time. I actually love reptiles and snakes - tarantulas too. I'd have one but hubs won't hear of it :-(


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