Friday, February 5, 2010

The One Where I Reveal My Ugly Sweater

I'm taking a brief break from the world today. Well, THAT sounded pretentious, didn't it? And really is untrue.

I used a vacation day because the weather is supposed to be yucky & I'm just not in the mood to deal. When I asked him about it my boss told me he was going to take a vacation day too J.

So far I've spent the morning reading comics, facebooking, eating leftovers for breakfast (homemade chicken fried rice! And toast with apple butter!), reading Thursday & Friday's papers, doing dishes, reading blogs, updating Quicken & paying bills, washing sheets, eating baked Doritos, working my online puzzles…

Don't you wish your lives were as exciting as mine? Heh.

They're calling for a winter "event" here. Not quite as crazy as Washington D.C., but apparently "substantial" snow. We'll see. It has started snowing in a desultory fashion. If anything comes of it I'm sure I'll post some pictures.

Anyway, one of the articles in the "Lifestyle" section of the paper mentioned that we were going to have ugly sweater weather for a while longer. Now, I happen to enjoy a nice gaudy Christmas sweater – it's a treat for the eyes in my book. All this entertainment in one wooly spot! But I'm a girl who still plays with Webkins, so what do I know?

Last week Dr. M took this dim, grainy picture of me while we were out at a restaurant (his cell phone camera doesn't have a flash). So the quality isn't great – but I think the penguin loveliness shines right through anyway. And that's what's important, right?

The back of the sweater has the back of the penguin on it. Sweet!


  1. LOL! That sweater is classic. I love that you totally wear it out on the town and your hubs takes pictures! HEhehehe!

  2. I might kill for a jar of apple butter.

  3. My mom used to call hers "mental health days" when she did not go to work, did not do housework, but just enjoyed herself!

    My hubby hates sweaters with themey stuff, and so I'll wear my chickadee cardigan just to annoy him! LOL!

  4. A good mental health day goes a long way.

  5. Penguins rock. And your day doesn't sound bad at all.

  6. Sounds like a fun day. I love penguins because my oldest daughter (now 28) used to collect them.

  7. I love the sweater. I had one with licorice allsorts on it and another one with music notes all over. When we were small, my mum knitted us all sweaters with poodles on them. Happy days. I like "mental health days" - sure could use one right now.

  8. Seriously, you wore that out in public? (You know I'm kidding, right?)

    Ugly sweater weather? A rash of ugly sweaters breaking out?


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