Saturday, February 13, 2010

Project 365 - Week Seven

Sunday, February 7th
We went for a Sunday ramble up to Dr. M's campus – to check out the roads. He had to shift into four wheel drive when he got into town, but the campus was pretty well scraped. As we were riding around we found this fellow sitting outside one of the office buildings. Looks pretty comfy, doesn't he?

Monday, February 8th
On Monday I met with some friends for dinner at my old church in Cincinnati. We used to work together in the GED program at church (I mostly just took minutes at their meetings – we've already established that I am not a teacher LOL). I took my camera, but forgot to take pictures of the people. Head desk. Sigh. Oh well, here is a picture of the sign outside the church.

On my way home I thought it would be cool to show how dark it is on some of the stretches of road. I kind of like it, actually – especially because I know that if something were to happen there are houses all along the way. It's just dark on the road.

Tuesday, February 9th
We have one of those geese that you dress up each month. You know, on my wedding registry there was a note at the bottom: "bride requests no country décor." I'm not sure what happened, but here is Martha Goose in her January attire.

Wednesday, February 10th
On Wednesday, Dr. M saw a cardinal in our back yard. I don't know about you, but I think he looks ready for spring!

Thursday, February 11th
I have two pictures from Thursday. The neighbors built an Orange County Choppers snowman – I think he looks pretty dapper (or is that the wrong adjective to use for an Orange County Chopper?).

This is a picture that Dr. M took on his way home from school on Thursday. I still wonder why a girl from the piedmont of North Carolina should feel so at home looking at this flatter landscape.

Friday, February 12th
As you know from my blog post yesterday, it was To Write Love On Her Arms day (at least for the Facebook group – the national organization has a different day). Dr. M wrote love on one arm, but deciding that wasn't enough, he wrote love on his other arm – in Koine Greek no less. With his left hand. This is a man who I accuse of secretly taking that class in school where they teach doctors to be illegible. I thought he pretty well!

Saturday, February 13th
Now I know this picture is probably going to gross some people out. It's my understanding that this is an acquired taste & that I'm just weird. Only found in western North Carolina, Jenkins Livermush is just the best stuff! We always bring back four or five bricks of it from our visits to NC. It's mostly liver & cornmeal & has seasonings similar to sausage. Just slice, fry, & eat! It's actually not that bad for you – low in fat & has a lot of iron as you might imagine. Three Weight Watcher points for what's on my plate here. Sometimes we eat it for dinner with rice and my daddy's canned green beans, but most usually you'll see me eating it on Saturday or Sunday mornings (or both!) with grits and a fried egg. Comfort food for the North Carolina soul…
Please note – all frying is done either sans oil or with Pam Cooking Spray – I'm not that southern!

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  1. Nice shot of the cardinal and, um, snow.

  2. I agree, there is something about cardinals in the snow that I never tire of. Fun photos!

  3. Never figured you for a "goose on the front proch" kinda gal. What a wedding gift!

  4. I love the church sign and have been known to take a few snaps of them myself.

    LOVED the darkened road! So cool. Really dark though. Wow.

    I, too, can't picture you a goose girl. Like her earmuffs though.

    Cardinals are wonderful and, yes, he does look ready for spring.

    Loved the chopper snowman. When I was in HS we lived in a Chicago suburb. One winter my brother and I made a gangster snowman. He had a tie, an oozie (plastic dart gun), spaghetti flat top (the birds loved that!) and we poked holes in him and used leftover fake blood from Halloween as wounds. My mom wasn't too excited about having him in the front yard, but she let him stay. He was awesome!!

    Never heard of Livermush and this transplanted southern gal is ashamed. From your description it sounds delicious.

    'till next time!

  5. love the snow man on the bench!!! very creative.

    ok that road is dark...ugh!

    the cardinal is so pretty! I do think he loks ready for spring...and so am I!

    you that dish doesn't sound bad till you see the name...livermush...I think they could have come up with something better!!! :)

  6. I like your snowmen! I just wished it would warm up enough here so we could go out and make one! You are very creative.

    Good shot of the cardinal. I can never get a good shot of the birds in our yard. This is very good.

    Love the goose. We had one like this on our wedding cake. My married name is Goossen! Hahahaha

  7. I love Martha Gooose! And the photo of the dark road.

  8. That cardinal is so regal looking. I am ready for spring and I live in California...I am sure you are PLENTY ready!!

    The snowman on the bench made me smile...very creative students.

    Great Pictures!!


  9. I love the picture of the cardinal. We rarely ever see any of those around us.

    Your dark road reminds me of one we take to go home. Very serene.

    I had to laugh at your goose. For our wedding registry it said "Bride requests no pig items". I was marrying a farmer and wouldn't you know it...over 1/2 our gifts were pigs (pig napkin holder anyone?).

  10. I am with the cardinal in being ready for Spring! That OCC snowman is funny! He looks tougher than the snowman sitting!
    Great week!

  11. LIVER...:( glad you enjoyed it!

    Blessing and have a great week!

  12. oh and cardinals have always been one of my favorite birds, love em!

  13. I have actually never tried livermush but would like to one of these years.

    If I had a nickle for every time I took my camera but forgot to take photos of the people...too busy having fun talking to 'em to remember to photograph them!

    Is there a little transference going on with the cardinal? :-)

    Ms. Goose cracked me up! Do you change her attire monthly or seasonally?

    Not so fond of dark roads as you...mostly nervous about animals jumping in front of the car. A BIG problem where we used to live in rural Michigan. But that is a very cool shot!

    Enjoyed all your photos, as usual :-) Also enjoyed your post on Zambia this week. Yeah, you holding the crocodile with a smile that says "I'd rather be having a root canal." hahaha

  14. Your photos are always so artistic!

    About darkness...can't quite understand darkness that you can feel, like the plague in Egypt.

    The snowmen pics could be postcards, others too, like the church, the cardinal...

  15. now i can go for the grits, but not that other stuff..i can barely handle regular breakfast sausage. i keep hopping around the 365 blogs and all i see is SNOW! we have had something in common this week for sure!

  16. The snowman pics cracked me up, but that goose? That goose is hilarious!!


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