Friday, February 26, 2010

Short Stories

I realize that the last post was random, but those were Linda's questions. I have my own randomness I'd like to share. Aren't you lucky?

*I love the smell of geraniums when you rub their leaves. I can smell ours even now. Mmm.

*Yesterday we had about 30 minutes of bright sunshine. I had to wear my sunglasses. The rest of the day was snow in the form of flurries.

*Dr. M is being courted by a certain university press that wants to publish the book that will come out of his dissertation (Rehearsal for Redemption: The Politics of Post-Emancipation Violence in Kentucky). It's kind of nice to be sought-after.

*I just might cry every time I see Joannie Rochett's name from now until the end of time. I might be exaggerating, but I don't think so.

*Dr. M got us a new camera for my birthday (it's next week – listen up people, this is your FIRST warning. Heh. I like to talk about my birthday.). I look forward to trying to figure out how to use it (the camera, not my birthday. I'm pretty good at the birthday thing by now).

*My arthritis has been extra cranky this week. It, along with almost everyone else I know, is ready for spring. And I mean meteorological spring, not March 20th.

*I'm ready for the Olympics to be over. It's been fun, but I need my beauty rest. I am, after all, turning a year older next week.

*Isn't it time for baseball yet? Surely it's time for pitchers & catchers to report to training camp, isn't it? My little baseball gadget on my Google page is all lonely & sad with all those 0s for the wins & losses.

OK, that's enough. Tune in tomorrow to see pictures of my week. There will be another picture of the sun, and our recycle bin!


  1. Oh yes, the smell of geraniums! Mmmm... can't wait!

    Hey, MY birthday is next week too Bug! On Monday... I'll be... gulp... 48 and yet feel younger than I did when I was 30? ;c)

  2. Way to go, Dr. M!! Keep us posted on the book.

  3. I believe pitchers and catchers are already busy down in Florida.

  4. For my olfactories it's marigolds. But geraniums rank up there, too. Birthday? Did someone mention a birthday? Lots of good things going on in your week, even if you're lacking a little beauty sleep. Remember it's the inside that counts! And kudos to Dr. M.

  5. Have you tried gin soaked raisins for your arthritis? Golden raisins in a container, cover with cheap gin, let it evaporate (there will still be some juice at the bottom, at least it's never totally evaporated for me), eat nine a day and store in an air-tight container. Works wonders.

  6. Dear The Bug:
    Oh, geraniums. i love them so much.
    Also marigolds, hydrangeas, sunflowers, foxglove . . . spring . . .

    That's excellent news on the book! Keep up posted on that as well as the celebrations of life we call birthday.

    Ellen, gin-soaked raisins? Unbelievable. I will keep it in mind.

    Ann T.

  7. Ellen, I'm sorry, but I'm fairly certain that I would NOT be able to manage a gin-soaked raisin. Ewww! However, in the interest of science & being pain free I might try. But is it that the gin makes you not care anymore? Because I still need to be able to drive to work :)

  8. my father is looking forward to baseball! congrats on the fishing around about the courting of Dr.M and his book. that's exciting.

    ...and happy birthday early and i will wish you happiness again and again...

  9. Can't wait for baseball either!! I love it. They will be reporting soon, according to my son who, thankfully, keeps up on those sorts of things.

    Love your list

  10. Yes time to end the Olympics and get back to real sports....Baseball. I like it.


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