Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Snow, I long to clear a path and lift a spade of snow (from White Christmas)

Today's Random Dozen questions required too much brain power for me - so I'm posting some more snow pictures. I'll try to write something of substance tomorrow or Friday - but I'm not making any promises. All this cold whiteness is putting me into some sort of trance. Hmmm - maybe I should try stream of consciousness - that might be interesting. Or dreadful. Something to look forward to!

Anywho, these pictures are from the last few days.

Dr. M's campus

A fluffy robin in a restaurant parking lot. Um - doesn't seeing a robin mean that it's spring? Or is that just in North Carolina?

This was the view from our front door yesterday.

Our county is in a Level 2 Snow Emergency today (meaning don't drive unless you have to). Since Dr. M's work county is in a Level 3 Snow Emergency (do not go out!) and he doesn't have school I decided that I didn't need to go to work. I wonder if I'll do anything productive with my extra time at home? I've got my doubts - unless you count this post!


  1. Not to criticize because the pictures are all really fine but I'm getting tired of all the snow pictures (not just you dear Dana, every blog out there seems to be buried in snow). I imagine you and all the others are way more tired of all the snow.

  2. snow...Snow...SNow...SNOW!! I'm singin' it with ya!!

  3. Sorry about the overwhelming snow. The robin is a welcome sight. I have always loved robins, but we don't see them here. It's nice they they are harbingers of spring--for you.

  4. Dear The Bug,
    All the snow pictures on my blog are un-amazing, as I am still learning not to run through my photograph but set it up--but they'll disappear when I post five times past the last one. In the meantime, snow stands as the significant factor in my landscape. Since I am from swamp territory, it's still a novelty to me, too.

    In the meantime, everybody iced over, enjoy your day off. I am making red beans n rice and listening to Billie Holliday on the stereo. Later I plan to take more pix.

    Have a great day,
    Ann T.

  5. I want a level three don't go to work day!!!

    Again, I live in California so...

    Beautiful pictures and stay warm and inside.



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